Suggested 4 favorite vacuum cleaners in the first half of 2024

Current vacuum cleaners have a modern, compact design, helping users to clean all dirt and debris in the house quickly, easily and save time. Let’s take a look at the top 4 vacuum cleaners that are currently popular in 2024!

1. Electrolux EFP31315 cordless vacuum cleaner

Reference price: 4,500,000 VND

The Electrolux EFP31315 vacuum cleaner is a product that helps people clean their homes effectively without worrying about any interference from electrical wires thanks to its extremely convenient wireless design. Furthermore, the product is also equipped with an extension tube that is convenient for cleaning areas that are out of reach. In particular, the machine also has a wall mount to make storing the device more neat.

Electrolux EFP31315 has a 500ml dust container and users can remove this compartment to empty dust and facilitate cleaning. The machine is equipped with Cyclonic cyclone suction technology, which helps separate dust from the air, so that the device maintains stable capacity throughout operation.

Suggested 4 favorite vacuum cleaners in the first half of 2024
Electrolux EFP31315 wireless vacuum cleaner (Photo: dienmayxanh).

Electrolux EFP31315 vacuum cleaner possesses an operating capacity of 150W combined with 21W suction power, providing the ability to effectively clean the entire floor surface as well as every position and corner in the house. Furthermore, people can also change the suction power according to their needs as well as the dirt condition for the most effective cleaning.

The machine is integrated with a prefilter and HEPA E10 filter, helping to remove up to 99% of dust to return clean air to the whole family. Electrolux is equipped with many suction heads such as floor nozzle, crevice nozzle, fur nozzle, mattress nozzle, brush nozzle, dusting nozzle to make it more convenient for users to clean many areas and locations. different minds.

2. Panasonic MC-CL607RN49 canister vacuum cleaner

Reference price: 4,650,000 VND

Panasonic MC-CL607RN49 has a luxurious exterior design combined with mysterious black tones, helping to create a highlight for the home interior space. In addition, this device also has many outstanding design advantages such as interlocking straws, ergonomic handles, large wheels that move quickly and gently… to help with house cleaning work. The door becomes faster.

The product possesses an operating capacity of up to 2100W and a suction capacity of 290W to help support quick and effective home cleaning. Now everyone can clean their home thoroughly and easily thanks to this Panasonic vacuum cleaner device.

Suggested 4 favorite vacuum cleaners in the first half of 2024
Panasonic MC-CL607RN49 canister vacuum cleaner (Photo: dienmayxanh).

Panasonic has equipped this machine with a dust box with a capacity of up to 2200ml to help contain a large amount of debris and dirt. People will not need to empty the dust many times, thereby not interrupting the cleaning.

Panasonic MC-CL607RN49 is equipped with maximum vortex technology, helping to thoroughly remove dust and put it in the dust compartment quickly and clean hard-to-reach places such as under the bed and wall corners easily.

In particular, Panasonic has integrated into this device a 7-layer HEPA filter with the ability to filter microscopic dust particles or allergens existing in the air to bring a fresh, airy space. cool for the family.

In addition, the Panasonic MC-CL607RN49 vacuum cleaner also comes with many accessories including a mattress nozzle, curtain nozzle, crevice nozzle, and brush to help clean dust in every corner of the house. Whether the wall is high or the corner is high, this device can be cleaned easily.

3. Rapido RVC-600H1 handheld vacuum cleaner

Reference price: 790,000 VND

Rapido RVC-600H1 has an eye-catching design, suitable for many home styles today. The Slim Nozzle crevice product helps users vacuum in tight corners and hard-to-reach places.

The suction head and dust cup are divided into two separate parts by the company. When starting the Rapido RVC-600H1 to vacuum, the dust will not escape back outside, keeping the air in the house always fresh. The product has a power cord length of 3.9m, helping people move easily to every location that needs cleaning.

Suggested 4 favorite vacuum cleaners in the first half of 2024
Rapido RVC-600H1 handheld vacuum cleaner (Photo: dienmayxanh).

The device has an operating capacity of 600W and a suction force of up to 12,000 Pa, helping to clean all types of dirt and debris. The highest noise level of the whole machine reaches 78 dB (~ noise in the hall). People can use it during break time to not disturb their family.

Rapido RVC-600H1 vacuum cleaner has a 1500ml dust container. This capacity is quite large, helping to limit the need to empty the dust many times, interrupting cleaning. This container can also be easily disassembled and cleaned. The product has a HEPA filter that helps remove dust and allergens that exist in the air to ensure family safety after vacuuming.

4. Comfee CVC-SBLA1(B) handheld vacuum cleaner

Reference price: 500,000 VND

Comfee CVC-SBLA1(B) has a flexible design with an easily detachable handle to turn the device into a mini vacuum cleaner, helping to clean in narrow areas, etc. In addition, , thanks to the easy disassembly and assembly of the camera body with just the push of a button, people will optimize the area to store the device. The product has a smart design as it can stand on its own without having to lean on any fulcrum.

This Comfee CVC-SBLA1(B) vacuum cleaner possesses a capacity of 400W, providing strong suction power to remove all debris and dirt on many different floors.

Suggested 4 favorite vacuum cleaners in the first half of 2024
Comfee CVC-SBLA1(B) handheld vacuum cleaner (Photo: dienmayxanh).

The product has the highest operating noise level of 85dB (~ the noise level in the hall). In general, this noise level does not cause much discomfort to people during the machine’s operation.

The device has a built-in HEPA filter to filter out all types of dust, so people who remove the dust box will not have any health effects because the HEPA filter retains part of the dirt inside.

Comfee CVC-SBLA1(B) has a 400ml capacity dust box, helping to contain more dust in just 1 use without interruption and optimizing the number of dust trips.

Above are the top 4 most popular vacuum cleaners today that you should invest in for your family. Hopefully everyone will choose the right product for their home!

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