Toshiba AW-DUK1300KV(SG) washing machine launched 4 years ago but still worth buying

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Toshiba AW-DUK1300KV (SG) washing machine was manufactured in 2021 but is still worth using until now because it possesses many outstanding advantages needed in a washing machine product such as: Saving electricity, flexible washing , smooth operation,… Let’s find out in the following article.

1. Summary of 7 outstanding advantages of the Toshiba AW-DUK1300KV (SG) washing machine

Even though it has been on the market for nearly 4 years now Toshiba washing machine AW-DUK1300KV(SG) Still popular and recommended for use not only because of its low price but also because of the following 7 special reasons:

1.1 Saves space, does not take up installation space

Although the Toshiba AW-DUK1300KV(SG) washing machine has a large washing capacity of up to 12kg, suitable for the needs of families of 7 or more people, because it has a top door design, it does not take up space when used. With the total actual size of the chassis being only 100cm high, 60.1cm wide and 58.5cm deep, you can install it in many locations in the house without causing inconvenience in daily life.

You can even arrange the machine in the bathroom or toilet to help optimize the area thanks to the machine’s case made of galvanized steel combined with a tempered glass lid. If your family has many members with a large amount of laundry but the house area is small and limited Toshiba Inverter washing machine 12 kg AW-DUK1300KV(SG) is a solution worth considering.

Toshiba AW-DUK1300KV(SG) washing machine launched 4 years ago but still worth buying
Toshiba 12kg washing machine AW-DUK1300KV(SG) (Photo: Dien may Xanh)

1.2 Increase the friction effect of clothes without damaging the fabric surface

Your clothes will have increased friction to help clean stubborn stains better through the crystal star-shaped drum design with many star-shaped embossed edges. Besides, it also comes with many tiny sized water spray holes spread evenly throughout the washing drum for a stronger and more even spray of water, minimizing damage to the surface of clothes due to the risk of getting caught in the water spray holes.

Toshiba AW-DUK1300KV(SG) washing machine launched 4 years ago but still worth buying
Crystal star washing drum (Photo: Dien May Xanh)

1.3 Wash cleaner and remove all stubborn stains thanks to the duo: Nano air bubbles + GreatWaves whirlpool

You will definitely be satisfied with its cleaning ability Toshiba 12kg washing machine AW-DUK1300KV(SG) with a unique combination of two technologies:

  • Dissolves UFO detergent into Nano bubbles with a size as small as 1/200 of the fabric fiber gap, so it penetrates faster and deeper, thereby quickly removing stubborn, difficult-to-wash stains.
  • Not only that, the device also adds GreatWaves technology to create a powerful 4-dimensional whirlpool (water flow rotates horizontally in two directions, water flows downward, water flows upward) thereby creating a strong impact on all surfaces. of laundry, helping detergent penetrate deeply and remove stains.
Toshiba AW-DUK1300KV(SG) washing machine launched 4 years ago but still worth buying
GreatWaves whirlpool creation technology (Photo: Dien May Xanh)

1.4 Operate smoothly, without noise, without affecting others

The special feature of the Toshiba 12kg AW-DUK1300KV(SG) washing machine that is loved by many people is its ability to operate smoothly, even though this is a top-loading washing machine product. This is possible due to the integration of both high-end technologies including direct drive motor and Origin Inverter technology. Now you can comfortably use the washing machine anytime without worrying about noise or vibration affecting family members, especially small houses. This is something that not all washing machine models are equipped with, especially mid-priced – cheap washing machine models like Toshiba AW-DUK1300KV (SG).

1.5 Outstanding electricity saving ability only consumes 3.59 Wh/kg

Equipped with Origin Inverter technology, the Toshiba AW-DUK1300KV(SG) washing machine saves electricity very well. The average consumption efficiency for 1kg of clothes is only 3.59 Wh, so it does not incur much electricity costs each month. Not only that, the above consumption is also the lowest electricity consumption in the current 12kg top-load washing machine segment (ranging from 5.26 – 14.09 Wh/kg).

Therefore, if your family regularly washes clothes or washes in large quantities, it is highly recommended to use Toshiba Inverter 12kg vertical drum washing machine AW-DUK1300KV(SG).

1.6 Smart machine lid prevents hand jamming

For families with young children, the elderly, or careless people, the smart anti-jam feature on the washing machine cannot be ignored. With this utility, the washing machine door will be equipped with a damper to help open and close gently and without making noise. In particular, during use and putting clothes in the washing drum, you don’t have to worry about accidentally hitting the machine’s lid, which will cause the door to close unexpectedly, causing your hand to break or crack.

1.7 Remember the program when the power goes out and resume automatically when the power is restored

In addition to common utilities such as washing timer, child lock, washing drum cleaning, the Toshiba 12kg AW-DUK1300KV (SG) Inverter washing machine also has the additional utility of automatically restarting when there is electricity. If during the washing process there is a sudden power outage in your home, the device will automatically remember the ongoing process and will automatically continue the unfinished cycle when the power is restored without human assistance. . You will not have to waste time waiting or wasting time because the machine has to start washing from the beginning.

2. Consumer comments on the quality of the Toshiba AW-DUK1300KV(SG) washing machine

If you are still wondering about the actual quality of the Toshiba 12kg AW-DUK1300KV (SG) washing machine as described, you can see the following customer reviews:

Toshiba AW-DUK1300KV(SG) washing machine launched 4 years ago but still worth buying
Customer reviews about the Toshiba AW-DUK1300KV(SG) washing machine (Photo: Dien may Xanh)
Toshiba AW-DUK1300KV(SG) washing machine launched 4 years ago but still worth buying
Customers are satisfied with the Toshiba Inverter 12 kg washing machine AW-DUK1300KV(SG) (Photo: Dien May Xanh)

In general, all customers are satisfied with CLEAN CLEANING – QUIET WASHING – ECONOMIC WASHING ability of Toshiba Inverter washing machine 12kg AW-DUK1300KV(SG) vertical drum. If you are looking to buy a large-sized washing machine, you can refer to it.

3. Current selling price of Toshiba AW-DUK1300KV (SG) washing machine

Toshiba 12kg Inverter washing machine AW-DUK1300KV(SG) The genuine listed selling price is 8,990,000 VND. Besides, many stores currently sell this 12kg washing machine model at a much cheaper price, from only 5,500,000 VND (updated on May 22, 2024) according to statistics from

Compared to other 12kg top-load washing machine models, this price is relatively reasonable and quite cheap, belonging to the low-medium price segment suitable for the spending ability of most Vietnamese families today.

Above are the most detailed reviews of the Toshiba AW-DUK1300KV (SG) washing machine that wants to share with you. If you need to buy a cheap, energy-saving washing machine for a large family, you should definitely refer to this product immediately.

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