What should you keep in mind when buying shower gel for dogs?

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The pet dog hobby is loved by many people today. The bosses are cared for and loved like children. In addition to food, shower gel for pet dogs is also of interest to many people. So how to buy the best and most suitable shower gel for dogs? Please see the article below!

Just like when you choose shower gel for yourself, not every type of shower gel is suitable and brings the effect you want. The same goes for choosing shower gel for pet dogs. To choose the right shower gel and bring the best results for your boss, you need to research and choose the most suitable shower gel for your boss. If you don’t know how to choose the right shower gel for your boss, please read the article below!

Choose to buy dog ​​shower gel from a reputable brand

The dog shower gel market in Vietnam is quite diverse and rich with many different shower gel brands. There are many dog ​​shower gel products from reputable brands, but there are also many products that are counterfeit, or counterfeit of unknown origin. If you use poor quality shower gel products for your boss for a long time, it will greatly affect the boss’s health.

Therefore, when choosing shower gel for pet dogs, you need to choose reputable shower gel brands, used by many people for the boss to ensure peace of mind and not affect the boss’s skin, fur, and health. You can refer to some reputable dog shower gel brands such as: sos, joyce & doll, shampoo, olive…

Sos shampoo for dogs is a reputable brand
Sos shampoo for dogs is a reputable brand

Choose a shower gel suitable for your dog’s condition

In addition to a variety of brands, dog shower gel also has a variety of types such as:

1. Dry dog ​​shampoo

This is a type of dog shower gel that does not require the use of water. Accordingly, when bathing your dog, you just need to spray shower gel on your hand and then rub it all over the dog’s fur and body. After massaging for about 10 minutes, you just need to use a towel to dry, then use a comb to clean off the shower gel and you’re done.

Dry shower gel has the advantage of being quick, convenient, and does not require the use of water but can still remove dirt and bacteria from dog fur. Dry shower gel should be used when pet dogs are sick, postpartum and pregnant mother dogs cannot bathe with water.

Some brands of dry shower gel for dogs include: Joyce & Dolls, YU, Fay Puppy, SLEEKY, InnoPet…

A Vietnamese brand of dry shower gel for dogs
A Vietnamese brand of dry shower gel for dogs

2. Wet dog shampoo

Wet shower gel for pet dogs is a shower gel that requires water to be used when bathing the dog. Accordingly, you need to wet the entire dog’s fur, then add shower gel and scratch gently for 10 minutes. Then use clean water to thoroughly rinse the shower gel.

Compared to dry shower gel, wet shower gel has the ability to remove dirt and kill bacteria better. Pet dog fur will also be softer and more fragrant. Some reputable brands of wet shower gel for pet dogs include: SOS, Perfect Coat and Trixie, …

3. Special shower gel to treat scabies, mites, lice, and dermatitis

If your pet dog has ticks, lice, scabies, or dermatitis, using special treatment shower gel products is extremely necessary. Compared to regular shower gels, this special shower gel contains scabies medicine so it can treat the disease, remove odors and prevent lice, ticks and fleas quite effectively. The product is also very safe, even for dogs with sensitive skin.

You need to see which type of shower gel is suitable for your boss to choose accordingly to bring high efficiency when used.

Choose shower gel for pet dogs at a price suitable for economic conditions

The economic problem is always a problem for most pet owners. Because the cost of taking care of bosses is also very expensive. So when choosing shower gel for your boss, you don’t need to choose a too high-end and expensive brand. You should base on your economic conditions to choose suitable shower gel products.

You may be interested in some dog shampoo brands with good prices such as: sos, olive, Bio Lovely Pet…

Bio Care puppy shower gel
Cheap Bio Care dog shower gel

Choose a reputable place to buy shower gel for pet dogs

Whether SOS shower gel for dogs is good or not depends on the purchasing address you choose. A reputable shower gel brand cannot completely guarantee the quality of that product if you buy fake, counterfeit, poor quality and unknown origin products.

The solution for those people is to buy shower gel from reputable and reputable pet stores and units in the market. At the same time, that store must attract a large number of customers to buy and receive many positive feedback from consumers. When purchasing here, you will receive careful advice from the staff to choose the shower gel product that best suits your boss at the best price.

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