What food is needed for male breeding dogs? Which type is best?

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Taking care of a male breeding dog to ensure good health is not simple. Providing adequate nutrition in their daily diet is extremely important. What food is needed for breeding male dogs? Which type is best? Let’s find out details in the article below.

What food is needed for male breeding dogs?

To have healthy puppies of good breed, it is extremely important to breed healthy male dogs. Therefore, taking care of male breeding dogs requires the right method. The daily food of male breeding dogs needs to ensure adequate protein and necessary vitamins such as vitamin E, A, D, minerals such as calcium, zinc, manganese… especially should not be given. they eat too much fat. You should choose foods such as heart, liver, lean meat, and boneless fish. In addition, starch also needs to be reduced in the diet of breeding male dogs. This will help male dogs have the best developed genitals. These are also nutrients that you need to add daily to their diet.

However, 7-10 days before letting your dog breed, you should feed them 1 egg a day and add fresh cow’s milk for a higher conception rate.

In addition to providing adequate nutrition in the daily food intake, you should also take time for your dog to walk and exercise outdoors in cool and fresh air. In addition, you should also clean them regularly to prevent them from getting some skin diseases such as dermatitis, scabies, hair loss, bad smell…

Choose food for breeding male dogs
Choose food for breeding male dogs

What is the best food for male breeding dogs?

These are some foods that are considered suitable for male dogs. You can refer to them to choose the right product for your dog.

  1. SmartHeart Power Pack food

This is a type of dog food whose main ingredients include: Rice, chicken fat, gluten cornstarch, soybeans, vitamins and minerals… rich in nutrients, providing adequate energy and abundant protein sources, supporting increased metabolism. fat metabolism in the body. Especially strengthening the immune system and digestive system to help dogs stay healthy.

SmartHeart Power Pack food
SmartHeart Power Pack food
  1. Fib’s dog food

Fib’s is a complete and balanced food product, developed to meet the entire nutritional needs of adult dogs of all sizes, including suitable for male dogs. Fib’s dog food contains a mixture of delicious meats that most dogs love.

  1. Zenith dog food

A suitable food line specifically for small dog breeds. Zenith dog food is rich in nutrients and vitamins and minerals. Especially providing omega 3, 6, fatty acids and lecithin. There is also the added ingredient of lamb, which is a red meat that is high in calories and low in fat, good for the cardiovascular system. Lean chicken meat is rich in protein and unsaturated fats, which help develop strong bones and reduce stress and fatigue. Guaranteed to be suitable for male dogs in good health.

Experience in choosing food for breeding male dogs

When choosing food for male dogs, you need to keep in mind the following things:

  • With fresh food, you should choose fresh food, avoid meat products that have been left for a long time to go rancid.
  • For dry food, you should choose products with nutritional content suitable to the needs of male dogs from reputable brands that many people trust.
  • You should diversify a variety of foods to supplement the best nutritional content for breeding male dogs.
  • Avoid foods that cause obesity in your dog.

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