TOP 4 lines of good quality organic fresh milk are widely sold today

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There are more and more foods for children that contain a lot of growth hormones, genetically modified substances, etc., which affect the baby’s development, so choosing and investing in organic fresh milk products is a must. Organic, chemical-free is a wise decision.

Unlike other common fresh milk products, organic fresh milk There are strict production regulations from breeding to processing, packaging and preservation to ensure 3 NO’s: No growth hormones, no antibiotic residues and no use of pesticides/chemical fertilizers. Therefore, mothers can completely feel secure in choosing to let their children use it early without worrying about affecting their health.

If mothers are wondering about quality organic fresh milk, below are 4 lines of Organic fresh milk that are popular (easy to buy) and whose quality has been highly appreciated by many users.

1. Organic Whole Milk fresh milk 2

  • Reference price 240ml bottle: 80,000 VND/bottle
  • Reference price Lot of 18 bottles x 240ml: 990,000 VND/lot

Organic fresh milk Whole Milk A2 is a product made in the US that does not contain fragrances, additives or toxic chemicals, so it can be used for babies from 1 year old. Unlike regular fresh milk that contains both A1 and A2 proteins, this type of fresh milk only contains A2 protein taken from purebred cows that only produce A2 milk.

Therefore, this line of organic fresh milk can be used for people with lactose intolerance, because usually this happens because the user cannot digest the A1 protein in milk, and when changing to A2 milk, it will feel more comfortable. In particular, children with poor digestion and slow development can also use it.

Besides strict standards of purity, the line American organic fresh milk also contains higher levels of calcium and vitamin D3 to help develop bones and outstanding height, meeting up to 20% of the body’s daily needs. Because it only contains A2 protein, milk is easier to absorb than regular milk. In particular, it does not cause discomfort or allergies for users.

TOP 4 lines of good quality organic fresh milk are widely sold today
Organic Whole Milk 2 fresh milk (Photo:

2. Organic fresh milk TH True Milk

  • Reference price 500ml box: 32,000 VND/box
  • Reference price Box of 12 boxes x 500ml: 380,000 VND/box

As a product of a 100% Vietnamese brand, TH True Milk organic fresh milk favored by many consumers because of its low price, easy to buy and meets European quality standards. The milk source is taken from the Organic TH organic site with regulations that do not use pesticides/synthetic fertilizers, do not contain Growth Hormone, and do not contain genetically modified ingredients, so it will bring a CLEAN, GREEN milk source. , FRESH for users.

TH True Milk Organic fresh milk has a light, sweet taste so it is easy to drink and does not cause boredom. Not only that, TH True Milk organic fresh milk is also supplemented with DHA, Calcium, Vitamin B1, B6, C, D and other nutrients to help your baby develop both brain and height. However, the calcium content in the product will not be as high as imported organic milk products.

TOP 4 lines of good quality organic fresh milk are widely sold today
Organic fresh milk TH True Milk (Photo:

3. Vinamilk organic fresh milk

  • Reference price: Lot of 4 boxes x 180ml: 37,308 VND/lot
  • Reference price Box of 48 boxes x 180ml: 447,698 VND/box
  • Reference price 1L box: 46,598 VND/box
  • Reference price Box of 12 boxes x 1L: 559,174 VND/box

As one of the most famous large milk brands in Vietnam, Vinamilk organic fresh milk Completely produced from milk from naturally grazed cows on Da Lat farm. Milk is produced using European technology to ensure 3 NO criteria: No antibiotic residue, no use of Growth Hormone, no pesticides to help preserve the natural flavor.

This organic Vinamilk milk has many different capacities, convenient for consumers to choose from a 180ml box or a large 1L box. The product is produced using advanced UTH sterilization technology to help preserve nutrients and natural cool flavor, while also supplementing many vitamins and minerals that are beneficial to the body.

TOP 4 lines of good quality organic fresh milk are widely sold today
Vinamilk organic fresh milk (Photo: LOTTE Mart)

4. Horizon organic fresh milk

  • Reference price 236ml box: 55,000 VND/box

This continues to be a product imported organic fresh milk of America with more than 33 years of leadership and development. At the same time, the product is also the first organic milk brand to be certified in the US, which is the cradle of the organic milk industry in the world, so it has very good and stable quality. Organic Horizon fresh milk complies with 4 strict NOs: no antibiotics, no pesticides, no growth hormones and no GMOs, so it is very safe and suitable for both adults and children from 1 year old.

The quality of milk source of OOrganic Horizon is highly appreciated by experts because it is taken from purebred cows, grazed naturally on farms that meet USPA standards. The cows are raised with organic food and listen to music every day to bring the best milk source. In addition, many people refer to them as “the happiest herd of cows in the world”.

Besides, Horizon organic fresh milk Contains large amounts of nutrients vitamins D3, A, D12,… and Calcium, which are essential for children’s development. All milk boxes are certified organic by the USDA – the most prestigious organization in the world with advanced, modern packaging that helps preserve the full nutrients and flavor of the milk.

TOP 4 lines of good quality organic fresh milk are widely sold today
Horizon organic fresh milk (Photo:

Above are the top 4 organic fresh milk lines The best that mothers can refer to and use for their families. Depending on the needs and finances, the mother can choose the appropriate product. For example, if the mother wants to find a milk line containing lots of calcium to help her child grow taller, she can refer to American organic fresh milk products.

On the contrary, if the mother has limited finances, she can refer to Vietnamese organic fresh milk products with cheaper prices, but with good and stable quality not much inferior to imported products.

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