The super cheap Vivo Y18 phone still has a 50MP camera and great configuration!

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Despite its low price, Vivo Y18 not only offers a trendy appearance, but the equipment from screen, configuration, camera and battery are all very good in the price segment, ensuring usage and demand. user entertainment.

In early May 2024, Vivo officially introduced the low-cost smartphone line Vivo Y18 in the Vietnamese market. The product is only distributed in the 8GB/128GB version with the genuine selling price of 4,490,000 VND.

At this price, Vivo Y18 phone Participate in the low-cost smartphone segment under 5 million VND in the market. And despite its low price, this Vivo phone still possesses a series of top modern equipment.

The super cheap Vivo Y18 phone still has a 50MP camera and great configuration!
Vivo Y18 was launched with a trendy design (Photo: Vivo).

1. Vivo Y18 phone has a “huge” configuration for smooth gaming

Vivo phones are famous for their strong configuration compared to competitors in the price segment and the newly launched Vivo Y18 is no exception. This cheap smartphone is equipped with a processor chip MediaTek Helio G85the chip is also used on OPPO A38 in the price segment.

In addition to the powerful processor chip, Vivo Y18 also possesses up to 8GB of RAM with technology to expand RAM up to 16GB to ensure good multitasking capabilities, meeting mobile games that require large RAM capacity. Along with that, 128GB of internal memory meets the data storage needs of common users, and if users want more storage space, users can add a microSD card for up to 1TB of additional capacity. storage.

The super cheap Vivo Y18 phone still has a 50MP camera and great configuration!
Mobile games play smoothly (Photo: Infofull).

With these equipment, Vio Y18 phone offers a “huge” configuration with Antutu V10 score of up to 222,000 points. Going through popular mobile game tests such as Lien Quan Mobile, PUBG Mobile, Free Fire… the device has impressive smooth processing capabilities, especially the device does not heat up too much when playing games, only a maximum of about 38 degrees. C.

This shows that for users who regularly play games on their phones, Vivo Y18 will definitely be a great choice.

2. Vivo Y18 phone has many smart features

Vivo equips the Y18 with the Android 14 operating system, customizing the Funtouch OS interface so it is very user-friendly. Not only that, the device also comes with a series of smart features such as:

  • Simple interface mode: Streamline tasks and have large, easy-to-read fonts, especially suitable for the elderly
  • Multi-screen mode with convenient use of 2 screens at the same time, you can both watch movies and send Messenger, Zalo messages… to friends
  • Screen zoom mode is convenient for using the device with just one hand
  • Edge actions for quick access to frequently used apps

In addition, this phone is also equipped with a Super Game space, which optimizes gaming performance to help users achieve the best gaming results.

The super cheap Vivo Y18 phone still has a 50MP camera and great configuration!
The device owns the latest Android 14 operating system (Photo: Infofull).

3. Take beautiful photos with the 50MP camera on the Vivo Y18 phone

Vivo Y18 phone has a cluster 50MP main camera ensuring photos have impressive detail and vivid colors. Accompanied by a 0.08MP secondary camera that supports photos with blurred backgrounds.

The super cheap Vivo Y18 phone still has a 50MP camera and great configuration!
The 50MP camera provides good photo results (Photo: Infofull).

In addition to sharp photo quality and impressive vivid colors, Vivo Y18 also offers a variety of photography features such as: zoom (hybrid) photography, Time Lapse photography, dedicated Night Mode night photography… Just stop there in FullHD 1080p recording, but Vivo Y18 also supports super Slow Motion recording for users to achieve artistic footage.

Meanwhile, the 8MP front camera with AI self-beautification feature will also give users quality selfie photos, beautify the skin naturally… Accompanied by the features of taking selfies to remove background and take photos. night with screen flash…

4. Comfortable large screen for entertainment

Vivo Y18 phone is equipped with a new screen 6.56 inches With HD resolution, it provides clear and comfortable display for user entertainment. Besides, the IPS LCD panel with its wide viewing angle and realistic colors will also enhance the user experience.

The super cheap Vivo Y18 phone still has a 50MP camera and great configuration!
Large screen with 90Hz refresh rate (Photo: Vivo).

With maximum screen brightness up to 840 nits, the Vivo Y18 phone screen ensures clear visibility even in conditions where sunlight shines directly on the screen. Besides, with the integrated light sensor, the screen brightness also changes depending on conditions to ensure the best viewing efficiency for the user.

In particular, the screen of Vivo Y18 also has a built-in 90Hz screen refresh rate, ensuring that every swipe and touch operation on the screen is impressively smooth.

5. Vivo Y18 phone has a trendy design and huge battery

The Vivo Y18 air conditioner model possesses a trendy design language with flattened edges and a square camera cluster consisting of two large circles. Accompanied by a glossy finished back with color effects that change according to trendy viewing angles.

The device is also equipped with a fingerprint lock with a convenient power button, while the 3.5mm headphone jack is still integrated, using a 2 nano SIM tray (1 tray can be used to hold a microSD memory card).

The super cheap Vivo Y18 phone still has a 50MP camera and great configuration!
The device has full accessories in the product’s sales box (Photo: Vivo).

In addition, the Vivo Y18 phone is also equipped with a capacity battery 5000 mAh Comfortable for all day intense use by the user. Meanwhile, if you use it sparingly, it may take 2-3 days before needing to charge the battery. The device supports 15W charging to help shorten charging time, so users don’t have to wait.


With a selling price of only a little more than 4 million VND, it is clear that the Vivo Y18 phone not only has a trendy appearance but also has a great configuration, quality photography and a very good battery that helps users no longer need it. Worried about using it.

Therefore, if you are looking to buy a cheap phone for communication and entertainment purposes, especially for students and the elderly, the Vivo Y18 phone will definitely be a worthy choice. mentioned in 2024.

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