Xiaomi S55 Mini-LED smart TV review: ‘Last boss’ of the low-cost segment in 2024!

With a price of only 9.6 million VND, Xiaomi S55 Mini-LED smart TV is making waves in the Chinese shopping market. Because simply, this 55-inch Xiaomi TV model is too cheap, has beautiful display quality and a rich smart interactive experience.

In today’s digital age, where smartphones take up most of our time during the day, we are looking for a reason to put down the phone and forget about social networking platforms. , busy work to spend more time with family, or simply give yourself moments of relaxation and entertainment with your favorite content. And Xiaomi S55 Mini-LED may be the reason you’ve been looking for for so long. It is not just a simple smart TV, but will also be the soul of the home, an intersection between modern technology and a warm family.

1. Xiaomi S55 Mini-LED design: Perfect size for any space!

This Xiaomi 55 inch 2024 TV model has the perfect size. Why perfect? Because it won’t look too big when we put it in a small room, and it won’t feel too small and out of place when we put it in a spacious place. Also because of the flexibility in arrangement, many consumers love this size.

Xiaomi S55 Mini-LED smart TV review: 'Last boss' of the low-cost segment in 2024!
Xiaomi S55 Mini-LED is suitable for any space (Photo: Xiaomi).

Talking about appearance, it must be said that Xiaomi still proves that it is putting consumer experience first when providing its low-cost Mini-LED TV line with extremely high-quality ‘options’. While most TVs in this segment only have plastic edges, the S55 Mini-LED uses metal materials with a high-quality, glossy finish that both provides sturdiness and shows the sophistication of the product. Combined with a large screen with a screen-to-body ratio of up to 97.4% and an ultra-thin inner bezel design, the S55 Mini-LED has a classier appearance. Perhaps even more high-end TV models can only do this much.

Xiaomi S55 Mini-LED smart TV review: 'Last boss' of the low-cost segment in 2024!
Microphone and light sensor (Photo: Zhihu).

At the bottom edge of the screen, we will see a long rectangular black detail protruding, its color contrasts with the metal border so it is very easy to recognize. In fact, it is the part that contains important sensors of the S55 Mini-LED, including the recording microphone and ambient light sensor. This detail contributes quite an important function to the overall experience of the TV, we will discuss it later.

2. Screen and display quality of Xiaomi S55 Mini-LED: Top of the segment!

On the S55 Mini-LED 2024 model, Xiaomi used a Mini-LED backlight system with 308 independent control zones with a maximum brightness that can reach 1200 nits, completely superior to the same LCD LED system. segment. Thanks to this backlight system, the S55 Mini-LED can display content with depth, black levels are almost inferior to OLED TVs, and detail and contrast are excellent.

Furthermore, as mentioned above, this 55-inch Xiaomi TV model has an ambient light sensor, so no matter what lighting situation we use the TV in, the TV will automatically adjust the frame brightness. image so that the quality of the content we receive has the highest consistency. Isn’t that a technological ‘miracle’?

Xiaomi S55 Mini-LED smart TV review: 'Last boss' of the low-cost segment in 2024!
Xiaomi S55 Mini-LED has completely outstanding display quality in the price segment (Photo: Bilibili).

In terms of color, this Xiaomi 55 inch 2024 TV performs quite professionally with a DCI-P3 color gamut of 94%, 1.07 billion colors and a DeltaE error of only approximately 2. This is one of the best parameters among TVs that do not apply quantum dot technology.

Not only that, Xiaomi also adds a Full-stack color engine through their own color database and AI model to achieve 3-dimensional mapping between different color gamuts and brightness, ultimately creating original photos that are rich in true-to-life color, so accurate that whether it’s a deep blue ocean or a beautiful sunset, it feels like it’s within reach.

In terms of clarity, Xiaomi has also put in a lot of effort. The S55 Mini-LED itself has a 144Hz refresh rate, supports 240Hz gaming mode, and has 120Hz MEMC motion compensation. Even images with low refresh rates can display good results on the screen. Combined with Xiaomi’s automatic clarity enhancement engine, it can increase pixel rate to reduce response time and improve animation clarity.

Xiaomi S55 Mini-LED smart TV review: 'Last boss' of the low-cost segment in 2024!
S55 Mini-LED supports ultimate gaming (Photo: Xiaomi).

In addition, on this 55-inch 2024 Xiaomi TV model, we have an additional feature: Qingshan Eye Protection, using low blue light algorithm, 10,000-level high-frequency mixed dimming and 16-level mini LED backlight control. bits to make TV more eye-friendly. Of course, you will probably think that TV rarely hurts your eyes, but after all, it is also Xiaomi’s meticulous care for customers’ health. And it deserves to be appreciated.

In short, in terms of image quality, the S55 Mini-LED has two main highlights. First, it uses mini LED technology at a very cheap price, has 308 backlight segments and a maximum brightness of 1200 nits, providing a good hardware foundation. The second is the addition of Xiaomi’s self-developed Master Picture Quality Engine, which helps optimize image quality from many dimensions and take full advantage of the hardware platform at the software level, providing image quality. ‘peak’ in the price segment under 10 million VND.

For those who love gaming, the Xiaomi S55 Mini-LED offers a mode designed specifically for that need. This mode can maximize the potential of the 144Hz refresh rate, possibly even reaching 240Hz, but will need to sacrifice a bit of image performance to reduce image tearing, jitter, and ensure smoothness and smoothness. speed of gaming experience.

3. Sound quality: Not too good, but no problem!

According to the current market perspective, TVs in the high-end price range will constantly optimize configuration and sound performance. But for TVs in the low price range, the entire cost will be spent on improving image quality. Of course, although the sound is not emphasized, it will not be too bad. On the Xiaomi S55 Mini-LED, we have 2 12.5W speakers and Dolby Atmos sound effects so there are no big problems during daily use.

Of course, if you have higher requirements for sound quality, it may be a good idea to set up a professional multi-channel sound system, or buy a soundbar to coordinate with this Xiaomi 55 inch 2024 TV.

4. Operating system and performance

Near the end of 2023, Xiaomi launched the new HyperOS operating system that enhances the connectivity of the entire Xiaomi device ecosystem from start to finish, and the latest 55-inch Xiaomi TV model, of course the S55 Mini- LED will also use this operating system.

Xiaomi S55 Mini-LED smart TV review: 'Last boss' of the low-cost segment in 2024!
HyperOS operating system (Photo: Bilibili).

From an overall perspective, HyperOS doesn’t seem to be much different from the previous MIUI TV, but the overall connection experience is much smoother. Not only is there low latency, but the operating logic is also very smooth. If you also own many Xiaomi smart devices, from smartphones, smartwatches to household appliances such as electric fans, rice cookers, light bulbs, robot vacuum cleaners… then you will be able to take advantage of the correlation. between them to enjoy a more modern, comfortable and enjoyable experience.

Talking more about the hardware configuration, the Xiaomi S55 Mini-LED uses the MT9653 processor with quad-core A73 architecture, the performance ceiling of current TV processors. With 4GB RAM and 64GB storage, it can install and run all kinds of software smoothly. In fact, multitasking tasks such as browsing the web, downloading applications or switching between different online platforms do not make the system difficult, everything happens quickly and with almost no lag.

Xiaomi S55 Mini-LED smart TV review: 'Last boss' of the low-cost segment in 2024!
Powerful hardware configuration with A73 quad-core chip (Photo: Xiaomi).

5. Conclusion

Above are the comments of Websosanh.vn About the Xiaomi 55 inch 2024 TV that is making waves in the billion-people market, and in the near future perhaps the Vietnamese market too. With a selling price of only 9.6 million VND, it is difficult to find a TV that is both cheap and great like the Xiaomi S55 Mini-LED, from image quality, sound quality to smart interactive experience, S55 Mini-LED is almost all-round excellent.

If you are looking for a high-performance, cost-effective 55-inch TV model, the Xiaomi S55 Mini-LED smart TV is definitely worth a try. It not only meets basic audiovisual needs, but will also bring you many other surprises and conveniences. We believe that in the near future, this 55-inch Xiaomi TV model will create a new wave of shopping in the Vietnamese market, just like what it is doing in the billion-people market.

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