Top 3 favorite Dreame home vacuum cleaners in 2024

Dreame handheld vacuum cleaner is currently chosen by many people because of its compact, sophisticated design and helps clean all dirt in the house quickly, optimizing time and efficiency. Let’s see the top 3 most popular Dreame handheld vacuum cleaners in 2024!

1. Dreame H12 Core handheld vacuum cleaner

Dreame H12 Core possesses an impressive color range, helping to bring modernity, creating a prominent highlight for the home interior space. In addition, the device also has a slim design combined with a comfortable handle, helping users easily move anywhere without wasting much time and effort. Furthermore, with a modern edge-to-edge roller design, the device can clean even hard-to-reach locations such as wall bases, room corners, etc.

The Dreame H12 Core vacuum cleaner is equipped with a brushless motor with a capacity of 200W, providing extremely strong suction force of up to 10,000Pa, helping to quickly clean all dirt and debris on the floor surface that the device can use. been passed by.

This Dreame brand vacuum cleaner helps clean more effectively with Turbo mode that can quickly handle all stubborn stains, whether dry or wet, just push gently and the floor will be clean without loss. a lot of time and effort using the machine.

Top 3 favorite Dreame home vacuum cleaners in 2024
Dreame H12 Core vacuum cleaner (Photo: dienmayxanh).

Dreame H12 Core handheld vacuum cleaner operates with 2 modes (automatic mode + suction only mode) to help people handle many different stains easier and faster.

Accordingly, the automatic mode has the effect of both vacuuming and mopping, while the suction-only mode can only vacuum dust and liquids from the floor. Therefore, depending on the use case, people can flexibly change between these two modes quickly with just one button.

In addition, along with the cleaning ability, the battery life of this device also receives significant attention from Dreame when equipping the device with a battery with a capacity of up to 6*4000mAh, providing continuous operating time. The device’s battery life is 35 minutes, from there the cleaning area will be much larger, users will not need to waste time charging multiple times in 1 use.

2. Dreame M12 handheld vacuum cleaner

Dreame M12 is a handheld vacuum cleaner line with a compact and extremely flexible appearance, helping people move easily as well as being able to reach hidden corners in the house such as under the bed, under the chair,… .

This Dreame vacuum cleaner has a clean water tank capacity of up to 920ml, a waste water tank capacity of 700ml and a dust tank capacity of 350ml. This will support the device’s ability to clean large areas of the floor without having to dump dust and wastewater multiple times.

The Dreame M12 vacuum cleaner not only has the ability to vacuum but is also equipped with a floor cleaning function, so users can clean all plaque and stubborn stains on the floor surface extremely effectively. Furthermore, the machine also helps people save significant time and energy during the cleaning process. The water spray holes will spray to moisten the floor surface, then the mop blades will clean automatically.

Top 3 favorite Dreame home vacuum cleaners in 2024
Dreame M12 handheld vacuum cleaner (Photo: dienmayxanh).

When disassembled, the Dreame M12 vacuum cleaner will become a modern handheld vacuum cleaner product with 2 basic suction heads, helping to serve effective dry vacuuming. With such a design, Dreame M12 can clean dust from places such as bookshelves, cabinet tops, mattresses, etc.

The Dreame M12 vacuum cleaner is equipped with a powerful suction capacity of 14,000 Pa (floor cleaning mode). So the machine can completely clean all types of dirt in the location that needs to be cleaned. Combined with a fine dust filter core and shield, Dreame M12 will provide a solution for quick and simple vacuuming without too much effort.

In particular, the device is also equipped with a large battery capacity, helping to ensure that the device operates for a long time. When mopping mode is turned on, the battery will be able to operate continuously for 35 minutes. When using the machine as a mini vacuum cleaner, the usage time will be extended to 60 minutes, this helps people always ensure enough time to complete house cleaning without worrying about interruptions due to running out. the battery.

3. Dreame H12 Dual handheld vacuum cleaner

Dreame H12 Dual possesses a modern design, sophisticated black color, suitable for a variety of interior styles, as a highlight, creating luxury for your home interior space. The Dreame H12 Dual vacuum cleaner is designed to be used both as a floor cleaning device and as a handheld vacuum cleaner, bringing convenience to users.

Inside, the product is designed to separate the clean water box from the dirty water box to ensure hygiene. The dust compartment and dirty water compartment have the same capacity of 700ml, the clean water compartment has a capacity of 900ml. The water tank capacity is large, so people do not need to change the water many times and the box can be easily removed for cleaning.

Top 3 favorite Dreame home vacuum cleaners in 2024
Dreame H12 Dual handheld vacuum cleaner (Photo: dienmayxanh).

Dreame H12 Dual vacuum cleaner has a battery capacity of up to 4000mAh, in just 4.5 hours of charging the battery gives up to 60 minutes of use. With such operating time, you can clean the house without worrying about interruptions. Besides, the machine possesses an operating capacity of 300W, suction force (floor cleaning/handheld vacuum cleaner) is from 10,000Pa – 16,000Pa, supporting the device to operate strongly, providing extremely strong suction power. Large enough to help clean all types of dirt on the floor.

Dreame H12 Dual is equipped with 4 suction heads: mop/suction head, 2 in 1 suction head, motorized mini brush nozzle, soft bristle brush nozzle, allowing the machine to conveniently clean every location in the house. most beneficial.

In particular, the machine also has an LED display screen to help users monitor remaining battery life, floor condition and device operating status, helping to optimize the house cleaning process over time. real.

Above is an article sharing the top 3 most popular Dreame brand handheld vacuum cleaners this year. Hopefully this article will help people choose the right product for their family!

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