Top 4 Electrolux 12kg washing machines worth buying in 2024

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If you are looking to buy a large-sized washing machine for your family, you should definitely not ignore the Electrolux 12kg washing machine models because there are all styles of front and top doors at low prices, with many modern and advanced technologies. High-end brand from Sweden.

1. Electrolux 12kg washing machine EWT1254DCWA

Reference price: 9,390,000 VND

Top 4 Electrolux 12kg washing machines worth buying in 2024
Electrolux 12kg washing machine EWT1254DCWA (Photo:

Electrolux 12kg EWT1254DCWA washing machine with a simple but elegant white top door design, highly aesthetic, easily coordinated with many different types of interior spaces. In particular, the control panel has a beveled design located behind the European-style washing machine lid, which not only increases aesthetics, but also helps limit the risk of water from clothes when removed and exposed for a long time. short circuit. Not only that, the slightly beveled design helps facilitate the user’s eye level, without needing to bend the neck 90 degrees.

Unlike other top-loading washing machines on the market, the control panel of Electrolux Inverter washing machine 12kg This is a combination of a washing mode selector knob, a parameter customization button and an LED display similar to the structure of the control panel on a front-load washing machine. This brings a new experience to users and helps create a highlight for the living space.

EliteMix Smart Mixing technology on this 12kg washing machine will automatically dissolve detergent with water before adding it to the washing drum, helping detergent penetrate deeper, providing up to 15% better cleaning efficiency and savings. laundry detergent up to 27%. Not only that, thanks to this technology, your clothes will no longer have detergent residue that causes itching and sensitivity. Besides, even though it is a top-load washing machine, the product is still equipped with Inverter technology to help operate smoothly and save electricity.

2. Electrolux 12kg front-load washing machine EWW1122DW

Reference price: 23,200,000 VND

Top 4 Electrolux 12kg washing machines worth buying in 2024
Electrolux 12kg washing machine EWW1122DW (Photo: Nguyen Kim)

Electrolux EWW1122DW is the model Electrolux washer dryer 12kg with a beautiful horizontal door design, featuring a white powder-coated metal shell combined with a silver door border that is both luxurious and highly durable. With a washing capacity of 12kg, drying capacity of 7kg and 11 different washing programs, the product is suitable to meet the normal washing needs of families of 7 or more people, especially busy families with little time to wash. Clothesline.

The product possesses a clothes-refreshing feature that helps soften fabrics and keep clothes smelling fresh. Not only that, Jetspray technology has the effect of increasing the circulation of water flow in the washing drum, helping the detergent to dissolve and completely penetrate into the clothes, washing cleaner while still saving water.

Special point of Electrolux front door washing machine 12kg This is a larger door design, convenient to put clothes in and take out quickly. Besides, the product also meets European standards for energy saving with an A++ energy label, so you can use it with complete peace of mind without worrying about waste.

3. Electrolux 12kg top-load washing machine UltimateCare 700 EWT1274M7SA

Reference price: 7,990,000 VND

Top 4 Electrolux 12kg washing machines worth buying in 2024
Electrolux 12kg washing machine EWT1274M7SA (Photo: Dien may Xanh)

Electrolux 12kg UltimateCare 700 EWT1274M7SA washing machine is the perfect choice for homes with small areas but large laundry needs and want to save electricity. 12kg washing capacity and 13 diverse washing programs will meet all laundry needs of family members from 7 people.

Besides, Electrolux 12kg top loading washing machine Integrating a series of new technologies to help clean more effectively, increasing the user experience. Detergent will be dissolved with water before being put into the washing drum thanks to UltraMix technology to help wash cleaner without fading clothes or causing detergent residue. Nearly 40 types of stubborn stains will be removed without the need for hand washing first thanks to dual StainCare high-pressure nozzles and PowerJet water jets.

Users will now no longer have to waste time adjusting the washing program thanks to the feature that automatically adjusts the amount of washing liquid to match the actual volume of clothes measured by the sensor, thanks to which you can save money. up to 25% of water usage compared to conventional washing machines.

Active Flow whirlpool technology helps lift clothes off the drum during the cycle to limit tangling often seen when washing with a top-load washing machine. Thereby, your clothes will last longer and stay new longer. Although it is only a top-load washing machine, the product is still equipped with Inverter technology with a 5-star energy label certification, so you can use it with complete peace of mind. Average efficiency is only 8.4 Wh/kg.

4. Electrolux 12 kg top-load washing machine EWT1212

Reference price: 7,490,000 VND

Top 4 Electrolux 12kg washing machines worth buying in 2024
Electrolux washing machine 12kg EWT1212 (Photo:

This is the last washing machine model on the list Electrolux washing machine 12kg Worth buying in 2024. Although it is the same top-loading washing machine, this version has a change in design, 12kg washing capacity and 12 programs suitable for homes of more than 7 people. The machine is equipped with a rotary knob control panel combined with a large, easy-to-use LCD screen.

The machine has a maximum spin speed of 850 rpm to help dry clothes superior to conventional top-load washing machines that only have a maximum speed of 700 rpm. The device integrates T-Drive-Stain Wand washing technology with continuous high performance to help remove stubborn stains.

In addition, there are useful features that allow users to not need to hand wash or soak clothes before washing, saving time and protecting hand skin. Having an A+ energy efficiency label helps save on electricity costs each month.

Above are the top 4 quality Electrolux 12kg washing machines, most worth using in 2024. Hopefully the above suggestions will help you easily choose the right product for your family’s needs.

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