What type of food is best for newborn kittens?

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Taking care of a new mother cat, you need to pay attention to the cat’s daily nutrition to help the mother cat quickly recover her health and have plenty of milk to feed her babies. To do this, you need to choose suitable food for mothers after giving birth. So what is the best food for mother cats? Let’s find out!

Even though it is a pet, after giving birth, the mother cat’s body will still be very weak, so it is necessary to take good care so that it can quickly restore health and have milk to breastfeed. In particular, providing the mother cat with adequate and adequate nutrition during this time is extremely necessary. In addition to choosing fresh, delicious food that ensures hygiene and safety and is prepared to suit the mother cat’s needs and preferences during this time, when she has just given birth, you can feed the mother cat milk. After giving birth, the cat’s body can quickly absorb and restore health so that milk comes in more and faster.

After just a few days, the mother cat will gradually begin to get better. At this time, to make it more convenient to take care of the mother cat after giving birth, you can choose some suitable dry food specifically for the mother cat after giving birth. Dry food specifically for postpartum mothers will be processed to provide the most appropriate and complete nutrition for the mother cat, so you can feel secure and more convenient in taking care of the mother cat.

To help you have more choices, we will soon introduce to you the best foods for newborn mother cats. Let’s take a look!

1. Royal Canin dry food for mother cats after giving birth

It is a very famous and familiar brand to many pet owners. Royal Canin is trusted around the world so you can be completely assured about the quality of the product. With a variety of dry cat foods, Royal Canin has one specifically for mother cats from 4 to 12 weeks after giving birth.

Royal Canin understands what mother cats need during this period, so this food will provide cats with ingredients such as: Prebiotics and antioxidant nutrients including vitamin E, vitamin C, taurine and lutein. Helps them have a healthy digestive system to absorb essential nutrients for the body. The optimal balance between protein, fat and carbohydrates to support appetite and supplement necessary nutrients, increasing resistance to the weak body of newborn cats.

The food is also designed with very small particles with a texture suitable for the kitten’s milk teeth, which will support food absorption and stimulate the mother cat’s appetite, making it more delicious.

Royal Canin dry food for postpartum mothers
Royal Canin dry food for postpartum mothers

2. ME-O food for pregnant and lactating mother cats

It is also an extremely familiar and famous name. ME-O is also a very popular brand in Vietnam. With a food product specifically for pregnant and lactating mothers, it helps supplement and provide adequate nutrients based on a formula that has been carefully researched by scientists and is suitable for cats. during this period. Thanks to that, cats will have the best health after giving birth as well as during pregnancy.

Thanks to the necessary vitamins contained in ME-O food, it will help strengthen visual function and maintain cats with a healthy immune system. The product also adds beneficial bacteria to the cat’s intestines to help improve the digestive system of nursing cats. Along with that, there is calcium and omega to help improve the health of cats’ bones, joints, teeth, gums and fur, limiting problems that pregnant and lactating cats often encounter during and after pregnancy.

ME-O food for pregnant and lactating mothers
ME-O food for pregnant and lactating mothers

3. Catsrang mother cat food

The last type of food that we will introduce to you in this article originates from Korea. Catsrang mother cat food is also researched specifically for postpartum and pregnant mothers and can even be used for kittens under 12 months old. Therefore, choosing this type of food for both mother cats and postpartum kittens is extremely reasonable.

The product is rich in calcium and vitamins to help bones grow strong, helps prevent hairballs in the intestines of cats, makes fur soft and smooth, and prevents hair loss. Especially with the commitment of no antibiotics, no preservatives and no synthetic flavors and colors, it ensures absolute safety when used for cats.

Catsrang mother cat food
Catsrang mother cat food

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