What is safe and healthy for 1 month old kittens to eat?

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Because the kitten’s digestive system is not yet complete and weak, many people wonder what is safe and healthy for 1-month-old kittens to eat? If you are also raising a 1 month old kitten and have the same questions above, this article will definitely be very useful. Let’s follow along!

Essential nutrients for 1 month old kittens

According to veterinary experts, 1-month-old kittens need to be provided with all the necessary nutrient groups for the body such as protein, fat, fiber, starch, vitamins and minerals to be able to develop. overview.

In particular, kittens at the age of 1 month need to be supplemented with more protein so that they can grow quickly and healthily.

What do 1 month old kittens eat?
Essential nutrients for 1-month-old kittens include protein, fat, fiber, vitamins and minerals

What is safe and healthy for 1 month old kittens to eat?

What is safe and healthy for 1 month old kittens to eat? 1-month-old kittens begin to wean from their mother’s milk, so they need to practice weaning to ensure they provide enough nutrients for their bodies. There are 2 food groups that 1-month-old kittens can use: fresh food and prepared grain food. As follows:

1. Fresh food for 1 month old kittens

When the cat is 1 month old, in addition to maintaining 2 meals of powdered milk/day, Sen will practice feeding the baby with fresh food. If you have time, you can cook cool porridge and rice for your cat to eat. Besides, you can grind meat and vegetables to mix with porridge or crushed rice for your cat to eat.

Types of meat that 1-month-old cats can eat include: chicken, duck, beef, pork, sheep; Green vegetables and fruits should also be added to prevent kittens from becoming constipated. Feeding food helps kittens get used to natural food, and adds fiber and vitamins and minerals necessary for the body.

However, when the kitten is 1 month old, do not rush to feed the baby bones or foods with a fishy smell such as crabs, oysters, crabs, shrimp, fish… This group of foods when eaten by kittens can easily harm the cat’s body. disorders and other digestive problems.

What do 1 month old kittens eat?
Fresh food for 1 month old kittens

2. Ready-to-eat grain food for 1-month-old kittens

Ready-made granulated food is considered a perfect alternative to fresh food when Sen is too busy to have time to go to the market and cook food for her 1-month-old cat. Ready-made grain foods include two types: dry grain foods and wet grain foods. The nutritional value of these two types of seeds is similar, but dry grain food is used more because it is clean, convenient and easy to preserve.

Prepared grain food has been calculated with nutritional content suitable for kittens at different age stages, so you can rest assured not to worry about kittens being overweight or lacking nutrients.

You can choose to buy some reputable pet food brands such as: Me-O, Home & Cat, Whiskas, Royal Canin, O’fresh – Cat care, Fitmin Cat Kitten, Iskhan… These brands There are many products with different flavors and sizes, so you can easily choose the most suitable food for your king.

What do 1 month old kittens eat?
Ready-to-eat grain food for 1 month old kittens

Notes when feeding 1 month old kittens

Important notes when feeding 1-month-old kittens to help them develop healthily and comprehensively include:

+ The digestive system of a 1-month-old cat is still weak, its teeth are not yet strong, so it cannot digest foods that are too solid or too hard. Therefore, when cooking food for cats, you should grind it into small pieces or cook it until soft.

+ You should feed a 1-month-old kitten 4-5 meals a day. You should not feed your kitten too much in one meal because it is not good for the digestive system.

+ Form the habit of eating at a fixed time.

+ Do not feed 1-month-old kittens spoiled or expired food.

+ For kittens eating grain food, you should give them enough water to avoid constipation.

Above are good foods/foods for 1 month old kittens. Hopefully, after reading this article, you can know what to feed a 1-month-old kitten that is safe and healthy.

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