Which country is Me-o cat food from? Is it good?

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Many times you have heard of the cat food brand Me-o. But before deciding to buy it for your cat, you still have to take time to find out if Me-o cat food is really as good as advertised?

Choosing dry cat food is considered the perfect solution for many people who love cats but don’t have time to cook for them. Among the many types of dry food sold on the market, Me-o cat food is the most popular. Why is that? Me-o cat food What are the outstanding advantages and benefits that make it so trusted? Join us to find out through the following article!

Origin and origin of Me-o cat food

Me-o cat food is a famous brand from the golden pagoda country of Thailand. Because there is no production factory in Vietnam, Me-o cat food is imported directly from Vietnam.

Me-o cat food has passed rigorous testing by the National Council (NRC) for nutritional content, production ingredients, quality and safety. Therefore, you can feel absolutely secure when feeding your cat Me-o food.

Me-o cat food from Thailand
Me-o cat food from Thailand

What types of Me-o cat food are there?

According to the manufacturer’s announcement, Me-o cat food There are two main lines: food for cats under 8 months old (Me-o Kitten); food for adult cats 8 months and older.

Therefore, you need to choose the right food product suitable for your cat’s age to ensure it provides enough nutritional ingredients for the cat to develop best.

What are the nutritional ingredients of Me-o food?

Me-o cat food is made from ingredients such as: poultry by-product meal, whole grains, corn and rice, fish meal, cassava, chicken fat, vegetable protein from corn and soybeans, brewer’s yeast , iodized salt, shrimp powder, fish digest powder, squid by-product powder, taurine, minerals, vitamins, food coloring, antioxidants.

Nutritional composition of Me-o cat food includes: Fat, starch, protein, fiber, digestive enzymes, essential amino acids, minerals iron, calcium, phosphorus, zinc, antioxidants, Omega 3 and 6, Taurine, DHA…

Me-o cat food has high nutritional content
Me-o cat food has high nutritional content

Advantages and disadvantages of Me-o cat food


+ Provides energy for cats to work, play and exercise all day long.

+ Enhances vision development, giving bright and clear eyes.

+ Care for healthy, shiny skin and hair.

+ Reduce stress in cats, helping cats stay active and cheerful.

+ Enhances resistance, the immune system for cats to develop maximally and have a beautiful physique.

+ Low salt content helps reduce the risk of high blood pressure, heart and kidney disease in cats.

+ Convenient and easy to carry when going out or going out.

+ Doesn’t take time to process or cook, helping to save time.

+ Simple and easy storage.


+ Water and fiber content Me-o cat food Low levels cause cats to suffer from constipation and kidney stones. To overcome this problem, you need to give your cat plenty of water and add green vegetables to its daily diet.

+ If you eat dry food regularly and continuously for a long time, it can cause cats to lose hair, have fibrous and bad hair.

Me-o cat food helps cats develop best
Me-o cat food helps cats develop best

Cost of Me-o cat food

According to the survey, Me-o cat food has a reference price of about 50,000 VND/450g package. This price is considered affordable, cheap and economical, suitable for owners who cannot afford to buy high-end cat food. Although cheaper, Me-o cat food still ensures adequate nutrition for cats to maximize their development.

To buy genuine Me-o cat food, ensuring quality, choosing a purchasing address is extremely important. Accordingly, large, famous and trusted stores will be the best choice when you need to buy cat food in general and Me-o cat food in particular.

* Hopefully with the information we have compiled above, you will have a more general and detailed view Me-o cat food. Hope you make a wise decision so your cat can have delicious and nutritious meals!

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