These deodorizing shower gels for dogs that dog owners cannot ignore

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Are you looking for a deodorizing shower gel for dogs that is both effective and safe? With the 4 suggestions below, you will definitely be able to choose the most suitable deodorizing shower gel for your dog boss.

You guys have used many different types of shower gel, but the boss still smells bad? Do dog bosses have an unpleasant odor that affects the living environment of your entire family? Unpleasant odors cause bosses and managers to become distant? This is not a rare situation for pet owners where the bad smell is the extremely unpleasant “special feature” of dog bosses. The first solution that many owners use when they see a “coriander” dog boss is to use deodorizing shower gel. But not the type Deodorizing shower gel for dogs Whichever gives the desired effect.

If you don’t know which type to choose To quickly, effectively and safely remove bad odors from your boss’s body, use one of the 4 types of shower gel below:

1. Bio Lovely Pet deodorizing shower gel for dogs

Reference price: 100,000 VND/1 bottle of 500ml

Bio Lovely Pet deodorizing shower gel for dogs is a high-end shower gel product, designed in a bottle that is quite convenient, easy to use and economical.

With gum protection ingredients: D-Pantheno, Polyquaternium, Vitamin B6, Vitamin E, Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulfate, Fragrance, Ciltric Acid, DI water qs

Help pussyclean hair; deodorization; anti-hair loss; keeps hair soft and smooth; prevent skin fungus and scabies infection; Protects the natural color of dog fur; The fragrance is pleasant and lasts long on hair, skin…

Bio Lovely Pet deodorizing shampoo for dogs

2. BoBo orange dog deodorizing shower gel

Reference price: 73,000 VND/1 bottle of 400ml.

This is a shower gel product that many shower gels love to use for their bosses with ingredients: Extracted from natural herbs, protein.

Uses: Eliminates odors of skin and hair; long-lasting fragrance; skin protection and care; Supports treatment of ticks, lice, and fleas; clean skin and fur; provides moisture to the skin; softens hair; Stimulates hair growth…

BoBo shower gel products have many types for you to choose from. However, to effectively treat bad odors, you should choose orange BoBo.

  • Golden shower gel: nourishes hair, helps hair shine
  • Green shower gel: effective in treating fungus for pets
  • Orange shower gel: helps eliminate odors, kill fungi and parasites
  • Pink shower gel: specialized for small dogs or sensitive dogs
  • Purple shower gel: treats itching for pets and also cools their skin
  • Blue shower gel: helps kill fleas in dogs and helps their fur become softer
BoBo orange deodorizing shampoo for dogs
BoBo orange deodorizing shampoo for dogs

3. Coka Dog deodorizing shower gel for dogs

Reference price: 99,000 VND/1 bottle

Coka Dog deodorizing shower gel for dogs is a dry shower gel suitable for Bosses in the winter. The product is researched to be suitable for pets’ skin and hair. In particular, this type of shower gel also uses safe ingredients such as wild chrysanthemum, honeysuckle, and natural grass to help soothe the skin.Eliminate odors; hair cleaning; destroy parasites; anti-inflammatory; care and nourish shiny hair; Limit hair loss…

Coka Dog deodorizing shower gel for dogs
Coka Dog deodorizing shower gel for dogs

4. Joyce & Dolls Valley deodorizing shampoo for dogs

Reference price: 235,000 VND/1 bottle

This is a fairly effective line of dog deodorizing shower gel products from a famous and reputable brand on the market today, designed in a more convenient and economical press-shaped bottle. Especially in shower gel Joyce & Dolls Valley deodorizer for dogs has main ingredients including: Tego and Irgasan nutrients.

Uses: Treats dog odor quickly and thoroughly; Prevents bacteria from attacking and causing odor on dogs’ bodies; Elegant fragrance lingers on skin and fur for a long time; reduces hair loss; Keeps your dog’s hair and skin soft and smooth…

Joyce & Dolls Valley dog ​​deodorizing shampoo
Joyce & Dolls Valley dog ​​deodorizing shampoo

In addition to the 4 types of deodorizing shower gel for dogs above, you can also choose some other reputable deodorizing shower gel products such as SOS, MAGIC, Innopet, Sleeky, Fay Puppy, YU…

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