This is the reason why the Samsung WD95T4046CE washer dryer was released a long time ago but is still ‘as expensive as hot cakes’

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Although it has been launched for 2 years, the Samsung WD95T4046CE washer dryer is still a product chosen by many people thanks to its reasonable price and a series of integrated high-end features.

1. Beautiful design, fashionable and not outdated

Samsung WD95T4046CE washing machine manufactured in 2022 in China has a beautiful design with a white powder-coated metal exterior, combined with black door trim to create harmony for the residential space. The large LED control panel has a rotary knob to select the washing program and function keys that support Vietnamese, so it is very easy to use, even for novices. Possessing a horizontal cage design, the product will provide better washing and spinning efficiency than top-load washing machines, thereby helping to improve the washing experience for users.

This is the reason why the Samsung WD95T4046CE washer dryer was released a long time ago but still "expensive as hot cakes"
Samsung WD95T4046CE washing machine (Photo:

2. Supports 2 WASHING/DRYING features in the same product

The special feature of Samsung WD95T4046CE is that it integrates 2 WASHING and DRYING features in the same product, helping to save space and costs instead of having to buy both separate machines. Therefore, the product will be the best choice for families with small areas, apartments or houses in areas with little sunlight, busy people, etc. Washing capacity is 9.5kg and drying is 6kg, the device can The ability to automatically meet the laundry needs of a large family of 5-7 members without being overloaded.

With drying feature on Samsung washer dryer WD95T4046CE will help you shorten the drying time to only 15-30 minutes to dry completely or even if you need it urgently, you can still wear it immediately without worrying about getting wet or having an unpleasant odor.

3. Samsung WD95T4046CE washing machine possesses many advanced washing features

The outstanding point of the new generation Samsung washing machines compared to other brands today is the integration of many of the newest and most advanced washing technologies. If you want to experience a modern, cheap washing machine, you definitely shouldn’t miss it Samsung washer dryer WD95T4046CE This.

3.1 Dissolve automatic washing powder with EcoBubble to help clean up to 45% deeper

The detergent will be pre-dissolved with water to form microscopic bubbles that help penetrate 40 times faster than a conventional washing machine, thereby removing stubborn stains quickly and effectively. At the same time, it protects fabric color and material up to 45% better.

This is the reason why the Samsung WD95T4046CE washer dryer was released a long time ago but still "expensive as hot cakes"
EcoBubble detergent dissolving technology (Photo:

3.2 Applying Air Wash dry cleaning technology to deodorize up to 99.9%

With Air Wash technology, your clothes will always smell fresh thanks to the mechanism of blowing hot air directly into the washing drum to help remove unpleasant odors from clothes. This is a very suitable feature for families with people who have to work outdoors, seafood factory workers or people who sweat a lot…

3.3 Effective disinfection up to 99.9% thanks to Hygiene Steam hot water

Washing machine WD95T4046CE When activating the Hygiene Steam washing feature, it will blow high-temperature hot steam onto the entire surface of the laundry and penetrate deeply into each fiber, effectively killing bacteria, dust mites and allergens up to 99.9%. Not only that, this hot steam also helps soften the fabric to limit unsightly wrinkles, keeping clothes smooth even without ironing.

This is the reason why the Samsung WD95T4046CE washer dryer was released a long time ago but still "expensive as hot cakes"
Hygiene Steam antibacterial steam cleaning technology (Photo:

3.4 Self-notification mode when the washing drum needs to be cleaned

When the washing drum needs cleaning, the system will automatically notify the user without having to pay attention to the number of times it has been used, very convenient for busy people and forgetful people. When using this mode, the Samsung front-load washing machine will soak, vibrate, and spin at high speed to quickly clean the washing drum without using chemicals.

3.5 Smart StayClean detergent box removes maximum detergent residue

Normally, the detergent compartment is a place where excess detergent residue easily accumulates and is difficult to clean because there are many small details. Now, the StayClean laundry detergent box with new design improvements will help dissolve excess detergent after each use, keeping the box clean thanks to the smart water discharge system inside the box.

This is the reason why the Samsung WD95T4046CE washer dryer was released a long time ago but still "expensive as hot cakes"
Samsung StayClean laundry detergent compartment (Photo:

3.6 Bubble Soak mode for heavily soiled clothes

For stubborn stains such as coffee, chili sauce, stains, etc., it is necessary to wash them by hand before machine washing to ensure effective cleaning. But with the Bubble Soak soaking mode on the Samsung Inverter WD95T4046CE/sv washer dryer, it will automatically adjust the soaking time, helping soap bubbles penetrate deeper to remove stubborn stains without wasting the effort of manual treatment first. .

This is the reason why the Samsung WD95T4046CE washer dryer was released a long time ago but still "expensive as hot cakes"
Bubble Soak mode cleans all stubborn stains well (Photo:

4. Super energy saving when using Samsung WD95T4046CE washing machine

Despite possessing two washing and drying features in the same product, the average electricity consumption of the Samsung WD95T4046CE washing machine only consumes 12.4 Wh/kg. This is one of the best electricity consumption levels currently on Samsung front-load washing machines, even more economical than some models that only have the same washing capacity. So, if you have a large family with large laundry needs Samsung WD95T4046CE will be the perfect choice, helping to save optimal monthly electricity costs.

5. Washing smoothly, without noise, does not affect others

Possessing a pair of high-end dual technologies: direct drive motor and inverter technology not only saves electricity but also supports smoother and more durable operation. Thanks to that, when using the machine, it does not create unpleasant noises that affect people around, even when spinning at a high speed of 1400 rpm. If you live in an apartment, you should consider this front-load washing machine model.

6. Cheap price, anyone can own it

Besides washing technology and design, product price is also extremely important, affecting sales volume. Listed price
Samsung Inverter washer dryer WD95T4046CE/sv of the company is 12,990,000 VND. But on the current market, the cheapest actual price is only 8,100,000 VND (updated on May 22, 2024) according to statistical data from

At this price, the product is considered cheaper than other brands with the same amount of washing and drying (ranging from 13 – 17.5 million). Although it has a cheaper price, the Samsung Inverter WD95T4046CE/sv washer dryer still possesses many outstanding technologies and features, especially originating from a reputable global brand. Overall, this is a product worthy of long-term investment for families, especially families of 5-7 people or busy young people.

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