Xiaomi Smart TV 4K 85 inch S85 Mini-LED: Super large screen, both beautiful and ‘nutty’!

Xiaomi Smart TV 4K 85 inch S85 Mini-LED may not be a TV model for every home, but with its large size, application of Mini-LED system and affordable price, it is one of the large-sized TV models. most notable at this time.

When it comes to Xiaomi, of course we will think of this brand’s influence in the field of smart devices. Since its founding, Xiaomi has won widespread recognition in the domestic and international markets for its innovative technology and affordable prices. In the audiovisual field, Xiaomi is also rising to become a very formidable force, because like other fields, the company always wants users to experience products that integrate the most technology at a low price. best.

Xiaomi 4K 85-inch Smart TV S85 Mini-LED is the new flagship product of the Chinese brand this year, not only impressive in size but also highly competitive in terms of performance and technology. In this article, Websosanh.vn will help you understand more deeply about this 85-inch TV from many dimensions, and let’s see what new technologies Xiaomi has behind this giant screen.

1. Xiaomi 4K 85 inch S85 Mini-LED smart TV design

The appearance of a TV, especially a large-sized TV like the S85 Mini-LED, not only brings visual enjoyment but also demonstrates its suitability for modern living spaces.

With a size of 85 inches, this TV looks more like a work of art that contributes to beautifying the home space than an audio-visual device. The screen-to-body ratio is also very high, plus the ultra-thin, almost invisible bezel design makes the Xiaomi S85 Mini-LED have an extremely classy appearance. In terms of materials, Xiaomi uses high-quality metal in both the base and frame, creating sophistication and sturdiness.

Xiaomi Smart TV 4K 85 inch S85 Mini-LED: Super large screen, both beautiful and 'nutty'!
The metal screen border is very thin, achieving high aesthetic effect (Photo: Post.Smzdm).

More worth mentioning is the size Huge and modern, but the overall design of the Xiaomi S85 Mini-LED is still very simple and uncomplicated, helping it easily integrate into different home environments. Whether we hang it on the wall or place it on a TV shelf, it can blend perfectly into the space and become the main highlight of the home entertainment space.

Xiaomi Smart TV 4K 85 inch S85 Mini-LED: Super large screen, both beautiful and 'nutty'!
Sturdy metal stand (Photo: Post.Smzdm).

At the bottom edge, there is a protruding part, which is the area where the recording microphone and light sensor are integrated. This hidden design is generally quite good, does not cause loss of overall harmony.

2. Screen and display quality of Xiaomi S85 Mini-LED

Compared to traditional TVs, Xiaomi S85 Mini-LED uses a Mini-LED backlight system. Mini-LED is an improved version based on the LCD backlight system, the size of mini LED bulbs is smaller than regular LED bulbs. If the Mini-LED system is placed on an LCD screen of the same size, the number of shadows will increase, the TV image will also become more refined and it will also bring better quality, achieving high brightness. more and save more electricity.

Xiaomi Smart TV 4K 85 inch S85 Mini-LED: Super large screen, both beautiful and 'nutty'!
Xiaomi S85 Mini-LED has leading display quality in its segment (Photo: Post.Smzdm).

But to control such a large amount of mini LED bulbs is not easy. Therefore, there is a concept called Dimming Zone or Dimming Area. In addition, Xiaomi also uses the Master Picture Quality Engine algorithm to precisely control these areas, helping images achieve clear contrast between light and dark.

On the S85 Mini-LED, there are a total of 640 control zones, considered the standard for today’s low-cost Mini-LED lines. Compared to the S Pro series with 1,440 zones, 640 is quite a few, but this is the difference in price. But it’s not very important, because Xiaomi S85 Mini-LED anyway achieves quite good results with this system. The TV will have a maximum brightness of 490 nits across the screen, and a maximum brightness over 25% of the HDR area of ​​1089 nits.

Xiaomi Smart TV 4K 85 inch S85 Mini-LED: Super large screen, both beautiful and 'nutty'!
The Mini-LED system allows TVs to display HDR content with brightness, high contrast, and more realistic and vivid images (Photo: Post.Smzdm).

With high brightness, the HDR effect of Xiaomi S85 Mini-LED is also very outstanding. Displayed content will have deeper blacks and wider contrast ranges, providing a more realistic visual experience. Also benefiting from zone dimming is color. Accordingly, this 85-inch TV model will have 95% DCI-P3/67% Rec.2020 in Vivid mode, which is not much different from its predecessor Mini-LED version Xiaomi S Pro (92.67% DCI). -P3/66.26% Rec.2020).

3. Sound quality of Xiaomi 4K 85 inch S85 Mini-LED smart TV

Regarding sound quality, although Xiaomi S85 Mini-LED is equipped with a 30W sound system, users who want a high-end sound experience may need the support of a soundbar or external sound system. Although the built-in sound can meet daily needs, it can be a bit lacking in bass and the surround sound effect is not too pronounced, the overall experience is just okay.

4. Operating system

Xiaomi 4K 85 inch S85 Mini-LED Smart TV runs on the HyperOS operating system platform, designed to provide a smarter user interface and smoother interaction. It still runs on the original Android platform so it is still very friendly and familiar to most users.

The TV’s user interface design also deserves praise. Its design concept is intuitive and simple, ensuring that even first-time smart TV users can quickly grasp it. All functions and applications are carefully placed so users can easily find what they need.

5. Conclusion

When choosing to buy a high-performance TV, it is important to understand its value for the money spent, especially for a large-sized TV, and the price is not as cheap as Xiaomi. S85 Mini-LED.

Basically, Xiaomi S85 Mini-LED has a certain advantage in the market with its 85-inch ultra-large screen and rich smart functions. 4K resolution, Mini-LED backlight technology and smart operating system give users a quality audio-visual experience within their budget. In addition, the TV’s color reproduction and HDR effects are also outstanding features, providing a vivid viewing experience.

Xiaomi Smart TV 4K 85 inch S85 Mini-LED: Super large screen, both beautiful and 'nutty'!
Xiaomi S85 Mini-LED is a TV model worth considering in 2024 (Photo: Post.Smzdm).

In terms of market value, the Xiaomi 4K 85-inch S85 Mini-LED smart TV is currently priced at about 27.9 million VND, which can be a relatively large investment for consumers with a tight budget. Although its price can be considered affordable given its huge size and included features, we still need to consider carefully whether it fits our budget and needs.

From a cost-saving perspective, if you are someone who is after a large screen and a ‘cinema’ experience at home, the Xiaomi S85 Mini-LED is definitely an option worth considering. The experiences it brings are highly competitive with other TV models in the same price range.

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