What causes dogs to lose their appetite? What type of food is best for dogs?

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Taking care of a pet dog is not simple, especially when you encounter a dog with anorexia. So what causes dogs to lose their appetite and what is the best food to improve this condition in dogs? Let’s find out details in the article below!

Many pet dog caregivers are quite tired of their dogs’ lack of appetite. This condition is quite common, especially in pet dogs that are always pampered by their owners. Before coming to foods for dogs with anorexia, let’s learn more about the reasons why these dogs skip meals and lose their appetite with Websosanh.vn!

Causes of dog anorexia
Find out what causes dogs to lose their appetite

Causes of dog anorexia

  • A fairly common reason is that the owners of these dogs pamper them too much, giving them a habit of always eating delicious food and only eating delicious foods that suit their taste, if they encounter the wrong food. Their appetite will not eat, or they will eat very little.
  • Because the dog you are taking care of has a medical condition such as: discharge, hair loss, congestion, vomiting white foam, tremors, gum disease… making them tired and not wanting to eat.
  • Maybe due to a change in living environment, some dogs when returning to their new owners often feel sad, refuse to eat and eat very little.
  • Because the dog breed you raise is a picky eater, they can only eat certain types of food. Maybe their owners don’t understand this yet.
  • The habit of giving dogs snacks without regular meals also makes them bored over time and stop eating or eat less and less.
  • Because they are sedentary, the digestive system works poorly.

From the above reasons, we hope to partly help you overcome the situation of your dog’s anorexia so that taking care of them becomes simpler.

TOP 5 best foods for dogs

Below are some suggestions for you about some of the best dog foods, you can refer to them to choose for your dog!

1. Pedigree large dog food with chicken and vegetable flavor

Pedigree’s dry dog ​​food is popular today. With main ingredients including chicken and vegetables, it has a delicious flavor and is attractive to dogs. Especially providing adequate nutrients for adult dogs such as vitamins, Omega 6 and zinc to help strengthen resistance, making hair soft, smooth and bright. Besides, it also helps improve boredom and loss of appetite in pet dogs.

Pedigree large dog food with chicken and vegetable flavor
Pedigree large dog food with chicken and vegetable flavor has a delicious flavor that helps improve anorexia in pet dogs.

2. ANF Organic 6 Free Lamb flavored dog food

Coming from the famous Korean ANF brand that is trusted today, the product’s main food ingredient is lamb. With a delicious taste and containing more than 40% natural antioxidants, it helps strengthen the immune system as well as reduce allergies caused by food. This type of food is also quite popular with dogs and is delicious.

ANF ​​Organic 6 Free Lamb flavored dog food
ANF ​​Organic 6 Free Lamb flavored dog food adds many nutrients to help strengthen the immune system and digestive system.

3. Golden Retriever MKB All Life Stages Formula Nutrition dog food

This is food for Golden dogs. This food is researched based on the jawbone and mouth structure as well as the swallowing habits of your dog. The product provides adequate nutrition, maintains health, helps them stay healthy and have a strong digestive system, stimulating better appetite.

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