Smart OLED TV LG 4K 55 inch 55B4PSA: Top notch sound and image effects!

With beautiful display quality thanks to OLED technology, combined with a quality sound system, the LG 4K 55-inch 55B4PSA smart OLED TV is considered the ‘dark horse’ in the affordable OLED TV segment this year.

With the advancement of audio-visual technology, people are increasingly demanding in their pursuit of colorful audio-visual products, so they are willing to invest in upgrading products related to the field of entertainment. this mind. And, the OLED panel is probably the ‘realistic’ thing that many people are looking for, it brings top-notch visual effects that previous LED systems could not provide.

But among countless products on the market, interspersed with many different marketing tricks, which smart TV is your ideal choice? A hundred hearings are not as good as a seeing one, today, readers, please join to experience the LG 4K 55-inch 55B4PSA smart TV OLED product to see how attractive this newly launched model from the Korean giant will be. .

1. Design of LG 55B4PSA

When choosing to buy a smart TV, without hastily discussing the size, remember that this device is very unique, and it will almost be the first thing that catches our eye every time we enter a space. there. Therefore, it should preferably have a good appearance and quality. If you have enough budget, you can also consider a more refined panel, with better color display and vivid sound effects, rich in features and utilities. If you are also planning to replace your TV, the LG 4K 55-inch 55B4PSA smart OLED TV will definitely be worth putting on your reference list.

As the largest electronic device in the living room, bedroom, or meeting room, the first impression is very important, beautiful appearance is an essential factor. With a size of 55 inches, LG 55 B4PSA is suitable for most family spaces. The TV body is neat, 4.59cm thin and neatly finished, not causing discomfort whether hung on the wall or placed on the table with the included stand.

The rear connection port includes 4 HDMI 2.1 ports, including one port that supports eARC and ARC, and 2 USB Type A ports that can read files directly and charge mobile devices. There is also a LAN port for wired network connection, Optical port so people with high needs for sound can connect the TV to a multi-channel sound system.

Also on the back we will see that the TV’s speaker system is very uniquely designed, filling the entire space with powerful sound effects in the most natural way.

2. Display quality of LG 55B4PSA

The increasing popularity of 4K HDR content also inevitably entails high requirements for suitable hardware, only then can it fully demonstrate the unique features of this type of high-quality content. And LG 55B4PSA has all the facilities to do that well. It is equipped with an Alpha 8 Ai processor chip, although a bit inferior to the Alpha 9 Ai chip of the more advanced C series, but that is enough, this chip is also extremely powerful and can process images. Picture and sound are perfect.

And, the processed content will be reproduced on the ultra-narrow bezel 4K OLED panel on the front, everything is very smooth and realistic with a 120Hz refresh rate: absolute black, details retained. at maximum level. And yet, with the TV’s super high contrast, colors are also shown extremely vividly, it can reproduce 100% of the color range and can distinguish more than 1 billion rich colors. Therefore, all content displayed on TV is very real.

Because the reproduced content is so beautiful, it’s easy to immerse us in it and can’t take our eyes off it, so LG also didn’t forget to integrate the 55B4PSA with protection features such as anti-flicker and blue light reduction. Not only that, LG also provides the ability to automatically adjust the screen brightness according to light/dark conditions, regardless of whether you watch TV during the day or at night, you will have the most comfortable viewing experience.

Not limited to the ability to reproduce movies, this 55-inch OLED TV is also a perfect choice for gaming, professional gamers can consider. It supports both AMD FreeSync and Nvidia G-Sync and a 120Hz refresh rate, giving game visuals super smooth animations and consistent frame rates in every scene. You can also switch to professional gaming mode to adjust sound and visual effects to optimally combine with the game, to make adventurous moments in the virtual world more interesting.

3. Sound quality of LG 55B4PSA

Benefiting from the Alpha 8 Ai chip, the LG 55B4PSA’s sound is also tightly processed to deliver more perfect quality. It also supports Dolby Atmos for immersive audio reproduction.

Although the total power of the actual speaker is only 20W, the speaker placement on the back combined with AI Sound Effects Pro technology can simulate a 9.1.2 system. The channel is quite good, giving us the feeling of covering sound from all directions. Not only that, the TV will also automatically analyze audio content and automatically adjust the listening effect so that we can have a heterogeneous experience with each type of content, creating a colorful visual and auditory feast. .

Even more special is the included remote. Normally, the remote’s only task is to adjust content on the screen or control by voice. But LG’s unique flying mouse has more potential than that, with the ability to move the mouse cursor accurately and quickly and the scroll wheel can scroll long content, all navigation operations on the LG 55 inch TV. These are all extremely convenient and fast.

But not all. Usually, most TV models require us to sit in the middle to get the best sound quality, but we don’t always sit in the same position. And, at this time, the remote will promote its hidden uses. When we turn on the TV with the remote, 55B4PSA will determine the remote’s position, measure the distance and calculate and adjust the sound effects so that the position we are sitting in is no different from sitting face to face. This is a very cool feature that you should take advantage of. In short, it can be said that whether we sit near or far, face-to-face or at an angle, just holding the remote in our hand will always give us the best sound effect.

4. Conclusion

LG’s superior screen technology and professionalism in each product have left a good reputation in the minds of consumers for many years. Not to mention, the company always brings new options to improve the user experience, such as the convenient air mouse design, and now we have the ability to intelligently adjust the sound through remote positioning.

If I had to describe this LG 4K 55 inch 55B4PSA OLED smart TV with two words, it would probably only be ‘great’. Because, the most impressive thing on this 55-inch TV is not only the OLED panel, but also the head sound, which perfectly complements the 55B4PSA to create a dramatic and exciting entertainment world before the user’s eyes.

With a reference price of 36.9 million VND, LG 55B4PSA is really a TV model that we should consider in 2024.

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