What type of dry food is best for Pomeranian dogs?

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Possessing a lovely appearance, the Pomeranian is currently a dog breed that many people choose to keep as pets. However, this breed is a very picky eater, so if you do not choose the right food for them, they will eat less.

Fresh foods such as chicken, beef, duck, pork… are fresh and nutritious dishes that Pomeranian dogs love. This type of meat food also provides a large amount of protein that is very good for the development of dogs.

In addition, balut is also a favorite dish of Pomeranian dogs. However, each week you should only feed your Pomeranian 2 to 3 fruits and do not overfeed them. You can also change their dishes with dishes made from animal organs such as liver, lungs, and heart to help provide a lot of protein. This is also a food loved by squirrels.

Besides, it is necessary to provide starch from porridge and rice. Add cheese, vegetables, tubers, and fruits to Pomeranian dogs to provide them with the nutrients they need to grow healthily.

If you have time, these are really attractive dishes for Pomeranian dogs and especially you can be completely assured about food safety when feeding them.

However, not everyone has time to prepare food for them every day. In particular, you cannot diversify many types of food to provide the most complete nutrition your Pomeranian dog needs every day. Therefore, choosing dry food is also a solution that is not only more convenient but also provides a variety and full range of essential nutrients for Pomeranian dogs.

Below are some types of dry food that are rated suitable and loved by many Pomeranian dogs.

1st Choice Senior Toy & Small Breeds Pomeranian dry food

1st Choice Senior Toy & Small Breeds
1st Choice Senior Toy & Small Breeds

Is a product from Canada. 1st Choice Senior Toy & Small Breeds dry food for Pomeranian is suitable for small breed dogs such as poodles and Pomeranians with main ingredients made from chicken, helping to balance nutrition to make Pomeranian dogs happy. healthy. L-carnitine and sunflower oil also help with fat metabolism, while prebiotics and ginger extract effectively promote digestion. Helps Pomeranian absorb all nutrients for maximum development.

Besides, dry food for Pomeranian 1st Choice Senior Toy & Small Breeds also has a delicious taste, so it stimulates the boss to eat better, no matter how much the pet dog eats. Show sThe product is priced at 520,000 VND/bag 2.72kg.

Moshm Mini Indoor Grain Free Nutrition dry food for Pomeranian

Moshm Mini Indoor Grain Free Nutrition dry food for Pomeranian
Moshm Mini Indoor Grain Free Nutrition dry food for Pomeranian

A product of a famous dog food brand from the UK. With main ingredients up to 65% being beef, chicken, duck, goat, goose, rabbit, deer, tuna, sea bream, mackerel, and black carp. There are also 35% vegetables such as soybeans, cassava, sweet potatoes, potatoes, apples, carrots, mushrooms, fructose, flaxseed oil, egg powder, seaweed. All of these ingredients help provide Pomeranian dogs with abundant and complete nutrition for Pomeranian dogs to grow healthily.

The product also has a delicious beef flavor that will surely make your Pomeranian love it. With a selling price of 470,000 VND / 1.5 kg bag, this will definitely be the choice of many people.

Royal Canin Mini Pomeranian dog food

Royal Canin Pomeranian small dog food
Royal Canin Pomeranian small dog food

A brand that is not too strange to many pet owners in Vietnam. Royal Canin Mini food is suitable for small dogs under 10kg such as Pomeranian.

  • Helps maintain your dog’s digestive health
  • Supports high energy demands
  • Particle design helps reduce tartar formation
  • Supports a healthy immune system
  • 100% balanced nutrition
  • 100% safety guaranteed

Currently the product is priced at: 145,000 VND/800g.

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