Top 5 TVs to watch Euro for football fans, prices from low to high

The 2024 European Football Championship is approaching and if you are an avid follower of this king sport, that will be the main reason to upgrade your TV. In case you don’t know which model is good to choose, below will suggest to help you.

1. Main factors that create a perfect TV to watch Euro 2024

1.1. Screen resolution and size

This is one of the important factors when choosing a TV, whether you plan to use it to watch Euro 2024, watch movies or even play games, high resolution is never redundant. We are talking about 4K UHD resolution, a standard that is becoming popular today and has gradually replaced the previous Full HD standard. In fact, 4K TV models not only have sharper images, they are also brighter and have better color range than most Full HD TVs.

Along with resolution, screen size also plays an important role in getting the most comfortable viewing angle. It would be uncomfortable to pack a majestic stadium with tens of thousands of spectators in a 32-inch or 43-inch TV, even if the image quality was 4K, it would be difficult to get the experience. most satisfying.

Top 5 TVs to watch Euro for football fans, prices from low to high
Large screen TV with sharp resolution provides the best football viewing experience (Photo: Reliant).

Therefore, large sizes should be given priority. In addition, combining 4K resolution and a large screen, we can ensure that even when viewing the screen at a distance, we can still get high image quality. For example, if you choose the 55-inch model, observing at a distance of 2 meters is still extremely comfortable, or if you choose the 75-inch model, the viewing distance of 2.7 meters is still enough for us to monitor each player on the field. yard.

1.2. Scan frequency

Football is a physical game, and it happens non-stop throughout the 90 minutes of the match. If you want to monitor perfectly, in addition to the resolution and screen size, you will need to pay attention to the screen’s scanning frequency, which is the number of frames that the TV is capable of reproducing per second.

Take a simple example: a TV with a 120Hz refresh rate can produce 120 frames per second. And if that TV has a good processor, the result is that we will be able to watch the match more smoothly and clearly. In general, 60Hz is a popular scan frequency today, relatively enough to use, higher is 90Hz, while 120Hz is an ideal scan frequency for a TV watching Euro 2024. There is also a 144Hz option, But note that the higher the scanning frequency, the higher the value of the TV.

1.3. HDR

HDR stands for High Dynamic Range. This is an image improvement technology, providing better brightness and contrast than usual. Thanks to HDR, dark areas become darker and bright areas brighter. As a result, we get natural and extremely realistic images, making it easier to monitor the ball situation on the field.

1.4. Wide viewing angle

Another factor that many people will also need to pay attention to is the wide viewing angle. Normally, if you just watch football alone, you don’t need to worry too much about this index, but if you are planning to invite friends, neighbors, or relatives with similar interests to watch Euro 2024, this is the place to go. is a very practical factor. Because the wide viewing angle will ensure that no matter where we observe the screen, we will have the same good image quality, including detail, sharpness, color…

Top 5 TVs to watch Euro for football fans, prices from low to high
High brightness and wide viewing angle are important factors for a comfortable experience when watching Euro 2024 with friends (Photo: History Of Soccer).

2. Top 5 TVs to watch Euro 2024 super sharp, super beautiful for football fans to refer to, prices from low to high

2.1. Smart TV Samsung 4K 65 inch 65CU8500

This 65-inch Samsung TV uses amazing Dynamic Crystal Color technology that can reproduce frames with more vivid colors than ever, and very deep black values ​​for increased contrast. For soccer fans, this popular TV has almost no equal.

Top 5 TVs to watch Euro for football fans, prices from low to high
Samsung 65CU8500 TV (Photo: Samsung).

Besides the color technology, it also has great sound. Object Tracking Sound technology multi-dimensionally reproduces every action taking place on the screen. The cheers of the crowd could literally be heard from one end of the stadium to the other, creating a truly electric and exciting atmosphere. The built-in speaker is also of high quality, so even when the volume is turned up to maximum, the sound has little distortion or discomfort. Even with the cheers of the noisy crowd, we can still hear the voices of the commentators. Easily.

Regarding refresh rate, Samsung 65CU8500 only has 60Hz, the basic level for us to experience everything smoothly.

Reference price: 11.6 million VND

2.2. Smart TV QLED TCL 4K 65 inches 65C745

If you prioritize refresh rate in a TV watching Euro 2024, then the TCL 65C745 may be a great choice for you. It has a scanning frequency of up to 144Hz, allowing all developments in the frame to take place in the most realistic and smooth way, even in fast ball situations you can observe without missing a single detail.

Top 5 TVs to watch Euro for football fans, prices from low to high
TCL 65C745 TV (Photo: TCL).

Besides, this QLED TV also raises the sharpness and image quality to a new level. It uses quantum dots to reproduce a much wider color spectrum than conventional LED televisions. More color means the Euro viewing experience is much more realistic and satisfying.

Not only that, this 65-inch TCL TV model also has a huge 50W 3-speaker system, combined with Dolby Atmos technology that can simulate a vivid 3D surround space without the need for external speakers. Regardless of whether you watch Euro 2024 alone or with friends, this TV will help make the atmosphere as suspenseful, tense, and stimulating as possible.

Reference price: from 14.1 million VND

2.3. Smart TV Neo QLED Samsung 4K 65 inch 65QN90C

It is also a QLED TV model, but the quantum matrix on the Samsung 65QN90C has been improved, it uses smaller mini LEDs and has up to 720 dimming zones, helping image details to be visible. Get more subtlety in both light and dark areas. The powerful Quantum 4K processor ensures the best 4K viewing experience thanks to Upscale AI technology and a 120Hz refresh rate that displays matches smoothly and sharply.

Top 5 TVs to watch Euro for football fans, prices from low to high
Samsung 65QN90C TV (Photo: Samsung).

Most notably, the Dolby Atmos omnidirectional sound and 8-speaker system with 60W output power will produce extremely excellent sound quality. The intensity and sound quality are perfect and we will have an experience as if we were sitting in the stands cheering for our favorite team.

Reference price: from 26.3 million VND

2.4. Smart OLED TV LG 4K 65 inch OLED65C4PSA

LG C4 can be said to be the best C-series OLED TV that LG has ever produced. Its visuals are excellent: rich colors without oversaturation, natural depth and contrast, no grain, and extremely smooth motion handling with high refresh rates. 120Hz, and it’s very bright.

Specifically, LG’s Brightness Boosting algorithm helps this 65-inch TV increase brightness by 30% compared to conventional OLED panels. Even though it’s hard to notice that point with the naked eye, subjectively, the brighter it is, the more beautiful the image will be, especially when this OLED TV is absolutely black.

Top 5 TVs to watch Euro for football fans, prices from low to high
LG OLED65C4PSA TV (Photo: LG).

In terms of sound, the 40W speaker system with LG OLED65C4PSA’s AI chipset can interpolate sound sources into a 9.1.2 virtual sound space, creating a perfect sense of envelopment for a given space. And if you can combine it with LG’s soundbar, you will unlock the WoW Orchestra function (it works similarly to Samsung’s Q-Symphony feature) to synchronize the TV and soundbar speakers, creating quality sound. The sound is more impressive when watching football.

Overall, in this 65-inch LG OLED TV we will get excellent image quality and a good sound platform, promising to be one of the best TV models to watch Euro 2024. However, its price is also quite expensive, about 62.1 million VND and is only really for those who want to seriously invest in an audio-visual entertainment device.

2.5. Google TV QD OLED Sony 4K 65 inches XR-65A95L

Designed with almost no bezels, this Sony TV focuses on the most important element: the picture. And its excellence is what you can expect from the Cognitive XR processor, responsible for producing the brightest tones as well as pure blacks that highlight details and depth.

Top 5 TVs to watch Euro for football fans, prices from low to high
Sony XR-65A95L TV (Photo: Sony).

Regarding motion blur, XR OLED Motion technology will identify and cross-analyze key elements in consecutive frames. This function creates and inserts additional frames between the base frames for smoother and clearer action, which can make the difference in fierce matches at the European Football Championship. Europe.

Finally, the sound that the Sony XR-65A95L creates is also extremely impressive with a power level of 60W and a series of advanced emulation technologies that can create a vibrant atmosphere in the stadium to give us a feeling of excitement. I feel like I’m really in Germany.

Reference price: from 67.8 million VND

Above are 5 TV suggestions for watching Euro 2024 for you. These suggestions range in price from low to high, suitable for all investment needs, so no matter what your budget is, you can easily get a reference that suits you.

Wishing you the most satisfying Euro season!

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