Xiaomi S65 Mini-LED smart TV review: Overwhelming all competitors in the same price range!

Xiaomi S65 Mini-LED Smart TV with 392 backlight segments and maximum brightness of 1200 nits provides excellent visibility. More specifically, the price of this 65-inch Xiaomi TV will make us no longer need to consider any other products.

In 2023, Xiaomi caused a storm in the market with the S Pro mini LED TV line with a price only in the mid-range range (about 26 – 30 million VND), which was considered too cheap compared to similar products from Samsung. Sony or LG (about 40 – 60 million VND). But it doesn’t stop there, for Xiaomi, perhaps bringing a product line from the high-end segment to the mid-range is not enough to make them feel satisfied. Only when those high-end products are distributed to consumers at popular prices can they be considered successful.

That’s why in 2024 we have the appearance of the S Mini-LED series. This TV line also applies the Mini-LED system and many other modern technologies, but its price will make anyone startled. Indeed, the Xiaomi S65 Mini-LED model Websosanh.vn I want to mention to the following readers that the price is only about 16.9 million VND, even only equal to the low-end LED TV models of the three big players in the industry.

So, specifically, what will the image performance of the Xiaomi S65 Mini-LED be like? And is it the best choice in 2024? Readers, please join Websosanh.vn Please clarify further in the content below.

1. Xiaomi S65 Mini-LED design

As a Mini-LED TV line that focuses on image quality, the Xiaomi S65 Mini-LED will not receive too many interface improvements, but overall it is still quite beautiful and modern.

Xiaomi S65 Mini-LED smart TV review: Overwhelming all competitors in the same price range!
Xiaomi S65 Mini-LED, although there is no improvement in appearance, is still very beautiful overall (Photo: Zhihu).

First, we still have the frame and back made from metal, very sturdy. Although the processing quality is not as sophisticated as the high-end S Pro line, in general we can still rest assured about its sturdiness.

Xiaomi S65 Mini-LED smart TV review: Overwhelming all competitors in the same price range!
The back is a solid monolithic metal plate (Photo: Zhihu).

On the front, the S65 Mini-LED has a very thin bezel, Xiaomi has applied this design for many years and the screen-to-body ratio is therefore up to 97.4%, providing more display space. extremely spacious and if used at night can create a very satisfying ‘infinity edge’ effect.

Xiaomi S65 Mini-LED smart TV review: Overwhelming all competitors in the same price range!
The inner frame and screen border are very thin (Photo: Zhihu).

At the bottom of the screen is an infrared sensor placed in the middle like most other Xiaomi TVs. It has a built-in recording microphone so you can control the virtual assistant by voice without the need for a remote.

The TV’s connection ports include 1 HDMI 2.0 port, 2 HDMI 2.1 ports (1 of which supports eARC), 1 USB 3.0 port, 1 USB 2.0 port, AV in, Optical, LAN RJ45 and television port.

Xiaomi S65 Mini-LED smart TV review: Overwhelming all competitors in the same price range!
Full connection port for all needs (Photo: Zhihu).

2. Image quality of Xiaomi S65 Mini-LED

According to specifications, Xiaomi S65 Mini-LED has a total of 392 control zones, which is generally at a basic level for a mini LED TV. Compared to it, the mid-range S65 Pro Mini-LED model of 2023 also has up to 896 partitions, and the more high-end model like the recently launched LG 65QNED90T has up to 2,500 partitions.

But no matter what you say, although the S65 Mini-LED is ‘ranked last’ in the segment, compared to popular LED TVs and LCD TVs, it is still completely overwhelming. Because while the other two TV lines have a maximum brightness that cannot exceed 1000 nits, the S65 Mini-LED still easily achieves 1200 nits when watching HDR content, and reaches about 600 nits with normal content. In addition, Xiaomi has also significantly improved black control. Accordingly, the TV’s brightness is only about 0.05 nits when displaying black at 100% brightness and its contrast is as high as 11,000:1, far exceeding the 5000:1 contrast ratio of the VA panel.

Xiaomi S65 Mini-LED smart TV review: Overwhelming all competitors in the same price range!
The display quality of the S65 Mini-LED is superior in its segment (Photo: Zhihu).

However, it must be said that because the light does not turn off 100%, the S65 Mini-LED still has the same halo problem as LCD or LED TVs. It’s just that its halo is not so obvious.

In addition to the ability to control partitions, Xiaomi S65 Mini-LED also has some experiences worth mentioning. Such as reflection phenomenon. When watching dark scenes under daylight, the TV’s panel can greatly reduce reflections, and we won’t feel like we’re ‘looking into a mirror’ anymore. The viewing angle is also quite good, and at the narrowest angle, the quality does not decrease too much.

Xiaomi S65 Mini-LED smart TV review: Overwhelming all competitors in the same price range!
The TV’s viewing angle range is also very good, with little distortion (Photo: Bilibili).

Regarding the ability to adjust color, Xiaomi S65 Mini-LED has a rich color expression style with slightly higher saturation but not too distorted or patchy. When displaying complex colors such as skin color, it also does not have the gray or white phenomenon often seen in LCD or LED TV models.

Xiaomi S65 Mini-LED smart TV review: Overwhelming all competitors in the same price range!
The color arrays are reproduced eye-catching and vibrant (Photo: i.ifeng).

On the other hand, Xiaomi also provides a variety of modes and customization options to conveniently adjust display parameters. If you’re not too concerned with manual adjustments, Standard and Cinema modes are enough. These two color styles have been carefully tweaked by Xiaomi before being shipped and can please almost all types of users.

Finally, this TV model has a high refresh rate of 144Hz, combined with VRR and FreeSync Premium technology, it is also very suitable for gaming.

3. Sound quality of Xiaomi S65 Mini-LED

The sound configuration of Xiaomi S65 Mini-LED has been slightly reduced compared to the S Pro Mini-LED series. Speaker power reduced from 2 x 15W to 2 x 12.5W, total capacity is 25W, 5W less than before. In terms of overall experience, the TV’s sound is very normal, the volume is not too loud, the bass is thin and there is almost no bass effect.

To improve the sound of your TV, you can buy an additional soundbar. Basically, just a cheap soundbar can perfectly upgrade the sound quality.

4. Hardware and operating system configuration

Regarding hardware configuration, Xiaomi S65 Mini-LED uses the same MT9653 processor as S Pro Mini-LED, 4GB RAM and 64GB internal memory. The TV’s startup and application launch speed is generally quite fast, with little delay, conversion operations, and multitasking are also very smooth.

As for the operating system, it will run on the new HyperOS platform launched by Xiaomi last year. It’s basically not much different from MIUI TV but the overall experience is smoother, and especially can bring a unique ecosystem experience. For example, with laptops, smartphones, and smartwatches, we can wirelessly synchronize these devices with TVs to display on the big screen. As for household appliances such as robot vacuum cleaners, lights, fans, doorbells, etc., the S65 Mini-LED can turn into a control center for all of those devices.

5. Conclusion

Mini LED light, maximum brightness 1200 nits, static contrast ratio 10,000:1, 144Hz refresh rate, 10ms latency. Two years ago, these were technical specifications that only high-end TV models costing tens of millions of dong had. But right now, Xiaomi S65 Mini-LED can bring us similar experiences for only 16.9 million VND, and compared to competitors in the same price range, it is almost impossible. Unbeatable’.

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