What should Alaskan dog food include?

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Alaskan dogs are active animals, they can run and jump all day so the energy they consume is huge. So what should food for Alaskan dogs include to ensure it provides enough energy for them to function all day long?

Alaska is an extremely agile and intelligent dog breed, originating from the West. When becoming pets in Vietnamese families, Alaskan dogs often suffer from dangerous intestinal diseases due to unscientific food choices and diet. That is also the reason why many people have to take the time to learn about it before raising an Alaskan dog Alaskan dog food.

Alaska is an extremely agile and intelligent dog breed, originating from the West
Alaska is an extremely agile and intelligent dog breed, originating from the West

The best fresh foods for Alaskan dogs

Good foods for Alaskan dogs to grow healthily include:

– Types of meat: Beef, chicken, duck, pork, lamb… are the favorite and best foods for Alaskan dogs. Among them, beef is the favorite dish of Alaskan dogs because it is low in fat and rich in nutrients.

– Organs: Pig organs are also the favorite food of Alaskan dogs, second only to beef. Pig organs such as liver, intestines, lungs, heart, kidneys, brain… are usually low in fat, rich in protein and easy to digest.

– Balut: Balut is especially good for the skin and fur of Alaskan dogs. For Alaskan dogs under 4 months old, you can feed 1 fruit/meal; Larger Alaskan dogs can be fed 2 fruits/meal.

– Rice and biscuits: These are two foods rich in starch and are very good at providing energy for Alaskan dogs.

– Vegetables and fruits: Group Alaskan dog food This helps supplement fiber, essential vitamins and minerals to help increase resistance, improve immune system health, prevent constipation, promote digestion and better absorb nutrients. Most dog breeds do not like to eat vegetables, and Alaskan dogs are no exception. To get Alaskan dogs to eat vegetables, you should mix them with meat and rice.

The best food for Alaskan dogs
The best food for Alaskan dogs

Prepared dry Alaskan dog food

If you don’t have time to cook for your dog, you can use prepared food specifically for Alaskan dogs. This type of food is not only convenient, does not take time to prepare, but is also very nutritious.

Alaskan dog food Prepared foods include two main forms: wet food and dry food. Among them, dry food is chosen by many pet owners because it has high protein and fat content, suitable for the nutritional needs of Alaskan dogs. Besides, Alaskan dogs also prefer to eat dry food rather than wet food.

Prepared wet food also has the same nutritional content as dry food. However, preserving this type of food is more difficult and does not last long after being removed. That’s why farmers often only use wet food to change Alaska’s taste when eating dry food for a long time.

When buying prepared food for Alaskan dogs, you should pay attention to choosing products from famous and reputable brands such as Fitmin, Royal Canin, Morando, ANZ, Ganador, Smartheart, Iskhan… This will help dogs. You can buy quality and highly safe products. Cheap, unbranded and unbranded processed dog foods often use many chemical fillers, which have no nutritional value and cause Alaskan dogs to suffer from rickets and malnutrition…

Fitmin dry dog ​​food
Fitmin dry dog ​​food Alaska

How to feed Alaskan dogs properly and scientifically

The frequency and amount of food each day for Alaskan dogs is as follows:

  • Alaskan puppies after weaning until 4 months: Should be fed 200 – 500g of food/day. Divide food into 5 small meals.
  • Alaskan dogs from 4 to 6 months old: Food volume is 360 – 600g/day, divided into 3 meals.
  • Alaskan dogs from 6 to 8 months old: Food volume is 400 – 500g/day, divided into 2 meals.
  • Alaskan dogs from 8 months old: Food volume is 350 – 450/day, divided equally into 2 meals.
The frequency and volume of food should gradually increase with the age of the Alaskan dog
The frequency and volume of food should gradually increase with the age of the Alaskan dog

* Above are the experiences and knowledge in choosing tEager to eat for Alaskan dogs. Hopefully this article will help you care for and raise your Alaskan dog more easily.

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