TOP 3 most effective deodorizing shower gels for dogs that are most trusted today

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Your pet dog is experiencing an unpleasant odor. You need to choose the right deodorizing shampoo for your dog to help it get rid of this condition. Take a look at the TOP 3 most effective and trusted dog deodorizing shower gels today.

Dogs having an unpleasant odor is a common problem faced by many dogs. There are many reasons why dogs encounter this condition such as not being kept clean, because the dog’s fur is often wet, or because your dog is suffering from skin diseases…

Therefore, it is extremely necessary to clean your pet dog thoroughly to ensure that the dog does not suffer from unpleasant odors that affect everyone in the family. You should also remember to wipe and dry your dog after bathing, to avoid dogs leaving their wet fur running everywhere and rolling in the dirt. In addition, if your dog is showing signs of skin disease, you need to have it examined and treated to avoid spreading it.

In addition to paying attention to hygiene and dog care when having skin problems, using deodorizing shower gel for dogs is something that most people do. Below are 3 types of shower gel that are considered effective in treating odors and bringing a pleasant fragrance to dogs that many people are interested in using.

Sleeky shower gel effectively treats bad odor for dogs

Sleeky shower gel is a line of shower gel for dogs originating from Thailand. The product is marketed with 3 types for white-haired dogs, dark-haired dogs and black-haired dogs. With a capacity of 350ml each shower gel bottle is sold for 120,000 VND.

Sleeky dog ​​shampoo for white-haired dogs


  • Removes dirt and deodorizes effectively.
  • Treat ticks and fleas that are parasitic on dogs.
  • Balances skin moisture, helping skin stay healthy.
  • Prevents hair loss, keeps dog’s hair soft and healthy.
  • Does not cause irritation, friendly to dog’s skin.

Trixie dog shampoo is safe and effectively deodorizes

A brand from Germany. Trixie dog shampoo is a popular brand not only in Vietnam but in many countries around the world. The product is designed in a convenient 250ml bottle with a price of 140,000 VND.

Trixie dog shampoo is popular in Vietnam
Trixie dog shampoo is popular in Vietnam


  • Effective disinfection and deodorization.
  • Natural extract from tea tree so very safe.
  • Prevents the appearance and development of parasites.
  • Supports effective killing of ticks and lice.
  • Care, restore and nourish dog skin and fur.
  • Suitable even for dogs with sensitive skin

Joyce & Doll dog shampoo quickly removes odors

Is a brand product Joyce & Doll specializes in lines Famous shower gel and cosmetics for dogs and cats in China. Designed with a large 650ml bottle for only 230,000 VND, many people choose to use it for their pets.

Joyce & Doll dog shampoo with capacity up to 650ml
Joyce & Doll dog shampoo with capacity up to 650ml


  • Eliminates dog body odor quickly and effectively.
  • Long-lasting scent retention.
  • Prevents bacteria from creating odor on dogs’ bodies.
  • Gentle cleaning, does not contain harmful chemicals.
  • Completely eliminates odors, even for dogs with strong odors.
  • Safe for both nursing and lactating dogs.

Instructions to bathe your dog properly and smell good for a long time

Besides the matter of choice deodorizing shower gel for dogs, bathing your dog properly is also very important so that your dog can quickly get rid of odor and smell good for a long time. In winter, you only need to bathe your dog every 2 weeks with warm water. In the summer, you can bathe your dog 1-2 times a week to help eliminate odors effectively.

How to bathe a dog is as follows:

+ Wet all the dog’s fur and body.

+ Mix shower gel with water then pour it on the dog.

+ Gently scratch the dog’s entire body, paying attention to the armpits, abdomen, neck, and between the toes where a lot of dirt and bacteria accumulate.

+ After about 5-10 minutes, rinse the water to clean the foam and dog’s body. It is necessary to rinse thoroughly to avoid leaving shower gel on the dog causing fungus.

+ Use a dryer to dry your dog’s hair to avoid catching a cold due to long baths.

+ If you want your dog to smell good for a long time, you can use talcum powder on their fur or spray deodorant specifically for dogs.

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