Which country is Cateye cat food from? What are the advantages?

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If you want to learn all the information related to Cateye cat food, please read our article below.

The article below will provide you with detailed information about the origin, ingredients, nutritional composition, price, advantages and disadvantages of Food for Cateye cats. Let’s find out if Cateye food is good and suitable for your cat!

Cat food Which country produces Cateye?

Cateye food is a famous cat food brand originating from Korea. Not only famous in Korea and Vietnam, Cateye cat food is also widely sold in many countries around the world and is highly appreciated by consumers for its quality.

Cateye food is okay for cats Rated as suitable for all cat breeds of different ages such as young cats, developing cats, adult cats, especially safe for postpartum and pregnant cats. Because of its high safety, Cateye food is very trusted when cats are experiencing health problems.

Cateye cat food is a Korean brand
Cateye cat food is a Korean brand

Ingredients and nutritional content of Cateye food

Raw materials used for production Cateye cat food Completely natural including: beet powder, fish, chicken, chicken powder, natural fiber Cellulose, flaxseed, vitamin A, Tautin, minerals. Cateye cat food uses absolutely no chemical additives, colors, artificial flavors, or antibiotics, so it is absolutely safe for your cat’s health.

The nutritional content of Cateye food is as follows: Crude protein over 31.5%, fat 12.5%; fiber less than 4.0%; Ash less than 12.0%, calcium less than 1.0% – 2.0%; Phosphorus over 1.60%… Nutritional content is carefully designed and calculated by experts to help cats maximize their physical and mental development.

Uses of Cateye cat food

With rich and balanced nutritional content, Cateye cat food brings many outstanding effects and benefits:

– High protein content helps overcome hair loss in cats, while stimulating hair to grow faster and softer.

– Fiber helps improve the absorption of nutrients, eliminating clumping in the intestines.

– Tautin and vitamin A nourish and care for cats’ eyes to always be bright and healthy.

– Omega 3 and 6 help improve digestive system problems, reduce the amount of stool excreted and reduce unpleasant odors from stool.

– Enhance the health of the immune system and resistance to help cats get sick less.

– Stimulate cats to eat well to ensure health.

– Care for healthy, soft skin and shiny fur.

Cateye cat food is high in protein
Cateye cat food is high in protein

How to use Cateye cat food

Using Cateye cat food It’s very simple, you just need to take the right amount of food for your cat and feed it to them, no need to process or cook anything.

However, for kittens, you should soak them in water for about 5-10 minutes to soften the dry food before feeding them. Because the digestive system of young cats is still weak, their teeth and jaws are not yet developed to eat dry and hard food. For adult cats, you can feed them directly without soaking.

Cost of Cateye cat food

  • Cat food Cateye 0.5g: 60,000 VND.
  • Cat food Cateye 1.5kg: 160,000 VND.
  • Cat food Cateye 7kg: 575,000 VND.
  • Cat food Cateye 13.5kg: 950,000 VND.
Cateye cat food 13.5kg
Cateye cat food 13.5kg

Above is all the information about Cateye cat food. Hope we have helped you somewhat in choosing the best food to help your cats grow healthily!

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