The reason you should buy SOS cat shower gel immediately

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You’ve heard a lot about SOS cat shower gel. And many people also advise you to use SOS shower gel for cat bosses. Why is that? Let’s find out with why SOS cat shower gel is so popular.

Boss cats are fragrant and clean, allowing cats to comfortably cuddle and play with them. This helps the relationship between boss and boss increase significantly, right? What if the cat bosses “smell” unpleasantly? Surely there will be a huge gap between the relationship between the boss and the boss! At this time, use SOS cat shower gel It is extremely necessary for bosses and bosses to close the gap and get closer to each other.

What types of SOS cat shower gel are there?

SOS shower gel for cats originates from Taiwan and is trusted and chosen by many pet owners around the world, including Vietnam. SOS shower gel for cats has 5 types as follows:

– SOS shower gel for red-brown cats: For cats with unique and beautiful red-brown fur.

– SOS shower gel for blue cats: Exclusively for white-haired cats, effectively overcomes discoloration of white fur, improves fur brightness and softens fur.

– Green SOS shower gel for cats: Suitable for all types of cats. Has the ability to deodorize, soften hair and provide moisture to the skin.

SOS cat shower gel pink: Effectively eliminates odors with a gentle fragrance; Safe and gentle, does not cause irritation to cat skin; Shines and softens cat fur.

– SOS shower gel for black cats: Special shower gel for cats with skin problems; Supports treatment and prevention of fleas, ticks, and lice; disinfects, deodorizes and cares for hair. In particular, black SOS is suitable for the skin of all cats and is completely non-irritating.

Types of SOS shower gel for cats
Types of SOS shower gel for cats

Why should you use SOS cat shower gel?

Here are the reasons why you should use them SOS cat shower gel right away:

  • Low price: Compared to other cat shower gel products on the market, SOS shower gel has a much cheaper price. With a price of about 90,000 VND/1 530ml bottle, even people with low income can still buy SOS shower gel for their cat boss.
  • Safe, non-irritating to the skin: This is the top reason why SOS shower gel for cats is popular with many people. The skin of cat bosses is extremely sensitive, so irritation and dermatitis can occur when bathing with an unsuitable shower gel. Meanwhile, SOS shower gel is very gentle, extracted 100% from natural herbs, so it is very safe and friendly to the sensitive skin of cats. In particular, because it does not contain toxic chemicals SOS cat shower gel Absolutely does not cause irritation or rashes on cat skin.
  • Outstanding effect: SOS shower gel brings many outstanding effects such as: brightening hair color; limit hair loss; cleans and removes dirt from feathers; deodorization; nourishes shiny hair; Provides moisture to keep skin soft; especially the ability to kill bacteria and parasites on cats such as ticks, lice, fleas…
  • Long lasting fragrance: The bad smell on the body of cat bosses is an obsession for many lotus. But just by using SOS shower gel, the bad smell will be eliminated immediately. In fact, using SOS shower gel for cats shows that the gentle scent of SOS shower gel can stay on the cat’s body for up to 10 days. This helps the cat owners not have to bathe the cat boss every day and still be fragrant and clean.
SOS shower gel helps cat bosses always smell fragrant with flowers
SOS shower gel helps cat bosses always smell fragrant with flowers

Outside SOS cat shower gelyou can also refer to some other cat shower gels such as: Trixie, Leorange, Fay, Care, Olive, Gold Active… the quality is also very guaranteed.

Instructions on how to bathe a cat with SOS shower gel

How to bathe a cat boss with SOS shower gel is very simple as follows:

– Shake the SOS shower gel bottle well before use.

– Take SOS shower gel into a bowl and mix it with water.

– Wet the cat’s fur with warm water and then apply shower gel all over the body. Avoid letting shower gel get into your cat’s eyes.

– Gently scratch the cat all over, especially the armpits, neck, legs, and ears for about 5 to 7 minutes.

– Rinse the shower gel thoroughly with warm water.

– Dry the cat’s fur with a dry towel, then use a hair dryer until the cat’s fur is completely dry.

You should dry your cat after bathing
You should dry your cat after bathing

Where should I buy SOS shower gel for cats?

SOS shower gel for cats is currently sold in many places. But it’s best to buy SOS shower gel at reputable and famous pet supply stores that are trusted and chosen by many other shower gels. This will help cats avoid buying fake, counterfeit, or goods of unknown origin that affect the health of cat bosses.

Hopefully with the information SOS cat shower gel We shared above, you have an additional choice of shower gel for your cat boss. Buy SOS shower gel now to give your cat boss a wonderful experience with shiny fur and a fragrant body!

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