Suggested 3 vacuum cleaners from the brands Panasonic, Tefal and Dreame

Vacuum cleaners are currently a “lifesaver” for housewives in house cleaning because of their ability to clean effectively and save time. Join to find out the top 3 vacuum cleaners with good quality today.

1. Panasonic MC-CL609HN49 canister vacuum cleaner

Panasonic MC-CL609HN49 possesses a luxurious design, with a beautiful black color scheme, helping to bring a comfortable feeling when used, increasing convenience for your family. Besides, every detail of this device has been meticulously completed to bring convenience in use to everyone.

The large, super-sensitive wheels help the device move gently and flexibly, avoiding scratches on the floor surface. In addition, the device is also designed by Panasonic with an ergonomic handle that provides comfort during use, without causing fatigue. Dual handles are easy to use in 2 ways, convenient for moving and reaching difficult locations.

Suggested 3 vacuum cleaners from the brands Panasonic, Tefal and Dreame
Panasonic MC-CL609HN49 canister vacuum cleaner (Photo: Panasonic).

MC-CL609HN49 is equipped with Panasonic’s motor with a capacity of 2200W, strong suction power of up to 290W combined with maximum vortex technology, helping to effectively absorb all types of dirt and debris.

In addition, the device is also integrated with a HEPA filter, providing the ability to filter out all small dust particles, allergens and pollutants to limit the risk of respiratory diseases. and helps keep the living space fresh. The product has proven its cleaning ability by removing up to 99% of fine dust particles of 0.5 micrometers and 98.5% of small dust particles of 0.3 micrometers. This filter can also be easily removed for cleaning, helping to increase long-term filtration efficiency.

In particular, in addition to the main suction head, the MC-CL609HN49 is also equipped with 4 additional accessories including a mattress nozzle, curtain nozzle, crevice nozzle, flexible brush that is easy to remove and install, helping to vacuum up to every corner and position in the house. The machine can reach high shelves and even vacuum non-washable fabrics.

2. Dreame R20 wireless vacuum cleaner

Dreame R20 vacuum cleaner possesses an extremely convenient wireless design, with an eye-catching and luxurious appearance. The product weight is only 1.65kg, giving people a comfortable feeling when using it without causing hand fatigue for long periods of time.

The product also comes with a wall mount, allowing people to easily store the machine body and suction heads more neatly. Besides, people can also easily disassemble and assemble each part of the machine, making it more convenient to maintain and clean the device.

Suggested 3 vacuum cleaners from the brands Panasonic, Tefal and Dreame
Dreame R20 wireless vacuum cleaner (Photo: dienmayxanh).

The Dreame R20 wireless vacuum cleaner is equipped with many suction heads to serve many different cleaning positions. Such as V-shaped brush nozzle, combination nozzle, roller nozzle, angled nozzle, mini motorized nozzle. Especially with the V-shaped nozzle, everyone can clean dirt, whether large trash or small dust.

The Dreame R20 vacuum cleaner is equipped with an 8 x 2900mAh battery pack with a flexible removable design, providing up to 1 hour and 30 minutes of use on a single charge. After use, people can fully recharge the battery in just 4 hours.

In particular, the product also provides an easier usage experience with a modern LED screen. Everyone can customize the suction force, operating mode and observe information displayed on the screen while the Dreame R20 is operating.

Dreame R20 is integrated with a brushless motor with an extremely impressive rotation speed of 150,000 rpm. The device possesses a suction capacity of up to 190 AW, a multi-layer filter that keeps 99.9% of fine dust, helping users remove fur, hair and dirt on the floor surface most effectively.

3. Tefal X-Combo GF3039KO vacuum cleaner

Tefal’s Tefal X-Combo GF3039KO has a compact, lightweight design that can stand on its own, with support below to reduce wrist pressure when in use, helping people not need to spend too much effort moving the machine around. time to remove stains.

The Tefal home in the most effective way.

Suggested 3 vacuum cleaners from the brands Panasonic, Tefal and Dreame
Tefal X-Combo GF3039KO vacuum cleaner (Photo: Tefal).

Tefal X-Combo GF3039KO wireless vacuum cleaner has a battery capacity of 1950mAh, it only takes 4 hours to fully charge the battery and use continuously for 1 hour. In particular, this battery can be removed very conveniently, so when the device runs out of battery, it can be easily replaced.

Tefal’s X-Combo GF3039KO is equipped with rotating Aerospin technology, spinning at a speed of 5 revolutions per second to help remove the most difficult dry stains. The machine has an operating capacity of 215W, combined with 30W suction power to help quickly remove many types of stains on the floor surface. The noise level of the X-Combo GF3039KO when operating fluctuates around 79 dB, equivalent to the noise of talking in the office.

Tefal X-Combo GF3039KO is equipped with a 550ml dust box and a 250ml water box. In there, with the water container, users can add floor cleaning liquid to best meet the cleaning needs of the floor.

In addition, the machine also has a HEPA 10 filter that helps filter out all dust, even allergens, to bring fresh, clean, safe air to your family.

In particular, the machine also uses a suction mop head: it can both vacuum and clean the floor, extremely convenient, with a flexible rotating design to make cleaning chair legs, cabinet edges, etc. more effective.

Above are the top 3 most purchased convenient vacuum cleaners today. Hopefully through this article above, everyone can choose a satisfactory device!

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