The most popular dry cat food brands today.

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Using dry cat food will make it much more convenient for you to take care of your pet. Dry cat food also provides the most suitable nutritional content for your lovely cats so they can grow in the healthiest way.

Understanding the popular need for dry cat food among pet owners, finding and buying dry cat food products is not too difficult. However, choosing products with good quality and assurance is not a simple thing at all. To help you get more information as well as refer to the best dry cat food lines, below we will introduce to you the most popular dry cat food brands today. Let’s see which brands they are!

1. Royal Canin cat food

Royal Canin is a familiar name to pet owners in many parts of the world. Originated in France, established in 1968, specializing in dry food for dogs and cats. Currently, Royal Canin dry cat food products are very popular in the Vietnamese market.

Royal Canin cat food always ensures nutrition and health. The product contains up to 50 excellent nutrients such as proteins, carbohydrates, lipids, amino acids, mineral salts, vitamins, fatty acids and trace elements. These are extremely important and necessary nutrients for cats to develop healthily and comprehensively.

Royal Canin cat food
Royal Canin cat food

2. Catsrang cat food

As a brand from Korea, Catsrang cat food is not only loved by pet cat owners in Korea, but now the name catsrang is also familiar to many cat owners in Vietnam.

The product has main ingredients such as: Salmon, chicken, sugar beets, rice, yeast, cold seeds… Provides necessary nutrition and ensures cats have the best development.

Especially with extremely abundant nutrients: protein: 31%; fat: 12%; fiber: 3.5%; Humidity: <10%. food="" for="" cats="" catsrang="" is a="" product="" for="" different breeds="" of cats= "" in all "" different ages" "produce", "eat" foods that are best" and most suitable" for people. the="" cats="" on="" 3="" months="">10%.>

Catsrang cat food
Catsrang cat food

3. Minino cat food

Is a reputable cat food brand from France with more than 60 years in the pet food field. With the most modern technological line in France and rigorous testing by reputable agencies and organizations on product quality and safety, you can be completely assured when using it for your cat. mine.

In addition, Minino cat food also provides a full range of nutrients such as: Protein, fat, fiber, vitamins and necessary minerals suitable for the age and stage of development of the cat. Help them grow healthily.

Minino cat food
Minino cat food

4. Me-o cat food

Is the name of a quite famous dry cat food brand from Thailand. The product is known for two main lines: food for small cats under 8 months old and food for large cats over 8 months old. Dividing into two categories will help pet owners choose the most suitable product for the cat’s age and development stage, helping the cat to develop optimally.

Me-o cat food is made from ingredients such as: Whole grains, rice, fish meal, cassava, chicken fat, vegetable protein, brewer’s yeast, iodized salt, shrimp powder… Provides a lot of minerals and vitamins necessary for cats’ development.

Me-o cat food
Me-o cat food

Above are popular dry cat food brands with reputation and good quality so that everyone can pay attention and refer to them for their pet cats.

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