Which country is ANF dog food from? Is it good?

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Are you looking for dog food that is both nutritious and safe at an affordable price? ANF ​​dog food is the perfect suggestion for you!

So which country produces ANF dog food? What types are there? What are the outstanding advantages? Is it good? What price? Using ANF ​​dog food how? Join us to learn more in the next part of the article!

Which country is ANF dog food from?

ANF ​​dog food is the most famous brand in Korea. ANF’s pet food products are produced using modern technology plus a balanced and comprehensive nutritional diet of the best quality.

ANF ​​dog food sold in the Vietnamese market is imported directly from Korea because there is no manufacturing factory in Vietnam. You can find ANF dog food at many pet food stores and supermarkets nationwide.

ANF ​​dog food is the most famous brand in Korea
ANF ​​dog food is the most famous brand in Korea

What types of ANF dog food are there?

ANF ​​dog food There are two main lines: puppy food and adult dog food. Therefore, you need to choose the most suitable ANF food based on your dog’s age.

The flavors of ANF dog food are also quite diverse and rich such as: lamb flavor, salmon and potato flavor, chicken flavor, lamb and chicken flavor, lamb, duck and salmon flavor…

Is ANF dog food good?

– 70% of the ingredients used to produce ANF dog food are natural organic including: lamb, beef, chicken, duck meat, salmon, rice, chicken fat, corn gluten meal, beetroot powder, brown rice, oats, wheat, barley, sunflower seed meal, flaxseed, soybean meal, sesame seed meal, sunflower seeds, salmon oil, green beans, cheese powder, buckwheat flour, carrots, pumpkin, sweet potato, pumpkin seeds, yucca extract, refined salt, cauliflower vegetable powder mix, tomatoes, parsley, blueberries, radishes, bananas, apples, oranges, strawberries, mangoes. Therefore, ANF dog food is especially safe and limits allergies in dogs.

– Full nutritional composition of protein, fiber, fat, starch, vitamins (A; B3; B6; B12) and minerals (zinc; phosphorus; iron; calcium).

– Effects of ANF ​​dog food: Provides energy; supports bone, teeth and muscle development; increase resistance, improve the immune system and digestive system; care for healthy and beautiful skin and fur; Limit constipation, support the digestive system to function better…

– In particular, ANF dog food does not contain pesticides, antibiotics, genetically modified foods, hormone drugs, artificial colors and chemical preservatives. Therefore, ANF food is absolutely safe for all dogs.

ANF ​​food is made from safe organic ingredients
ANF ​​food is made from safe organic ingredients

How much does ANF dog food cost?

– ANF dog food 3 flavors of sheep, duck and salmon: 280,000 VND.

– ANF dog food with salmon and potato flavor: 290,000 VND.

– ANF dog food with lamb flavor: 95,000 VND.

– ANF dog food with duck flavor: 95,000 VND.

– ANF Organic Lamb dog food: 500,000 VND.

– ANF small puppy food: 240,000 VND.

How to use ANF dog food

You can feed your dogs ANF food according to the weight suggestions below:

  • For dogs weighing 1-4.5kg: Feed 20-100g/meal.
  • For dogs weighing 5-10kg: Feed 100-200g/meal.
  • For dogs weighing 10-25kg: Feed 200-350g/meal.
  • For dogs weighing 25-44kg: Feed 350-600g/meal.
  • For dogs weighing over 45kg: Feed 600g/meal.

* What are you waiting for? Go to a reputable store near your home to buy now ANF ​​dog food Come home for your puppy to enjoy right away!

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