Sunhouse SHD7777: High capacity air conditioning fan for business and production!

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Sunhouse SHD7777 is one of the high-end air conditioning fan lines of the Sunhouse brand. With technological design and large capacity, this product has attracted much attention from consumers. In this article, we will learn about the features and specifications of this fan.

1. Overview of Sunhouse SHD7777 design

Sunhouse SHD7777 has a familiar, technological design with a large, wide ventilation area. This helps the fan effectively cool and distribute air evenly in the space. Besides, the large wind dissipation area helps increase humidity and cool the surrounding environment, bringing a comfortable feeling to the user.

The color of this cooler is neutral with white and gray tones, it’s not too prominent but not too bad either. The advantage of choosing a color tone like this is that you can place the device anywhere, without worrying too much about whether it matches the surrounding space or not.

Sunhouse SHD7777: High capacity air conditioning fan for business and production!
Sunhouse SHD7777 has a popular, familiar design (Photo: Sunhouse).

The material used to make the fan body is mainly high-quality, highly durable plastic. At the same time, plastic also makes the fan light weight, easy to move and transport from one place to another. But the fan’s weight of 17kg plus the weight of water when filled will also be quite large. We should limit moving the fan when filled with water to avoid damaging the wheels.

The fan’s control cluster includes 3 simple knobs, with easy-to-understand illustrations for users to easily operate. The water tank has a capacity of 70 liters, quite large and lasts a relatively long time. To help users easily control the water level in the tank, Sunhouse SHD7777 is equipped with water level indicators on the front. When you need to add more water, just look at the indicator line and pour the corresponding water into the tank. This makes using the fan simpler and more effective.

Sunhouse SHD7777: High capacity air conditioning fan for business and production!
Simple knob control (Photo: Sunhouse).

SHD7777 has a 3-sided air intake design, a large amount of air intake means a larger amount of air that has gone through the cooling process will be blown out, cooling more effectively. On each air intake side, there is a coarse dust filter to effectively prevent dust particles from flying in and sticking to the cooling pad. To ensure air quality, after a period of use, we should remove these dust filters and clean them. Sunhouse designed this detail with simple disassembly and assembly, so anyone can do it.

At the bottom, it has 4 large wheels for moving, so we can easily take it to any location in the usable space conveniently. There is a plus point: this wheel has a fixed locking feature, making it safer to use.

2. Engine, capacity and cooling performance of Sunhouse SHD7777

This air cooler uses an AC motor made of pure copper, capable of operating strongly and durably for a long time with high stability and low noise.

The power level it is equipped with is up to 200W, quite high, and the air flow per hour is up to 4,800 m3, quite good performance. Combined with the left-right 2-way automatic air dissipation ability, the cooling range of the SHD7777 can be said to be quite wide, it is recommended for use in spaces up to 60m2. However, in reality, for spaces of 30 to 40 m2, the fan will give the most satisfactory performance.

Sunhouse SHD7777: High capacity air conditioning fan for business and production!
Powerful capacity for large spaces (Photo: Sunhouse).

Besides, we also need to pay attention to where to place the fan. If placed close to a wall, the fan’s ability to absorb air will be affected and the amount of wind blown out will also be limited. Therefore, please carefully calculate the location of the fan to get the most optimal effect. Ideally, it will be in a well-ventilated location that receives good wind.

High capacity, but Sunhouse SHD7777’s noise level is not too loud, according to the manufacturer, it is only under 54dB. This noise level does not affect our daily living and working activities at all. And if the fan is used in a restaurant or factory space, it can be considered extremely quiet.

And, to ensure the safety of the engine and the longevity of the air conditioning fan, Sunhouse also equips the SHD7777 with the function to automatically turn off the pump when the water runs out. When the water tank no longer has water, the fan will automatically stop cooling and only operate as a normal fan, limiting dry pumping and engine wear.

Sunhouse SHD7777: High capacity air conditioning fan for business and production!
Automatically shuts off the pump when water runs out to protect the engine (Photo: Sunhouse).

Overall, the function of this year’s Sunhouse SHD7777 air conditioning fan is not too different from previous models, only the capacity has been increased for more effective cooling. Overall, that can also be considered a plus point, because large capacity will ensure more optimal range and cooling efficiency.

3. Conclusion

Above are’s comments on the recently launched Sunhouse SHD7777 air conditioner fan model. Objectively speaking, this fan model does not have any outstanding advantages other than high capacity, and it is more suitable for business purposes in shops and factories rather than ideal for home use.

The reference price of 3.7 million VND is quite suitable for the fan’s capacity, and is not too large an investment, suitable for the budget of most consumers with business and production needs.

Hopefully this information has helped you better understand the capabilities of this Sunhouse air conditioner fan. If you are looking for another model of air conditioning fan for home use, readers can refer to for more information, there will definitely be a choice that will satisfy you.

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