What are the best types of dry cat food today?

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To know which type of dry cat food is best, you must read our article below.

Choosing quality dry cat food will help your cats stay healthy, develop comprehensively and reduce the risk of kidney disease. So What kind of dry cat food is good? best? Below are some reputable dry cat foods that you can refer to and choose from:

1. Me-o dry cat food

The product has a reference price of 25,000 VND/1 pack of 350g and 440,000 VND/7kg..

Me-o is a famous cat food and utensils brand of Perfect Companion Group (Thailand). The product has also been tested by the US National Research Council (NRC) for quality and safety, so you can rest assured feeding your cat.

Ingredients of Me-o cat food include: Whole grains, vegetable protein from corn and soybeans and corn, cassava, fish meal, chicken fat, fish digest powder, brewer’s yeast, shrimp meal, iodized salt, squid by-product powder, vitamins, taurine, minerals, antioxidants… Me-O dry cat food provides all the essential nutrients to help cats stay healthy and alert; Minimize tartar accumulation, reduce unpleasant odors…

Me-o dry cat food

Me-o dry cat food

2. Royal Canin dry cat food

Royal Canin dry cat food has a reference price of 92,000 VND/bag of 400g

Royal Canin is the leading famous pet food brand in France. In Vietnam, Royal Canin’s dry food products for cats in particular and pets in general are trusted by many consumers. That’s why it would be remiss of you to ask What kind of dry cat food is good? The most that we do not give answers to is Royal Canin.

Royal Canin dry cat food includes many different types depending on the cat’s weight, age, size and stage. The product has all the necessary nutritional ingredients to help increase resistance so that cats stay healthy and develop maximally both physically and mentally.

Royal Canin dry cat food

Royal Canin dry cat food

3. Cat’s eye dry cat food

Cat’s Eye dry cat food has a reference price of 145,000 VND/1.5kg bag.

Cat’s Eye dry cat food is imported directly from Korea. The product helps provide important minerals and nutrients to help cats develop optimally.

In particular, Cat’s eye dry cat food has a high natural fiber content, so it is very good for cats’ digestive system and effectively prevents constipation. Vitamin A and taurine help cats’ eyes stay bright and healthy and their fur shiny…

Cat's eye dry cat food

Cat’s eye dry cat food

4. Whiskas dry cat food

Whiskas dry cat food has a reference price of 180,000 VND/box.

Whiskas is the next answer to the question: What kind of dry cat food is good? most today. The product is designed for cats from 2 to 12 months old and is recommended by world veterinary experts.

Whiskas dry cat food is made from meat and fish and is rich in important protein, vitamins and minerals. The product does not contain toxic chemicals or preservatives, so you can completely rest assured feeding your cat every day.

5. Home & Cat dry cat food

Home & Cat dry cat food has reference price: 420,000 VND/5kg bag

It is a product imported directly from Korea with good quality and competitive price, suitable for the needs of many people who are interested in taking care of cats but whose economic conditions are not too rich.

In particular, Home & Cat dry cat food is also processed with special nutritional content suitable for all ages of cats to help strengthen the digestive system and avoid hair clumping in the cat’s intestines. In addition, Home & Cat cat food also has a delicious flavor that stimulates cats to eat better.

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