Should I use dry dog ​​food?

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Dry dog ​​food is no longer a strange product to pet owners in Vietnam. But when asked which type of dry dog ​​food is best, not everyone can give the correct answer.

Modern life and the hustle and bustle of work make many people’s time become increasingly limited. Spending time caring for and cooking for pet dogs also seems to become “impossible”. Therefore, the birth of ready-made dry dog ​​foods is considered a great solution. This type of food not only ensures nutrition and hygiene, but is also very convenient and easy to preserve, requiring no cooking time. However, choosing a good and quality dry dog ​​food product has never been easy for pet owners.

Which type of dry dog ​​food is good is the concern of many owners
Which type of dry dog ​​food is good is the concern of many owners

What is dry dog ​​food?

Before answering the question of which type of dry dog ​​food is good, let’s find out what dry dog ​​food is. Simply put, dry dog ​​food is a pre-prepared mixed food in dried form. This type of food is made from different foods and ingredients such as grains, fish, meat, etc.

The special thing about dry dog ​​food is that the nutritional content in the food has been carefully calculated by experts and manufacturers to suit each dog breed at each different stage of development. This helps the dogs no longer have to waste time calculating and balancing the daily diet for the dog bosses. Just feed the dogs the portion and amount of food as recommended by the manufacturer on the packaging and the dogs will have enough nutrition to develop fully and stay healthy.

What is dry dog ​​food?
What is dry dog ​​food?

Should I use dry dog ​​food?

This is the concern of many people when faced with having to choose fresh food and dry food for their dog boss. Actually, this is not a difficult question to answer. Because every type of food has its own advantages and limitations. Therefore, the best way is for dogs to combine both fresh food and dry food to help their dogs receive adequate nutrition and maximum development.

According to veterinary experts, dogs’ bodies are different from humans. Feeding dogs human food will still make them grow, but when eating dry food, the protein, fat, vitamin and mineral content that dogs are provided will be more secure and stable.

Therefore, the food is recommended by experts to be used when raising dogs. Dry dog ​​food has many outstanding advantages and benefits such as:

  • Provides all the necessary nutrients for dogs at the most appropriate ratio for each age.
  • Ensure hygiene and safety, limit dogs suffering from intestinal diseases such as worms, tapeworms…
  • Limit plaque formation on teeth, practice chewing and strengthen jaw muscles.
  • It doesn’t waste time going to the market, processing and cooking for the dog boss, so it’s very suitable for those who are too busy.
  • Convenient, can be easily carried when taking the boss out.
  • Easy to preserve, can be stored for a long time without worrying about damage.
Dry dog ​​food is both nutritious and convenient
Dry dog ​​food is both nutritious and convenient

What type of dry dog ​​food is best?

1. SmartHeart dry puppy food (1.5kg)

Reference price: 112,000 VND

A product of the SmartHeart brand, originating from Thailand. Product ingredients: Rice, poultry meal, corn gluten, soybeans, chicken oil, beef meal, flaxseed, dried eggs, dried brewer’s yeast, Lecithin, fish oil, milk replacer, iodized salt…

Uses: Helps keep the heart healthy, strengthens the immune system, and healthy digestive system. Healthy skin, fur, bones and teeth.

2. Dog Mania dog food 1.5kg

Reference price: 112,000 VND

Dog Mania dog food is a premium grain food for dogs imported directly from Korea. Dog Mania dog food has been well-known worldwide.

In addition, Dog Mania dog food is produced using high-quality ingredients with fresh chicken and the creaminess from chicken fat. Provides adequate nutrients for dogs in adulthood. In particular, Dog Mania Premium dog food ensures a balance between protein and fiber, vitamins, minerals… Help your beloved dogs have delicious meals and most importantly, Dog Mania Premium Food helps reduce the odor of feces.

3. Pedigree dry dog ​​food for large dogs 1.5kg

Reference price: 89,000 VND

Bosses need 3 times more protein than humans to grow. Pedigree dry grain food product is a dry food for dogs that helps provide enough vitamins and minerals, helps strengthen the boss’s immune system, and helps him grow healthily. Providing Omega 6 and Zinc, scientifically proven to give your boss shiny coat within 6 weeks. The product contains a lot of calcium and phosphorus, which helps keep your dog’s teeth and bones strong. Control the daily food portion, avoid eating too much so your dog leaves leftovers.

* With the above advantages, surely you no longer have to worry too much about whether you should feed your dog dry food? The important thing you need to pay attention to finding out right now is which type of dry dog ​​food is best?

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