Top 4 top quality natural feather pillow brands today

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Have you ever slept soundly on soft feather pillows at a luxury hotel and wish to experience that wonderful feeling at home? Natural feather pillows will truly help you have a smooth and comfortable experience, making them the perfect choice for those looking for relaxation and luxury.

1. Important notes when buying feather pillows

Distinguish between natural and artificial feather pillows

First of all, let’s make a clear distinction between natural feather pillow and artificial. While natural feather pillows use feathers from poultry and waterfowl (geese, swans…), artificial feather pillows use microfiber materials that simulate the properties of natural feathers.

Natural feather pillows next to the dulcet is still possible breathable elementst, providing quality sleep, especially suitable for people with chronic insomnia. Meanwhile, although it is also soft, the breathability of artificial feather pillows is not good. And from an environmental perspective, natural feather pillows are easier to decompose.

Top 4 top quality natural feather pillow brands today
Waterfowl feathers are used to make natural feather pillows, with an average price of about 3 million VND

Pay attention to the quality of the pillow because it can easily be mixed

To earn more profits, many manufacturers intentionally mix microfiber cotton into feather pillows on the market to reduce costs. Microfiber cotton cannot compare to natural feathers in terms of softness and heat retention, so it affects the user’s sleep quality.

Top 4 top quality natural feather pillow brands today
Artificial feather pillows made of microfiber cotton have an average price of about 250,000 VND/piece

Notes to choose the best natural feather pillow

To choose a quality feather pillow, pay attention to the ratio of down and feathers. Natural feather pillows with a ratio of 70% down and 30% wing feathers are the most optimal, because down is soft while wing feathers keep the pillow’s shape. If the down ratio exceeds 70%, the pillow will be too soft and not elastic enough.

Top 4 top quality natural feather pillow brands today
The most perfect composition of natural feather pillows is 70% wing feathers and 30% down.

When choosing to buy a feather pillow, look for a product with an optimal ratio of down to feathers of 70/30. This product is not only soft but also durable, resistant to mold and bacteria, helping you sleep better and reduce stress. Besides, you should also consider choosing a reputable feather pillow brand to buy the best quality product.

2. Which brand of feather pillow is the best?

In the diverse feather pillow market, the current average price of a feather pillow is 3 million VND depending on the brand. Let’s look at some famous brands:

2.1. Song Hong feather pillow

A famous brand in the field of bedding and cushions
Song Hong feather pillow It is also one of the product lines that is popular with many people.

Top 4 top quality natural feather pillow brands today
Song Hong feather pillow.


  • High puffiness: SONG HONG pillow is famous for its impressive puffiness, bringing a soft and comfortable feeling.
  • Good heat retention ability: Ideal for cold days, Song Hong pillow effectively retains heat, providing warmth


  • Difficult to clean: Due to its natural puffiness and texture, washing and storing Song Hong pillows can be difficult
  • Price: May be higher than other products on the market

2.2 Laube feather pillow

Providing feather pillows with a variety of sizes and softness, Laube feather pillows are used in many hotels with many advantages.

Top 4 top quality natural feather pillow brands today
Laube feather pillow.


  • Size diversity: Laube offers many size options, suitable for users’ diverse needs
  • Softness: Laube pillows are highly appreciated for their softness, bringing a comfortable feeling when used


  • Not a perfect experience: Although soft, it does not provide the same wonderful experience as a natural feather pillow
  • Sagging after a short time: Swelling may decrease after a period of use

2.3. Ikea feather pillow

With the gulkavle feather pillow model, IKEA is also a popular choice among many consumers.

Top 4 top quality natural feather pillow brands today
Ikea feather pillow.


  • Breathable: IKEA GULKAVLE pillow has good breathability, suitable for all seasons
  • Antibacterial and anti-allergic: Safe for users, especially those with sensitive skin
  • Ikea feather pillows are mainly artificial feather pillows, using microfiber cotton with a selling price of about 250,000 VND/piece.

2.4 SAGATEX natural feather pillow

SAGATEX feather pillow has long been trusted and chosen by 4- to 5-star hotels to satisfy the most demanding customers. With excellent softness and comfort, SAGATEX pillows provide optimal comfort, support the shoulders and neck and help reduce pressure while sleeping.

SAGATEX not only provides optimal softness and comfort thanks to the ideal down and feather ratio of 70/30, but also ensures outstanding durability, resistance to mold and bacteria, as well as the ability to naturally Adjusts temperature, helps sleep better and reduces stress. These are important factors that high-end hotels appreciate and choose for their customers.

Top 4 top quality natural feather pillow brands today
You can refer to the natural feather pillow brand SAGATEX of Saigon Textile Export Corporation.

Therefore, if customers are looking to buy the best quality natural feather pillows, the Sagatex brand is definitely a name not to be missed.

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With the top 4 brands mentioned above, hopes that customers have their questions about feather pillows answered and can easily find a satisfactory and quality feather pillow set for their family.

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