Should I buy Minino cat food?

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Which country is Minino cat food from? Is it good? Should I buy Minino cat food? Please join us to find answers to these questions through the article below!

In recent years, the habit of caring for and raising cats in Vietnam has been very different from before. No longer just pets to catch mice, dogs and cats today are considered family members. The cat’s diet is also paid more close attention by the owners, it is no longer “leftover rice and soup” like before. That’s why the processed pet food industry in Vietnam has made remarkable progress. Among the food brands sold on the market today, Minino cat food trusted and chosen by many people.

Minino cat food
Minino cat food

Minino cat food has nWhere is the origin and origin?

Minino cat food is the new name of the old Blisk brand. The Minino cat food brand originates from Mexico and is highly appreciated by consumers for its outstanding quality and affordable price.

Minino cat food has many products with different prices, from affordable to high-end. That’s why Minino food meets the needs of consumers in many different segments to buy cat food. Thanks to this advantage, Minino cat food is increasingly popular in Vietnam and around the world.

Although the brand has changed, the production line, formula, nutritional content and quality of the product Minino cat food remains absolutely unchanged.

Minino cat food is the new name of the old Blisk brand
Minino cat food is the new name of the old Blisk brand

Minino cat food has tWhat are the ingredients and nutritional content?

Minino cat food includes the following main ingredients: Rice, wheat products, poultry fat containing Omega 3 and 6, soybean meal, fish meal, fish oil containing DHA, taurine, minerals; vitamins A, K3, B2, B6, B1, D3, B12, E, calcium, minerals copper, selenium, iron, manganese, zinc, iodine; calcium; folic acid; Biotin; Choline; Sodium Disulfate; Palatants; Monocalcium Phosphate; Yucca Schidigera Extract; Antioxidants;

The nutritional content of Minino cat food includes: Protein 30%; crude fat 10%; humidity 12%; 5% coarse fiber.

Minino cat food has balanced and scientific nutritional content
Minino cat food has balanced and scientific nutritional content

Advantages of Minino cat food

With rich ingredients and optimal nutritional contentMinino cat food brings many outstanding effects and benefits:

– Care for healthy skin and shiny hair.

– Supports vision development, giving cats bright, healthy eyes.

– Limit the risk of intestinal and digestive diseases.

– Minimize unpleasant odors of stool.

– Provides energy for cats to be active all day.

– Helps bones, teeth and jaws stay strong and develop maximally.

– Stimulates taste buds, helping cats eat more deliciously.

– Improves the digestive system, helps absorb nutrients better.

– Enhance resistance, improve the immune system to help cats avoid getting sick.

Cost of Minino cat food

  • Minino cat food 1.3kg: 78,000 VND.
  • Minino cat food 480g: 26,000 VND.
  • Minino cat food with tuna flavor: 210,000 VND.
  • Minino cat food seafood flavor 350g: 23,000 VND.
  • Minino cat food 350g: 25,000 VND.

How to use Minino cat food

You should feed your cat the amount of food according to their weight. Specifically:

– For cats weighing 1-2kg: Should be fed 15-35g/day.

– For cats from 2-3kg: Should be fed 35-50g/day.

– For cats from 3-4kg: Should be fed 50-65g/day.

– For cats from 4-5kg: Should be fed 65-85g/day.

Minino cat food Manufactured according to the standards of the European pet food industry, the quality of the product is always highly appreciated. With an affordable price, Minino cat food is the perfect choice for your cat!

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