What to feed newborn dogs to have more milk and stay healthy?

The mother dog’s body is weak after giving birth and the mother dog needs milk to breastfeed, so many people want to know what to feed the newborn dog to have more milk and be healthy? In addition to answering this question, the article also provides new dog foods to avoid along with how to care for Boss after giving birth.

What to feed newborn dogs to have more milk and stay healthy?

What should a new mother dog be fed to get more milk? After birth, the dog’s mother’s milk is the best food source for puppies, helping them have good resistance and develop quickly. Below are good foods/foods that dog mothers should eat to have more milk for breastfeeding and quickly restore health.

+ Protein: Protein-rich foods that should be fed to mother dogs include: eggs, chicken, duck meat, beef, pork, fish, pig liver, and some other animal organs.

+ Fat: The new mother dog’s diet needs to increase by 15% more fat than normal. Foods rich in good fats for mother dogs include: butter, cheese, milk, dark chocolate, eggs, fish, fish fat…

+ Starch: Starch helps provide energy to help the mother dog recover her body after a long period of pregnancy and childbirth and also helps the mother dog’s body secrete more milk. Starch is abundant in porridge, rice…

+ Fiber: Fiber in green vegetables and fruits is very good for the mother dog’s digestive system. However, Sen should give Boss some grains, beans and tubers.

+ Calcium: After giving birth, mother dogs need to be supplemented with a large amount of calcium to avoid seizures, affecting the health of the mother dog and puppies. Besides, puppies also need calcium to develop stronger bones and teeth. Calcium-rich foods that should be fed to mother dogs include eggs, cheese, dark green leafy vegetables, kale, shrimp, fish…

+ Water: Water not only stimulates milk production but also replenishes electrolytes for the mother dog. In addition to giving the mother dog filtered water, you can give the mother dog milk or stew with bone broth or vegetables…

What do newborn dogs eat?
Newly born mother dogs should eat lots of foods rich in protein and fat
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What should newborn dogs not eat?

Foods/foods that mother dogs should not eat after giving birth include:

+ Grapes: The composition of grapes can cause kidney failure in dogs, so mother dogs should not eat both raisins and fresh grapes.

+ Garlic and onions: These 2 foods can cause digestive disorders and red blood cell damage in the mother dog.

+ Snacks, smoked meat, cured meat, French fries: These are fast foods with high salt content, so when eaten, they will cause thirst, and the mother dog will urinate a lot, causing calcium loss, in addition to having a negative effect on the body. The mother dog’s kidneys and excretory system.

+ Foods that are too salty: Eating foods that are too salty can seriously affect the kidneys and excretory organs.

+ Coffee, chocolate, cocoa: Methylxanthines in coffee, when ingested into the body, can cause dogs to become hyperactive, convulsions, tremors, and even death.

+ Xylitol: Eating foods containing Xylitol such as peanut butter, cakes, chewing gum, candies, and cakes too much and over a long period of time can cause the mother dog to vomit, become dizzy, have seizures, become coma, and get worse. liver failure and blood sugar.

+ Some other foods: Some other foods are also not good for mother dogs such as: asparagus, mushrooms, tomatoes, plums, apricots, avocados, cherries; alcohol, alcoholic drinks, baking powder, flour…

What do newborn dogs eat?
Fast food has a high salt content, so when eaten, it will make you thirsty, and the mother dog will urinate a lot, causing calcium loss
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Instructions on how to care for the mother dog after giving birth

When taking care of mother dogs after giving birth, dogs need to pay attention to the following things:

+ Do not feed the mother dog too much within 24-48 hours after giving birth.

+ Trim the mother dog’s fur so that the milk glands can be kept clean.

+ Check the mother dog’s mammary glands every day to prevent mastitis. Some signs of mastitis in the mother dog: The mother dog’s puss turns very red, hard, hot or painful.

+ Mother dogs may have vaginal discharge for about the first 8 weeks after birth. The discharge may be reddish brown in color with a slight foul odor. If the fluid has an unusual color such as gray, green, yellow and has a strong odor, the mother dog should be examined immediately.

+ Make a nest for the mother dog and puppies to keep warm, especially in winter.

What do newborn dogs eat?
You should check the mother dog’s mammary glands every day to prevent mastitis.
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So, through this article, you will know what to feed newborn dogs to have lots of milk and be healthy, while also knowing how to take care of them properly. Don’t forget to visit websosanh.vn every day to update more useful information about the Emperor and his pets!

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