Top 4 ‘super suitable’ mini refrigerators for students: Delicious – Nutritious – Cheap!

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Currently, mini refrigerators have played an important role for students or people who want to live alone. Join to learn about the top 4 mini refrigerators that are most suitable for students, helping them save money, space and time when preserving food.

1. Beko RS4020S mini refrigerator

Beko RS4020S is ideal for limited spaces such as bedrooms, small apartments or hotel rooms. The cabinet has a compact design, light weight of only 14kg, trendy silver gray exterior, both easy to move and suitable for many living spaces. The capacity of the cabinet is 40 liters so it can meet basic food preservation needs.

Top 4 mini refrigerators
Beko RS4020S mini refrigerator (Photo: Beko).

Beko RS4020S mini refrigerator is made in China but it still meets Beko’s European quality standards. The cabinet door is made from stainless steel, durable tempered glass tray, easy to remove for cleaning. Direct cooling technology helps food and drinks cool quickly, saving energy and minimizing noise.

Beko RS4020S mini refrigerator is sold for about more than 2 million VND, so it is quite suitable for students, people living alone or people with a limited budget. Even though the price is cheap, the refrigerator still ensures quality and preservation efficiency.

2. Aqua 50 Liter mini refrigerator AQR-D59FA(BS)

Aqua 50 Liter AQR-D59FA(BS) is a mini refrigerator with a compact one-door design, suitable for limited spaces such as kitchens, bedrooms, motels, or hotels. With light weight, dimensions of 53.2 cm in height and 47.3 cm in width, you can easily move and place the cabinet in many positions.

Top 4 mini refrigerators
Aqua 50 Liter mini refrigerator AQR-D59FA(BS) (Photo: Aqua).

The capacity of the mini refrigerator Aqua AQR-D59FA(BS) is 50 liters, can preserve food for one person, especially convenient for students, people living alone or people who often have to move house. A notable point is that the refrigerator has a separate freezer compartment, which can preserve frozen foods such as meat, fish and shrimp. The ice tray of the refrigerator has a convenient lid, preventing odors from mixing with foods.

The refrigerator’s direct cooling technology helps cool quickly, food is cooled evenly and stays fresh for a long time, while saving energy. The refrigerator is also equipped with a temperature control knob from 1 to 5 degrees Celsius. You can adjust the coldness depending on your food preservation needs.

In addition, the cabinet also has a tempered glass tray to safely store heavy foods. With a price of 2,500,000 VND, Aqua 50 Liter AQR-D59FA(BS) mini refrigerator is a reasonable choice for those with low food preservation needs.

3. Beko mini refrigerator 90 liters RS9052S

Beko RS9052S has a luxurious silver design, the cabinet door is made from stainless steel that is both durable and easy to clean and scratch-resistant. Unlike the two refrigerators mentioned above, the Beko 90 liter RS9052S mini refrigerator has additional wheels so you can move the refrigerator without having to carry it. This refrigerator is very convenient when cleaning or changing locations.

Top 4 mini refrigerators
Beko mini refrigerator 90 liters RS9052S (photo: Beko).

Beko RS9052S mini refrigerator has a capacity of 90 liters, higher than the other two models, so it is suitable for homes with 1 to 2 people. The refrigerator has the ability to cool quickly and save electricity thanks to direct cooling technology, making no noise. It will be very suitable for quiet spaces such as bedrooms or those who love quiet living spaces. The cabinet has separate compartments for fruits and vegetables so food is always fresh. The tempered glass tray is safe and easy to remove, making it very convenient to clean.

Another notable point is that the cabinet has an anti-odor ice tray and a spacious, adjustable door tray. With a price of about 2,790,000 VND, the Beko 90-liter RS9052S mini refrigerator will be an economic choice for students and people living alone. You can still preserve food without spending a fortune.

4. Mini refrigerator Aqua AQR-D99FA(BS)

The last refrigerator on this list is the mini refrigerator Aqua AQR-D99FA(BS). The first highlight of the cabinet is its 90-liter capacity, suitable for students renting or those living in small spaces. Despite its compact size, the cabinet can still preserve food for 1 to 2 people.

Top 4 mini refrigerators
Mini refrigerator Aqua AQR-D99FA(BS) (Photo: Aqua).

Aqua AQR-D99FA(BS) refrigerator door is made from sturdy steel shell, limiting scratches when bumped. The cabinet has a luxurious black color that highlights the spaces in which it is present. The refrigerator’s direct cooling technology helps food cool quickly and effectively. Because the cabinet has a consumption capacity of 0.62 kW/day, you will save a lot of costs over the long term.

Furthermore, even though it is a mini refrigerator, Aqua AQR-D99FA(BS) is still fully equipped with convenient features. The freezer compartment of the refrigerator is small but has a lid, the fruit and vegetable compartment is arranged reasonably, and the knob inside supports the process of adjusting the temperature to suit usage needs.

For about 2,700,000 VND, you will immediately own an Aqua AQR-D99FA(BS) mini refrigerator of extremely good quality, meeting all the food preservation needs of you and your loved ones.

Above are the top 4 mini refrigerators that are highly rated and most suitable for students. Hopefully through this article, you will choose the mini refrigerator that best suits your needs and conditions.

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