What are the pros and cons of dry cat food?

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Being interested and wanting to learn about dry cat food before buying it for your cat is what most cat owners do. To help you have information to learn and choose suitable dry cat food, Websosanh.vn has an article evaluating the pros and cons of dry cat food below.

Dry cat food is considered a food that is convenient for owners and does not take much time to prepare daily food for cats. However, many people worry about the quality of dry cat food? Owners worry that dry food does not ensure nutrition, causing cats to grow slowly and not be agile. To help you better understand dry cat food and see if this is a good choice for your cat, let’s go into the details of this article at websosanh.vn!

Is dry cat food good?

Is dry cat food good?
Is dry cat food good?

There are two opinions about this dry cat food is it good. One opinion is that dry cat food is better because manufacturers have calculated and balanced the nutritional content to suit cats of different ages and stages. Another opinion is that fresh food is better for the health of cat bosses because something natural is always better.

According to veterinarians, dry food and fresh cat food both have their own advantages and limitations. You don’t have to be loyal to one type of cat food. Instead, you should combine both dry food and fresh food so that cats can be provided with adequate nutrition, change their appetite and eat many different dishes.

Advantages of dry food for cats

Dry cat food provides all the necessary nutrients
Dry cat food provides all the necessary nutrients

+ Ready-made dry food has been tested by health agencies and organizations for quality and safety, so you can feel absolutely secure when feeding your cat boss.

+ Provides all necessary nutrients such as protein, fat, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, fiber… to help cats stay healthy and develop maximally.

+ Nutritional ingredients have been calculated and balanced by experts to suit each breed of cat at each age. Therefore, you no longer need to calculate the nutritional content of each meal. Just feed the cats the amount of dry food recommended by the manufacturer and the cats will have enough energy and health to play all day.

+ Dry cat food Very convenient, the lotus can easily carry it when letting the bosses go out to play.

+ Eating dry food also helps cats’ teeth and jaws become stronger.

+ Ensure hygiene, help cats avoid getting worms, tapeworms…

+ Easy to preserve is also an outstanding advantage of dry cat food.

+ Don’t waste time preparing and cooking food. Very convenient for people who are too busy and don’t have time to cook fresh food for their cat bosses.

Disadvantages of dry cat food

Dry cat food has little water and fiber, so make sure your cat drinks water after eating
Dry cat food has little water and fiber, so make sure your cat drinks water after eating

+ The taste of dry food is no longer fresh and natural.

+ Some minerals in fresh food will be lost when processed into dry food. Although manufacturers have researched and compensated for the amount of artificial minerals, they are still not as good as natural minerals.

+ Dry cat food Usually low in fiber and water. Therefore, if you eat continuously and often for a long time and do not supplement water and fiber, your cat can suffer from constipation and kidney disease.

+ Eating dry food regularly also makes cat bosses not want to eat other foods.

+ If you are unlucky enough to buy low-quality dry food with high levels of colorants, preservatives, and chemicals, it will seriously affect the health of cat bosses.

Through the information we have just sent you, we hope to help you better understand dry cat food and make the most appropriate and best choice for your cat.

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