Bosch SMS2HAI12E dishwasher: Large capacity, super clean, water saving

Skip to main content in article(see) Bosch SMS2HAI12E dishwasher is one of the Bosch brand dishwasher products that is currently chosen by many users. So what features does this dishwasher have that are of such interest? Let’s find out with in the detailed review below! 1. Design of Bosch SMS2HAI12E dishwasher Bosch SMS2HAI12E dishwasher […]

Introducing 5 Aqua Inverter refrigerators with a capacity of 300-400 liters suitable for families

When choosing a refrigerator, we should choose a refrigerator that suits the needs of the family. With a capacity of 300 to 400 liters, refrigerator models of the Aqua Inverter line not only meet the needs of food preservation but also provide many convenient features. 1. Aqua Inverter refrigerator 301 liters AQR-IG316DN GB Aqua Inverter […] – Genuine distributor of Trim Ion and Kangen alkaline ionized water purifiers is the genuine distributor of alkaline ionized water purifiers such as Trim Ion and Kangen. This is where you can find quality products that meet the water filtration needs of your business and family. 1. Why should you use Trim Ion and Kangen alkaline ionized water purifier? Alkaline ionized water purifiers are becoming a […]

The most optimal way to adjust the old/new Casper air conditioner fan

Skip to main content in article(see) Properly adjusting the Casper air conditioner fan will ensure optimal cooling efficiency, and also contribute to saving energy when using air conditioning for cooling or heating. How to adjust Casper air conditioner fan This is a question that many people who are new to using Thai air conditioners have […]

A series of new breakthroughs on iOS 18 and a list of 24 older iPhones updated to iOS 18

Skip to main content in article(see) After much waiting, Apple finally officially introduced the iOS 18 operating system at the WWDC 2024 conference that just took place in the US. And many iPhone users are wondering whether their phone will be updated to iOS 18 and what’s new. Let’s find out in the article below. […]

Is VPMilk IQLac Colostrum really effective?

If you are wondering about the origin, ingredients, and uses of VPMilk IQLac Colostrum milk, the information in the article below will help you. Breast milk is the best source of nutrition for infants and young children. However, with the babies If you are not exclusively breastfed until the age of 2 for some reason, […]

Top 6 Korean nut milks in delicious, nutritious packets

Packaged Korean nut milk is very popular because of its convenience, compactness, and ease of storage. Not only that, these products are also very diverse in taste, not inferior to the canned form. Below are 6 types of nut milk made in Korea that nut milk enthusiasts should not miss. 1. Korean nut milk in […]

Smart OLED TV LG 4K 55 inch 55B4PSA: Top notch sound and image effects!

With beautiful display quality thanks to OLED technology, combined with a quality sound system, the LG 4K 55-inch 55B4PSA smart OLED TV is considered the ‘dark horse’ in the affordable OLED TV segment this year. With the advancement of audio-visual technology, people are increasingly demanding in their pursuit of colorful audio-visual products, so they are […]

Google Mini LED TV Sony 4K 65 inch K-65XR70: Quality is everything!

Google Mini LED TV Sony 4K 65 inch K-65XR70 is not a TV model for most people, but for those who are demanding about experience, this TV is definitely worth the money invested in it. Sony is launching a whole new generation of televisions: more comfortable than ever and packed with useful extras. Bravia 7 […]

Refer to 4 Sato induction cookers priced from 8 to 15 million VND

Skip to main content in article(see) Sato induction cooker is no longer strange to consumers because of the efficiency it brings. Join to find out the top 4 Sato induction cookers with prices ranging from 8 to 15 million VND so you can choose a stove with full features and suitable for your family. […]

Discover Aqua Refrigerator AQR-S480XA(BL) with modern technology and luxurious design

Skip to main content in article(see) Summer is the time when many families plan to buy a new refrigerator to preserve food longer. Aqua Inverter refrigerator 480 liters AQR-S480XA(BL) is currently a refrigerator that consumers are very interested in with its outstanding advantages. Let’s go with to find out product details. 1. Aqua Inverter […]

Bosch DFL064W53B range hood: Brings a modern and fresh kitchen space

Currently, there are many different brands of range hoods, making consumers confused in choosing. In this article, will introduce to you details about the Bosch DFL064W53B range hood – a product that is highly appreciated for its design, function and efficiency. 1. Bosch: High-end home appliance brand from Germany Bosch is one of the […]

Compare 10kg front load washing machine LG AI DD™ Inverter FV1410S4B and Samsung WW10T634DLX/SV

Skip to main content in article(see) LG AI DD™ Inverter 10kg front load washing machine FV1410S4B and Samsung WW10T634DLX/SV are both products from Korea, with the same washing capacity of 10kg and the price difference is not worth it. If you want to buy a new washing machine, which model is better, the answer will […]

Review of Mitsubishi Inverter 12000 BTU 1-way air conditioner MSY-JW35VF

Skip to main content in article(see) Listed at a not cheap price, the Mitsubishi inverter 12000btu 1-way air conditioner MSY-JW35VF conquers users thanks to a series of impressive high-end equipment. Let’s review this model in detail with to give yourself useful information. 1. Evaluation of Mitsubishi 12000btu inverter MSY-JW35VF air conditioner design Although it […]

Details of 6 washing programs of Bosch SMI46IS03E dishwasher

Skip to main content in article(see) Bosch SMI46IS03E dishwasher possesses 6 washing programs that can meet all family needs. Join to learn more about these programs. 1. Basic design of Bosch SMI46IS03E dishwasher Bosch SMI46IS03E is an imported dishwasher that is highly appreciated by consumers, especially in Europe, thanks to its youthful design but […]

Bosch PKF375FB1E: High-end 2-zone Domino electric stove for families

Skip to main content in article(see) Bosch PKF375FB1E electric stove quickly attracted consumers’ attention thanks to its outstanding advantages. Join to learn about the special features of this product. 1. Bosch PKF375FB1E electric stove has a vertical design Bosch PKF375FB1E is an electric stove with a compact vertical design, different from traditional horizontal double […]

Top 3 prestigious industrial cold storage design and construction units

Meat, fish, seafood, vegetables, flowers, vaccines… in normal environments with the impact of high temperatures will quickly spoil due to the effects of bacteria and dehydration. Therefore, industrial cold storage is built to preserve these special products. Concept of industrial cold storage Industrial cold storage is a warehouse or room with thick walls made of […]

Advantages and disadvantages of LG Inverter 9kg FV1409S4M horizontal drum washing machine

Skip to main content in article(see) The LG Inverter 9kg FV1409S4M front-load washing machine was introduced in 2023 but is still being sold very popularly at electronics stores and dealers across the country. However, is this LG washing machine a good choice at the present time? Let’s evaluate the pros and cons in the article […]

Smart TV TCL 4K 65 inch 65P725: Large screen LED TV, priced at only 8.9 million VND!

Sophisticated design, good picture and sound and flexible Android TV operating system, TCL 4K 65 inch 65P725 smart TV promises to bring perfect entertainment moments to your family at a very affordable price. . 1. Design and style of TCL 65P725 In recent years, the visual design of TCL TVs has changed dramatically. The company […]

Top 4 ‘super suitable’ mini refrigerators for students: Delicious – Nutritious – Cheap!

Skip to main content in article(see) Currently, mini refrigerators have played an important role for students or people who want to live alone. Join to learn about the top 4 mini refrigerators that are most suitable for students, helping them save money, space and time when preserving food. 1. Beko RS4020S mini refrigerator Beko […]

TOP 4 Panasonic standing air conditioners with good quality and reasonable prices today

Skip to main content in article(see) Along with trendy design, Panasonic vertical cabinet air conditioners provide optimal cooling solutions, good air filtration and deodorization, save electricity and are very durable for long-term use. Standing cabinet air conditioner is the leading effective cooling solution for spaces that are highly open and often gather many people such […]

Discover the 3 newest flavors of Kun drinking yogurt in 2024

Skip to main content in article(see) Kun drinking yogurt is a product whose main ingredient is naturally fermented cow’s milk combined with vitamins from fruit, so it is very nutritious for children’s digestive system. Below are the 3 newest Kun fruit yogurt flavors for mothers to choose from. 1. Kun drinking yogurt with Strawberry flavor […]

LG Inverter washer dryer 15/8 Kg F2515RTGB – versatile but cheap

Skip to the main content of the article(see) LG Inverter 15/8 Kg F2515RTGB washer dryer is a convenient 2-in-1 product from Korea with the ability to wash up to 15kg and dry up to 8kg in the same device. Let’s join to verify the actual performance of the product in the following article. 1. […]

How to turn on Casper air conditioner from A to Z, can be used even without remote control

Casper air conditioners are increasingly popular thanks to their low price and good cooling quality. If you are new to using it and don’t know how to turn on Casper air conditioner, below is useful information for you. 1. How to turn on Casper air conditioner with remote control This is the simplest and most […]

5 nutritious lotus seed milk recipes that are very easy to make to quench your summer thirst

Lotus seed milk is not only a nutritious drink, easy to make, has a delicious taste, but also has very good effects, so it is often popular in the summer. Below are 5 easy-to-drink, easy-to-make mixed lotus seed milk recipes that you definitely should not miss in 2024. 1. Traditional lotus seed milk recipe If […]

Bosch SMS2IVI61E dishwasher – Perfect solution for smart kitchens

Skip to main content in article(see) Bosch SMS2IVI61E dishwasher with beautiful design and many modern features will definitely be a necessary device for your family. Let’s review this product in detail with 1. Design of Bosch SMS2IVI61E dishwasher The Bosch SMS2IVI61E dishwasher has a modern and luxurious exterior design with dimensions of 845 x […]

Compare 12kg top-load washing machine Samsung WA12CG5745BVSV and Toshiba AW-DUK1300KV

Skip to main content in article(see) Samsung WA12CG5745BVSV and Toshiba AW-DUK1300KV (MK) washing machines are two 12kg inverter top-load washing machine models, in the same price segment and same year of manufacture. If you are wondering between these two models, below is useful information for you. 1. Compare Samsung WA12CG5745BVSV and Toshiba AW-DUK1300KV washing machines […]

Tecno Spark Go 2024 phone costs more than 1 million VND but is excellent ’10 points no buts’

With a super cheap price, the Tecno Spark Go 2024 phone still has top-notch impressive equipment from the manufacturer in terms of design, screen, configuration and camera to ensure the needs of common users. Tecno is no longer an unfamiliar brand to many consumers in Vietnam, famous for its cheap phones with good quality. Recently, […]

Reasons why Mitsubishi 12000btu inverter air conditioner MSY-GR35VF is expensive but customers are willing to spend money

Skip to main content in article(see) Listed with a selling price of 16.39 million VND, the Mitsubishi 12000btu inverter MSY-GR35VF air conditioner is still chosen by customers because of its extremely modern equipment that is difficult to get when using cheap air conditioners. While new brands appear using low-price strategies to attract customers, Mitsubishi Electric […]

The best deodorizing shower gel for dogs

Skip to main content in article(see) You are looking for an effective deodorizing shower gel for dogs that helps remove unpleasant odors from your dog’s body so that you and your dog can be closer without causing discomfort to you. You notice that your dogs are having problems and there are unpleasant odors coming from […]

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Top long-lasting fragrant shower gel for your dog that you should not miss

Skip to main content in article(see) Not only does it clean and nourish long, smooth hair, these long-lasting fragrant shower gels for dogs also help leave a pleasant scent on your pet all day long. Let’s explore now: 1. PerfectKare dog shampoo from Thailand – Reference price: 90,000 VND – 160,000 VND/bottle, capacity 300ml – […]

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Aqua Inverter refrigerator 344 liters AQR-IG386DN GBN: The secret to preserving food flavor

Skip to main content in article(see) Aqua Inverter refrigerator 344 liters AQR-IG386DN GBN can well meet the needs of food preservation, from fresh vegetables to fresh foods and frozen products. Let’s go with to learn more about this product. 1. Aqua Inverter refrigerator 344 liters AQR-IG386DN GBN has luxurious and sophisticated design Aqua Inverter […]

Review of Panasonic F-400C table fan: Simple, compact, powerful!

Panasonic F-400C is a compact and powerful table fan model. Although it does not have any modern functions, this fan model scores points thanks to its simplicity, good cooling is enough. As a familiar and prestigious brand from Japan, Panasonic with more than 100 years of development history has penetrated into every Vietnamese household, present […]

LG 10.5 kg FV1450S3V washing machine is old but ‘extremely high quality’

The LG 10.5 kg FV1450S3V washing machine has been released for 4 years but the price is even higher than some recently launched models. However, the integrated equipment of this front-load washing machine model is of outstanding modern quality. 1. Price of LG washing machine 10.5 kg FV1450S3V LG washing machine 10.5 kg FV1450S3V Manufactured […]

Does drinking Vinamilk unsweetened fresh milk make you fat? Is it good for pregnant women to drink?

Skip to main content in article(see) Pregnant mothers today tend to choose to drink Vinamilk unsweetened fresh milk because they think the product has no sugar so it does not contain many calories and does not cause fat or weight gain. So is this really true? Let’s find out right now. 1. Current types of […]

Maintenance and replacement service for Kangen Leveluk and Trim Ion filter cores

With the goal of bringing customers peace of mind and maximum efficiency when using Kangen Leveluk and Trim Ion water purifiers, is proud to introduce professional maintenance and filter replacement services from Kangenvn. First, let’s learn a little about Trim Ion and Kangen water purifiers. 1. A few words about the Trim Ion and […]

Rechargeable AC fan ARF03D123: Flexible cooling solution for every situation!

The ARF03D123 AC rechargeable fan has up to 12 hours of continuous use, a powerful 1500 rpm cooling motor and the ability to flexibly switch between rechargeable battery and direct power modes. Summer is always the harshest and most unpleasant time of the year. Rapidly rising temperatures have caused the need to use cooling equipment […]

Experience in choosing professional modern hall furniture

Skip to main content in article(see) The hall is where important events take place such as anniversary meetings, talks – seminars or large-scale meetings, so professionally arranging the hall’s interior system to create comfort for participants is important. particularly important factor. 1. Determine the area and arrange the hall’s interior space appropriately Depending on the […]

5 things to ‘keep in mind’ when buying school furniture

Not only does it need to ensure quality standards, school furniture should have colors and smart designs to help students focus and increase interest in learning. When choosing a school, parents and students today are no longer too burdened with the issue of “public school”. Therefore, to attract students, in addition to perfecting the quality […]

TOP 3 Mitsubishi Electric 12000 BTU inverter air conditioners are super energy efficient and very durable

Skip to main content in article(see) Mitsubishi Electric air conditioners are famous for their good cooling efficiency and optimal energy saving ability. If customers are in need of buying cooling equipment for rooms from 15 – 20m2, they can refer to the top 3 Mitsubishi Electric air conditioners below. 1. Mitsubishi Electric 12000 BTU 2-way […]

Bosch PXJ651FC1E induction cooker: Luxurious, comfortable and safe

Skip to main content in article(see) The Bosch PXJ651FC1E induction cooker brings convenience to the kitchen space. With modern design and smart features, this induction cooker is the ideal choice for those who love cooking. Let’s go with to find out product details. 1. Bosch PXJ651FC1E induction cooker has luxurious design Bosch PXJ651FC1E is […]

Aqua refrigerator AQR-M530EM(SLB) saves electricity and preserves fresh food

Skip to main content in article(see) Aqua Inverter refrigerator 456 liters AQR-M530EM(SLB) is a multi-function Multidoor refrigerator. The product can meet the food preservation needs of many families thanks to its large capacity of up to 456 liters. Join to learn more about this product line. 1. Aqua refrigerator AQR-M530EM (SLB) luxurious dark gray […]

Review of LG 4K 48-inch 48B4PSA smart OLED TV: Flexible for many uses!

With the LG 4K 48-inch 48B4PSA smart OLED TV, LG has brought consumers a classy entertainment device at a very affordable price. It is the perfect combination of sophisticated design and the most advanced imaging technology, and its 48-inch size is also very flexible for many uses. 1. Evaluation of LG 48B4PSA OLED TV design […]

Evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of Comfee CFS-13VCB1 air conditioner

Skip to main content in article(see) With a quite reasonable price, the Comfee CFS-13VCB1 air conditioner has been integrated by the manufacturer with a series of modern equipment in the price segment, however, there are still certain disadvantages. As a new product launched in 2024, with evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of the line. […]

Review of LG 4K 65 inch smart TV 65UT7350PSB: Consistent image and sound quality!

If you are looking for a popular 65-inch TV with adequate picture and sound quality, and a responsive smart experience, then the LG 4K 65-inch 65UT7350PSB smart TV will be a worthy choice in 2024. . Although classified as a popular LED TV segment, the LG 4K 65-inch 65UT7350PSB smart TV still provides an extremely […]

Should cats eat dog food?

Skip to main content in article(see) Recently we have received a lot of questions about whether cats can eat dog food? The article below will help you find the most accurate answer! Since ancient times, cats and dogs, when raised together, often eat each other’s food. Most people think it is extremely normal and nothing […]

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