Top 3 vacuum cleaners that are of interest today in 2024

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Vacuum cleaners are products that help clean the house that many families are interested in today. Join to immediately refer to the top 3 vacuum cleaners that many people choose and are worth buying today!

1. Deerma DEM-TJ310W canister vacuum cleaner

Deerma DEM-TJ310W has a modern, luxurious exterior design, with a boxy style that creates a highlight for the home interior space. The product is suitable for cleaning large areas. The machine is equipped with a power cord with a length of up to 4.5m, making it easier to move the device to any location that needs vacuuming.

Top 3 vacuum cleaners that are of interest today in 2024
Deerma DEM-TJ310W canister vacuum cleaner (photo: dienmayxanh).

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In addition, the product is also equipped with extremely powerful vacuuming performance with a suction force of 21,000 Pa and a capacity of 1800W, helping to remove all types of dirt, hair, debris and many existing allergens. in the air. The machine has a noise level of level 2. Dreame R10 wireless vacuum cleaner Dreame R10 has an extremely neat and impressive design. The product is integrated with a 7-core battery with a capacity of up to 2,500mAh, helping to create flexibility so that people can use it in any location and corner without fear of tangled wires. Users only need to charge for 3.5 hours to be able to use the maximum capacity continuously for 1 hour without fear of interruption.

In addition, the Dreame R10 wireless vacuum cleaner is also equipped with a filtering capacity of 350W. Thanks to this capacity, the machine operates strongly with a suction force of up to 20,000 Pa. Thanks to this, it completely removes all dirt that exists on the floor in the family.

In addition, this product also has an integrated LED light, making cleaning hidden corners easier. The battery indicator light helps everyone know the current battery capacity level to proactively charge the battery before operating the device. All help users have the most perfect and effective experience using the device.

Top 3 vacuum cleaners that are of interest today in 2024
Dreame R10 wireless vacuum cleaner (photo: dienmayxanh).

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Dreame R10 vacuum cleaner is equipped with an advanced filtration system with 5-layer filtering technology that removes up to 99.9% of fine dust. The duct dust filter layer will separate multi-point dust and tightly hold all fine dust particles inside. The product ensures that the air is always filtered clean, the fine dust will be transferred to the container, everyone can conveniently empty the dust with just 1 button.

In particular, this dust filter can also be washed under water, helping people remove dirt after each use. The Dreame R10 is not only a smart vacuum cleaner but also the perfect choice for removing all types of fine dust that the naked eye cannot see in the air.

Dreame R10 is a flexible cleaning device with many suction heads, suitable for cleaning many locations in the house. The machine possesses 4 different types of suction heads including: floor nozzle, mattress nozzle, brush nozzle, crevice nozzle.

This wireless vacuum cleaner from Dreame has a dust compartment with a capacity of 600ml, suitable for cleaning average floor areas. People can also easily remove this container to clean it.

3. Deerma DX118C Pro handheld vacuum cleaner

Deerma DX118C Pro vacuum cleaner has a beautiful design, with an elegant white color scheme suitable for a variety of indoor spaces. The product weighs 1.58kg, is quite compact and lightweight, helping people easily move the machine to any surrounding area for cleaning.

The device can easily be disassembled to use as a handheld vacuum cleaner, extremely convenient. The machine’s power cord is 4.5m long, helping to avoid interruptions during machine operation. The machine has the highest noise level at 82dB. When operating, it will not be too loud to annoy people around.

Top 3 vacuum cleaners that are of interest today in 2024
Deerma DX118C Pro handheld vacuum cleaner (photo: dienmayxanh).

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Deerma DX118C Pro vacuum cleaner has a modern design that does not need any support but can still stand on its own, so people can place the device in many positions or can also let the machine stand right away. at the cleaning location when there is a sudden incident such as someone calling or answering the phone.

House cleaning is also more optimal, people can comfortably use the device for a long time because the device is integrated with a dust container with a capacity of up to 1200ml, helping to contain a larger amount of dirt, users will No need to empty the dust many times. In addition, this container is also easy to disassemble and clean with water.

In addition, the body of this vacuum cleaner is also equipped with a small hanging rack so that users can collect and hang the power cord more neatly when the machine is not in use.

Deerma DX118C Pro vacuum cleaner is equipped with a large capacity of 600W combined with an extremely strong suction force of 15,000 pa, helping the device operate better. In addition, the machine also has Pro-Cyclone cyclone technology and Hepa filter, helping to optimize cleaning and protect consumer health.

The device also comes with a variety of nozzles including brush, crevice and floor. Makes cleaning the house easier, when small grooves, under chairs, cabinets, beds, etc. are all cleaned of dust and dirt thanks to these multi-purpose nozzles.

Above are the top 3 Deerma home vacuum cleaners that are most popular today. The product integrates many smart technologies, helping to remove all dust and dirt, making the living space truly clean and airy. Hopefully the article above will help people have more choices when looking to buy a vacuum cleaner.

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