What should puppy food contain?

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The digestive system and resistance of puppies are extremely weak. Therefore, it is extremely important to learn and understand puppy food as well as daily nutrition.

According to veterinary experts, feeding puppies not scientifically and properly can affect their health and development. But you don’t need to worry too much because we will reveal to you some selection principles puppy food Extremely effective according to each age below.

Food for newborn dogs

Food for newborn dogs depends entirely on mother’s milk. Therefore, after giving birth, you should breastfeed your puppies to provide them with the energy and nutrition they need.

Mother’s milk contains very high levels of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and proteins, so it is very effective in strengthening the puppy’s immune system. Because puppies breastfeed and depend on mother’s milk, you need to feed the mother dog well so that the puppies are provided with all the necessary nutrients to grow strong and healthy.

During the first 4 days after birth, you need to breastfeed your puppies exclusively. From day 5, if the mother dog does not have enough milk, she can be fed additional dog milk powder in small to large doses to avoid diarrhea. Puppies should only drink 100-200ml per day. If the puppy refuses to drink from a bottle, you can use a syringe to let the puppy drink.

Food for puppies under 1 month

Puppy food At 2 weeks of age (15 days), it is mainly thin porridge. You can cook thin porridge with minced pork and chopped green vegetables.

2 week old puppies should only be fed a little at a time, and eat a maximum of 2 small meals a day. At this stage, you can add calcium chloride to milk and give it to puppies to help their bones grow and become stronger.

Food for puppies 2 months oldThis is the stage when puppies begin to get used to foods other than mother’s milk and formula. Puppy food In the second month, it’s still mainly thinly cooked porridge and minced pork. However, the number of meals for puppies at this time will increase to about 3-4 meals because the nutritional and energy needs of 2-month-old puppies are higher.

Besides, you can add Tetravit or Trivit to puppy food to help the process of vitamin synthesis and metabolism take place better. But before using, you should consult your veterinarian first!

You can feed 2 month old dogs thin porridge
You can feed 2 month old dogs thin porridge

Food for puppies from 2 to 6 months old

At this age, in addition to porridge and pureed lean pork, you can feed your puppy many other foods such as eggs, fish, shrimp… The puppy’s daily diet should be divided into 4 meals ( morning, noon, afternoon and evening). The time between meals is from 4 to 5 hours to ensure that the puppy does not lack nutrients or excess nutrients.

You can refer to the daily diet menu for puppies from 2 to 6 months old below:

  • Breakfast: Feed your puppy processed dry food from some reputable brands such as Royal Canin, O’Natural Sensitive, Smartheart Puppy, Pedigree, Ganador, Beneful, Classic Pets, Fib’s, ANF… Food should be soaked dry with water for 1 minute to soften before feeding to the puppy.
  • Lunch: Feed your puppy soft cooked rice, supplemented with fruits and vegetables.
  • Afternoon meal: Feed simmered chicken head or rice as lunch.
  • Dinner: Give warm milk or dry food soaked in water.

You should not feed 2-6 month old puppies too much fatty meat, fish, or sweets. In particular, absolutely do not feed puppies beef liver, lungs, or pigs because they are not good for the puppy’s health.

You can feed your dog dry food when the dog is 2 - 6 months old
You can feed your dog dry food when the dog is 2 – 6 months old

Food for puppies 6 months and older

Puppy food From 6 months or more, you need to ensure adequate supply of the following nutrients: Protein is found in eggs, chicken, beef, fish, ducks and poultry organs. Fat from animal meat and cereal grains. Fiber, Carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals are found in fruits and vegetables. Besides, you also need to add plenty of water to your puppy to promote food metabolism and digestion, and better regulate body temperature.

Food for puppies at this stage must be fresh and delicious, do not use leftover, spoiled or rancid food. These foods can cause puppies to have diarrhea, stomach aches, and even more dangerous poisoning. Besides homemade fresh food, mothers can buy dry puppy food products from famous brands Royal Canin, O’Natural Sensitive, Smartheart Puppy, Pedigree, Ganador, Beneful, Classic Pets , Fib’s, ANF to change taste.

The diet of puppies 6 months and older is 3 meals/day with a larger amount of food than in the previous period.

Royal Canin is a popular dry dog ​​food brand
Royal Canin is a popular dry dog ​​food brand

Gradually replace mother’s milk in the puppy’s diet during the 3rd month and increase the number of meals to 3-4 meals a day. By the 6th month, you need to proactively balance the nutrients in their meals. In addition, each breed of dog is different, so the owner also needs to make appropriate adjustments. Fonti hopes this article can answer the question “What should I feed my puppy?” yours!

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