What is dry dog ​​food? Which type is best?

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What kind of dry dog ​​food is best for dogs is the concern of many people when they want their dog boss to always grow up healthy, smart and agile.

Dog food includes two main types: fresh food and dry food. Among them, dry food is increasingly chosen by many lotus people because it is both nutritious and convenient, and does not take time to prepare. In this article, let’s learn more about it dry dog ​​food Please!

What is dry dog ​​food?

Dry dog ​​food is a pre-processed product that can be used immediately without wasting time preparing it.

The main ingredients of dry food as announced by the manufacturer include ingredients such as meat, cereals, minerals, fats and vitamins… The nutritional content of the food has been endlessly researched and calculated by experts. carefully to suit each age and breed of dog. Therefore, you can feel absolutely secure when feeding your pet boss dry food products.

Dry dog ​​food is pre-processed products
Dry dog ​​food is pre-processed products
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Evaluate the pros and cons of dry dog ​​food


– Outstanding advantages of dry dog ​​food It’s all about the scientific and balanced nutritional ingredients. As you know, each dog breed of different ages will have different nutritional needs. Based on this property, experts have researched and produced dry dog ​​food products with nutritional content suitable for their development and nutritional needs. Using dry food, you will no longer have to worry about your dog’s lack of nutrients or excess nutrients.

– Dry dog ​​food ensures to provide all 4 groups of nutrients necessary for your dog to grow healthily such as fat, protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals.

– Dry food helps dogs practice their teeth, develop teeth and jaw muscles.

– By eating dry food, you will minimize worries about your dog getting worms, intestinal infections, digestive disorders, diarrhea…

– No need to waste time preparing or cooking, just take the amount of food according to your dog’s needs at each meal and you can comfortably do anything without worrying about your dog going hungry.


Dry dog ​​food It has low fiber and water content, so dogs are susceptible to constipation and indigestion… If used for a long time, it can cause kidney damage. However, you can overcome this drawback by letting your dog drink lots of water after eating dry food.

– The cost of dry dog ​​food is often higher than buying fresh dog food and preparing it yourself.

The outstanding advantage of dry dog ​​food is its scientific and balanced nutritional ingredients
The outstanding advantage of dry dog ​​food is its scientific and balanced nutritional ingredients
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How to choose dry food for dogs according to age

As we shared above, each dog breed at different ages will have different nutritional needs. Therefore, choosing dry food suitable for each age of the dog is extremely important for the dog to grow quickly, healthy and intelligently. How to choose dry dog ​​food according to age is as follows:

– Dry food for puppies and small dogs (from 3-12 months old): At this age, you should choose dry dog ​​food with high protein and lipid content so that your dog has enough energy and nutrients to grow. develop and operate.

– Dry food for adult dogs (from 12 months of age and older): Entering this age, dogs’ nutritional needs are not too strict. However, you still need to choose dry food that can provide enough fat, protein, essential vitamins and minerals for your dog to fully develop.

Dry dog ​​food Postpartum and pregnant mothers: At this stage, mother dogs need a lot of nutrients, especially calcium. The mother dog’s nutritional needs will be extremely high due to having to produce milk to feed her puppies, so you should choose food with high fat, protein and calcium content.

What type of dry dog ​​food is best?

Royal Canin, Smartheart Puppy, O’Natural Sensitive, Pedigree, Beneful, Ganador, Classic Pets, ANF, Fib’s… are the most prestigious dog food brands in the world today. These brands all have dry dog ​​food products for different stages and ages, so you need to research carefully to choose the most suitable product.

Besides, the products of each dry dog ​​food brand have their own advantages and limitations, so it is difficult to come to a conclusion about which product is the best for your dog. The best dry dog ​​food product is when your dog has a good appetite, good digestion, gains weight evenly and is healthy. Therefore, you need to observe your dog to know what is the best and most suitable dry food for your dog.

Royal Canin is a popular dry dog ​​food brand
Royal Canin is a popular dry dog ​​food brand
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Where can I buy genuine dry dog ​​food?

Dry dog ​​food is widely sold in many stores and supermarkets nationwide. But if you want to be sure to buy 100% genuine dry dog ​​food, you should go to large and reputable dog and cat stores and supermarkets, chosen by a large number of customers.

* Above is the information we have compiled about dry dog ​​food. Hope this article will be useful to you. Hope you choose the product dry dog ​​food the best!

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