Top 5 best dry cat foods

Choosing to eat appropriate and quality food will help “Your Majesty” develop comprehensively. That’s why many people spend time and effort to learn about cat food with the hope that their “Majesty” will always be healthy and agile.

The digestive system of the “Emperors” is very sensitive. If you eat food that is not suitable and of guaranteed quality, it can cause “Your Majesty” to have stomach aches, bloating, diarrhea and seriously affect the digestive system. For that reason, when starting to raise “His Majesty”, the “lotus” were hesitant about what to give “His Majesty”? What should not be fed to “His Majesty”? With Top 5 cat food The best in the world we share below, you will definitely no longer have to wonder what to feed your “Majesty” anymore. Let’s find out what food it is!

Me-O dry cat foodMe-O is a line of ready-made dry food specifically for little “His Majesty” children aged 8 months and older. The product is produced directly on modern technology lines in Thailand so quality is not in dispute. Not only that, the product has passed extremely rigorous testing by reputable agencies and organizations around the world regarding quality and safety, so “sens” can be absolutely assured when giving ” Your Majesty” eats.

Me-O cat food’s main ingredients are: Whole grains (meets and corn); chicken fat, poultry by-product meal, fish meal, vegetable protein, cassava, brewer’s yeast, fish digest powder, squid by-product meal, shrimp meal, iodized salt, vitamins, taurine, minerals, food coloring and Antioxidants.

The product has effects such as: Providing adequate nutrients to help cats develop both mentally and physically; Enhances eyesight, helping cats have bright and sharp eyes; Increase resistance, strengthen the immune system, develop maximum physique. Low sodium content helps reduce the risk of kidney disease, high blood pressure and heart disease in cats.

Me-O cat food has a reference price of 50,000 VND/package of 450g.

Me-O cat food
Me-O dry cat food

Catsrang dry cat food

Catsrang is a famous brand of ready-made dry cat food from the country of kimchi – Korea. Catsrang cat food is made from fresh and quality ingredients, so it will provide your “King” with extremely nutritious meals.

The main ingredients of Catsrang dry cat food include: Salmon meal, chicken meal, corn, flaxseed, chicken fat, beet powder and Yucca powder.

Catsrang cat food has balanced and scientific nutritional content, helping to prevent night blindness in cats and effectively improve skin and fur. With the advantage of being easy to digest, Catsrang dry cat food also has the effect of reducing unpleasant stool odors and helping “Hoangs” have solid stools. In particular, Catsrang food ensures health safety for the “His Majesty” because it does not use antibiotics, preservatives and artificial flavors.

The product has a reference price of 226,000 VND/2kg.

Catsrang cat food
Catsrang dry cat food

Cat’s Eye dry cat food

Like Catsrang, Cat’s Eye is a brand cat food Originated from Korea. The product is designed specifically for little “Kings” from over 3 months old. With superior quality and advantages, Cat’s Eye cat food is not only loved in Korea but also welcomed by many pet owners around the world, including Vietnam.

Cat’s Eye cat food has main ingredients including: meat meal, chicken meal, fish meal, hydrolyzed chicken meal, soybean meal, radish powder, corn, wheat, brown rice, animal fat, cellulose, chicken oil, soybean oil, brewer’s yeast, flaxseed, taurine, vitamin E, citrus extract, vitamin C.

The outstanding advantage of the product is that the food taste is very natural, so the “His Majesty” loves to eat it. Cat’s Eye food has the effect of improving eyesight, hair care, strengthening resistance, immune system and giving “His Majesty” a healthy digestive system.

The product has a reference price of 150,000 VND/1.5kg.

Cat's Eye cat food
Cat’s Eye dry cat food

Home Cat dry cat food

Is the product cat food Imported directly from Korea, Home Cat is trusted and chosen by Vietnamese pet owners because of its guaranteed quality, great effects and absolute safety.

Home Cat is a food product for “His Majesty” from 5 months and up. The product has main ingredients such as: salmon, chicken, beet powder, potatoes, wheat, vegetables, flax seeds, vitamins A, B12, B2, B6, B1, C, D3, iron, zinc, iodine,…

Home Cat cat food has effects such as: improving eyesight, helping eyes become bright, eliminating clumps of hair, maintaining healthy and soft fur, and caring for soft and smooth skin. In particular, the natural flavor of Home Cat food is also a plus point that customers love to choose.

The product has a reference price of 160,000 VND/1.5kg.

Home Cat dry cat food
Home Cat dry cat food

Whiskas dry cat food

Whiskas is the world’s largest “longevity” brand of processed dry cat food. Founded in 1963 in the United States, after more than 80 years of operation and development, Whiskas products are available in most countries around the world. Therefore, you can feel absolutely secure when feeding your “His Majesty” Whiskas food.

Main ingredients of cat food Whiskas includes: poultry by-products, whole grains, soybean oil, soybean meal, corn starch, marine fish, vegetable oil, wheat flour, food coloring, minerals, flavoring and preservatives .

The ingredients in Whiskas food have been calculated and balanced by experts to suit each cat breed at different stages of development. The ingredients used to prepare food are completely natural, without chemical additives, so it is very safe for the health of the “His Majesty”.

The product has a reference selling price of 120,000 VND/1kg.

Whiskas dry cat food
Whiskas dry cat food

* Above are 5 quality and safe cat foods from reputable and world-famous brands. You should go to large and reputable pet stores and vendors in the market to buy genuine products with guaranteed quality.

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