What types of Royal Canin cat food are there?

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Royal Canin cat food is a famous brand from France and is very popular in the Vietnamese market. However, not everyone knows what types of Royal Canin food there are.

In this article, let’s learn in detail about the cat foods of the Royal Canin brand. Understanding the types Royal Canin cat food will also help you choose the most suitable product for your cat.

Royal Canin cat food
Royal Canin cat food

Royal Canin dry granular cat food

In the Royal Canin dry cat food group, there are many types of food classified according to the age of the cat. Specifically:

1 TRoyal Canin Mother & Baby Cat is eager to eat

– Target: For kittens from 1-4 months and mother cats after giving birth.

– Nutritional ingredients: Chicken, corn, chicken fat, brown rice, dried eggs, dried radish powder, wheat flour, soybean oil, dried brewer’s yeast, anchovy oil containing lots of EPA and DHA, yeast, marigold and rosemary extracts, vitamins A, B1, B6, B12, B2, B9, C, D, D3 and E, fats, proteins, calcium, salt minerals, zinc, calcium, copper, biotin, L – carnitine and taurine.

– Food structure: Royal Canin cat food Mother & Baby Cat has a dry granule structure with small size and high softness to help kittens chew and swallow easily. Natural, attractive aroma and stimulating taste helps cats eat well.

2. Royal Canin Kitten cat food

Target audience: For cats from 4-12 months old.

Nutritional ingredients: The nutritional ingredients of Royal Canin Kitten food are similar to Royal Canin Mother & Baby Cat food. However, at this age, cats have a higher intensity of activity, so they need to provide more nutrients to develop bones and muscles such as calcium and protein. Therefore, the nutrients in Royal Canin Kitten food are also combined in a different ratio. In particular, vitamins such as A, B1, B6, D, D3, calcium, and protein will have a higher ratio than Royal Canin cat food Mother & Baby Cat.

3. Royal Canin Indoor cat food

– Age: For cats 12 months and older.

– Nutritional ingredients: Royal Canin Indoor cat food still has the same nutritional ingredients as Royal Canin Mother & Baby Cat and Royal Canin Kitten. But the ratio between nutrients will be combined in a completely different ratio. At this stage, cats have matured in all aspects and are no longer mischievous like in the previous stage, so their ability to digest food will also decrease. Royal Canin cat food Indoor is more about supporting the digestion of hairballs in the stomach; skin and hair care; reduces tartar formation; Anti-oxidation and formation of free radicals…

Royal Canin Indoor cat food
Royal Canin Indoor cat food

Royal Canin wet cat food and pate

In addition to Royal Canin dry cat food, there is also Royal Canin wet food and pate for cats. This is the food group that marks the outstanding development of the Royal Canin pet food brand.

Royal Canin’s wet food and pate are also classified as dry food, with types for Indoor and Kitten. The flavors of pate and wet food are also very diverse for you to choose from. The nutritional content of this food group is much higher than dry food, especially fat. Therefore, cats that are overweight or obese should not use wet food and Royal Canin pate.

Ideally, you can feed your cat a mix of dry food and wet food to change its taste, helping your cat eat better.

Royal Canin wet cat food
Royal Canin wet cat food

A few notes when using Royal Canin cat food

– Dry food for cats Royal Canin has low water and fiber content, so if eaten continuously for a long time, cats are susceptible to constipation and kidney stones. Therefore, you should let your cat drink water regularly, and add green vegetables and fruits in the daily diet to overcome this drawback.

– After eating Royal Canin food for a while, cats will get used to the taste of Royal Canin food so they will be very picky and won’t even eat other foods. Therefore, you should combine feeding your cat with fresh, home-cooked food to balance nutrition and avoid the situation where the cat refuses to eat other foods.

– You should feed your cat the amount of food according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Feeding cats too much can make them obese.

– For small cats, you should soak dry food in water to soften it before feeding it to your kitten.

– Choose dry food suitable for each age and stage of your cat.

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