The reason you should choose SOS shower gel for ‘BOSS’

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Is sos shower gel good for dogs? is a question that is not difficult to answer. Because the effectiveness, quality and safety of SOS shower gel are not only verified by reputable agencies and organizations but also certified by millions of customers worldwide.

SOS is one of the familiar pet shower gel brands and is no longer unfamiliar to pet owners in Vietnam. You can find shower gel very easily at pet stores and units. According to statistics on the Vietnamese market, SOS shower gel has the largest consumption among dog shower gel products. Let’s find out why the product is so popular and why you should use SOS shower gel for your boss.

SOS shampoo for dogs is a reputable brand

A reputable and famous Taiwanese shower gel brand. SOS shower gel with many outstanding effects and high safety originates from Taiwan. The product is considered by organizations, agencies, experts and consumers to be the shower gel product with the best quality and highest safety for dogs today.

SOS shower gel products are produced on modern technological lines and under close supervision of a team of experienced experts, so quality is always absolutely guaranteed. Along with its affordable price, SOS shower gel is especially loved by many pet owners around the world.

SOS shower gel is no longer strange to pet owners in Vietnam
SOS shower gel is no longer strange to pet owners in Vietnam

SOS shower gel for dogs has many different types for you to choose from

Based on the condition and characteristics of each dog breed, SOS experts have researched and produced a complete set of 5 specialized shower gel products specifically for dogs. Each type of shower gel corresponds to a different color and of course the effectiveness and effects are also different. Specifically:

  1. SOS Special For White Hair (blue SOS shower gel): This shower gel is specifically for dogs with white fur. Outstanding formula helps remove all stains, dirt, and plaque on fur. In addition to whitening effects, blue SOS shower gel also has the ability to effectively nourish hair and prevent discoloration.
  2. SOS Fluffy And Stylish (Pink SOS shower gel): This shower gel has the effect of eliminating odors, providing moisture to the skin, making hair soft and shiny like going to a spa. In particular, the long-lasting fragrance on the skin will help the showers not have to bathe the dog bosses constantly.
  3. SOS Special For Sub Healthy Hair (black SOS shower gel): The product is specifically designed to treat ticks, lice, fleas, substances and parasites on the body of dogs. 99% of parasites will be eliminated immediately after the first use. In addition, black SOS shower gel can effectively deodorize and restore damaged hair and skin.
  4. SOS Red And Brown Hair (brown SOS shower gel): True to its name, brown SOS shower gel is a product specifically for dogs with brown, reddish brown or dark fur. Using brown SOS shower gel, the dog’s fur will avoid fading and discoloration, on the contrary, the fur will be brighter and shinier.
  5. SOS Soft And Silky (green SOS shower gel): For dogs with tangled and dry hair. Besides, SOS shower gel also has the ability to deodorize all dog breeds; Long-lasting scent retention helps dogs always smell fresh; Provides necessary moisture to the skin.
  6. SOS Special For Golden Hair (yellow SOS shower gel): This shower gel specifically for yellow-haired dogs has the ability to deeply clean and beautify their fur. The golden fur will become golden and perfectly beautiful after each bath. Besides, yellow SOS shower gel also has the ability to effectively deodorize and stimulate hair growth.

SOS shampoo for dogs has safe ingredients

According to the manufacturer’s information, SOS shower gel is made from natural herbal ingredients so it does not cause skin irritation and is very safe for the health of dogs and owners.

SOS shower gel for dogs is effective and has a gentle scent

With the 6 types of SOS shower gel we shared above, you can see that SOS shower gel has many outstanding uses such as: deodorizing; sterilization, antibacterial; Supports treatment and prevention of ticks, lice, and fleas; reduces hair loss; Provides moisture to keep skin soft and smooth; Keeps hair always shiny; stimulates hair growth; remove dirt; Limit hair fading…

In particular, SOS shower gel has a gentle fragrance that can stay on the skin for up to 10 days. This will help you not have to constantly wash your dogs and still smell fresh.

SOS shower gel for dogs is effective and has a gentle fragrance
SOS shower gel for dogs is effective and has a gentle fragrance

SOS shower gel for dogs has a reasonable price

Products are sold at a price about 100,000 VND/530ml bottle. With a capacity of up to 530ml, you can use it for your boss for up to several months with the density and bathing time for your boss 1-2 times a week. To ensure effective hygiene and give your boss healthy skin, strong, silky fur and a long-lasting fragrance, this is a suitable investment for you.

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