TOP 3 best types of dry food for French bulldogs today

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French Bull is a breed that many people in Vietnam keep as pets. However, many breeders in Vietnam still make mistakes in choosing food for French bulldogs, making them susceptible to obesity. Let’s

The French bulldog, also known as the “French bulldog”, originates from France. This breed of dog is extremely voracious and eats very well, but is very lazy and can easily become obese. The consequence is poor health and reduced life expectancy. Therefore, breeders need to pay special attention to the nutritional regime as well as choose appropriate food for French bulldogs so that they can maintain their ideal weight.

As a voracious and omnivorous dog breed, French Bulldogs can eat anything you give them. Not only are they voracious eaters, they also eat very well so they can eat many meals in a day. However, no matter how “enthusiastic” they eat and drink, they are “indifferent” to exercise. French bulldogs can lie down all day in one place, from morning to night, they only train when they are hungry and looking for food. That’s why French bulldogs are very susceptible to being overweight or obese.

Meanwhile, French bulldog breeders in Vietnam seem to forget this characteristic. Most breeders feed French bulls a lot of starch such as rice, corn, cassava, porridge, cakes, and potatoes. The calorie content provided to the French bulldog is extremely large. As a result, French bulls that are lazy and prone to fat accumulation face a higher risk of obesity. As a result, health deteriorates and life expectancy is also significantly reduced.

So food for French bulldogs What should they include to keep them healthy and not obese? Let’s see suggestions for some dry foods suitable for this breed of dog below!

1. Royal Canin French Bulldog dry food

Royal Canin with a food line specifically for French Bull dogs
Royal Canin with a food line specifically for French Bull dogs

Royal Canin is currently a famous brand specializing in dog and cat food. With a variety of product lines suitable for many Bosses for you to choose accordingly. Royal Canin also has dry food suitable for the nutritional needs of French Bulldogs.

Royal Canin dry food will help balance nutrition fully and best to help your French Bull Boss grow and stay healthy.

Besides, Royal Canin dry food also helps improve skin and coat thanks to EPA and DHA, two special nutrients that help French Bulldogs’ coats become smoother and shinier.

In addition, Royal food is also designed in a wavy form suitable for French Bull breeds with wide and short teeth.

2. Moshm Bulldog Grain Pree Nutrition dog food

Moshm Bulldog Grain Pree Nutrition dog food
Moshm Bulldog Grain Pree Nutrition dog food

Moshm Bulldog Grain Pree Nutrition dog food is a product of the MOSHM brand, a large and famous pet food brand in the world. The product is currently trusted by many pet owners for their bosses.

In particular, Moshm Bulldog Grain Pree Nutrition dry dog ​​food is specifically for French Bulldogs with 75% ingredients made from real meat and fish, helping to maintain the natural instincts of French bulldogs. Besides, Moshm Bulldog Grain Pree Nutrition dry dog ​​food is also combined with fruits and vegetables, providing vitamins, fiber, amino acids and minerals to help them eat more deliciously and can always maintain their weight. ideal without being obese. In particular, it also reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease, stomach disease and many other health problems.



Fankec dry dog ​​food is also a suitable nutritional food product for French Bulldogs with many uses such as:

  • Provides adequate energy for bull
  • Helps brighten eyes and smooth fur
  • Intestinal support for healthy digestion
  • Reduces odor in dogs
  • For both puppies and adults
  • Fragrant small seeds stimulate the boss’s taste buds

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