Top 3 prestigious industrial cold storage design and construction units

Meat, fish, seafood, vegetables, flowers, vaccines… in normal environments with the impact of high temperatures will quickly spoil due to the effects of bacteria and dehydration. Therefore, industrial cold storage is built to preserve these special products.

Concept of industrial cold storage

Industrial cold storage is a warehouse or room with thick walls made of insulating material, with refrigeration equipment inside to maintain the room temperature at an ideal level to prolong the shelf life of stored products. The storage capacity of an industrial cold storage can reach hundreds of tons, however if the scale is smaller, cold storages can also be set up with capacities of only a few tons.

Preserved products can be very diverse from agricultural products (vegetables, tubers, fruits, fresh flowers…), aquatic products (shrimp, fish, crab…), meat (pig, beef, chicken… ) to specific products such as vaccines, drugs, seeds, creams… Depending on the type of product, the preservation temperature will range from – 80o C to 18o C. In addition, there are also products that need additional humidification or dehumidification systems to provide the most ideal storage conditions.

Industrial cold storage plays an important role in the business of restaurants, business households, supermarkets, warehouses at ports, airports… Therefore, quality is the most important factor when designing and building. build cold storage.

Top 3 prestigious industrial cold storage design and construction units
Industrial cold storage.

What should you keep in mind when installing cold storage?

To achieve the most optimal storage conditions, when designing and installing industrial cold storage, customers need to pay attention to the following aspects:

– Determine the type of product to be stored in cold storage, each type of product will have different requirements for temperature and humidity. Therefore, different refrigeration and humidity control equipment will be required.

– What is the size of the cold storage: this will depend on the volume of products regularly stored in the cold storage. Cold storage that is too small will not be enough to meet demand while large cold storage costs money and monthly electricity bills.

– Frequency of warehousing and product rotation in cold storage. Frequently entering and exiting the warehouse will cause large heat loss, so equipment with more powerful cooling capacity is needed, but if the cold storage is not or rarely opened when in use, then only a moderate level of cooling equipment is needed. Besides, this factor also affects the design of doors, as well as the means of loading and unloading in cold storage.

In addition to the above factors, balancing the cost of cold storage construction and the efficiency achieved is also something customers need to consider. Therefore, when building a cold storage, customers should find a reputable cold storage construction unit with many years of experience in the field to get the most optimal advice.

TOP 3 reputable industrial cold storage construction units today

Because it is a specific project, when choosing a cold storage installation unit, in addition to experience and reputation, geographical factors near the cold storage installation location are also very important. Because long-term operation requires a lot of inspection and maintenance activities, and when there are problems, the construction unit will quickly be present to help solve the problem.

Below are 3 reputable industrial cold storage construction and installation units in 3 regions of the country that customers in need can consider choosing.

1. Saigon Cold Storage

Top 3 prestigious industrial cold storage design and construction units
Saigon Cold Storage.

Nguyen Khanh Refrigeration Electrical Engineering Trading – Service Company Limited – popularly known by the name Saigon Cold Storageestablished in 2015, is a reputable unit specializing in consulting, designing, constructing and installing industrial cold storage in Ho Chi Minh City and the southern region.

Saigon Cold Storage directly supplies and distributes refrigeration products and supplies to a large number of customers from the South to the North and receives trust thanks to their quality and reasonable prices. A team of highly qualified staff and many years of experience in the cold storage industry will help customers get in-depth advice, as well as perform the most professional installation.

Products as well as cold storage projects distributed and constructed by Saigon Cold Storage are warranted as well as provided 24/24 maintenance services to ensure the most stable operation.

Besides, reasonable costs are also the strong point of Saigon Cold Storage compared to other units. Products and services provided by Saigon Cold Storage are publicly available on the website helps users to refer before choosing.

Contact Details

Saigon Cold Storage

Address: 36A Phan Huy Ich, Ward 15, Tan Binh, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Hotline: 0937 847 269 – 090 678 2442

Email: [email protected]


2. HETECH cold storage

Top 3 prestigious industrial cold storage design and construction units
HETECH cold storage

In the Hanoi and Northern areas, HETECH is one of the professional cold storage construction units, chosen by many hotels, restaurants, and preservation workshops.

HETECH’s strength is a team of highly qualified engineers and technicians who help provide optimal advice while ensuring construction quality. Along with that, HETECH also provides refrigeration supplies and professional cold storage maintenance and repair services for those in need.

3. Da Thanh cold storage

Top 3 prestigious industrial cold storage design and construction units
Da Thanh cold storage.

In the Da Nang area and the Central provinces, Da Thanh Cold Storage is one of the leading famous industrial cold storage construction units. Da Thanh cold storage provides cold storage materials along with a full range of reputable cold storage consulting, design, construction, installation and maintenance and repair services.

Da Thanh cold storage has experience in constructing many cold storage projects to preserve meat, fish, seafood, agricultural products and other specific products. Therefore, for each specific preservation need, Da Thanh will provide professional advice and help customers choose the most optimal cold storage solution in terms of cost and quality.

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