Should cats eat dog food?

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Recently we have received a lot of questions about whether cats can eat dog food? The article below will help you find the most accurate answer!

Since ancient times, cats and dogs, when raised together, often eat each other’s food. Most people think it is extremely normal and nothing to worry about. So is it good or bad for cats to eat dog food? Does eating dog food for cats have any negative effects on their health? Can cats eat dog food?? Let’s find out with websosanh through the information below!

Should cats eat dog food?
Should cats eat dog food?

Can cats eat dog food?

Veterinary experts say that cats and dogs have different digestive systems and nutritional needs are not the same. Therefore, cats eat cat food too often and continuously and can experience many health problems.

Vitamins are extremely essential nutrients that cats need to provide. Meanwhile, dogs can synthesize beta carotene and turn beta carotene into vitamin A. Therefore, in most dog food there is not enough, or even no, vitamin A that cats need. Meanwhile, vitamin A has great effects in protecting the eyes, increasing vision, supporting the immune system, caring for the skin, reducing inflammation…

Cats need an amino acid called Taurine, while dogs can synthesize this nutrient themselves. Meanwhile, many dog ​​foods do not contain much Taurine. If cats eat dog food for a long time, there is a risk of heart diseases, the most dangerous of which is hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.

Similarly, arachidonic acid is a fatty acid that cats need to supplement through diet. On the contrary, dogs can synthesize this fatty acid themselves without having to supplement it through food.

In particular, the protein content in food is the main reason why cats should not eat dog food. Although dog food has a fairly high protein content, it still does not reach the amount of protein that cats’ bodies need to provide. Cats often have higher protein and fat needs than dogs. A diet lacking protein may not kill cats immediately, but in the long term it can have a negative impact on the cat’s health and development.

If you’ve read this far, you probably already know Can cats eat dog food?? The answer is no, guys!

Cats absolutely should not eat dog food because their nutritional needs are completely different
Cats absolutely should not eat dog food because their nutritional needs are completely different

So what should cats eat?

You can feed your cat both fresh and prepared food. Specifically:

– Fresh food cats should eat includes: lean pork, chicken, beef, duck meat, lamb; chicken eggs, duck eggs, quail eggs, duck eggs; heart, liver, lungs, brain, kidneys, ovaries; fish; shrimp; green vegetables; fruit; asparagus, broccoli, pumpkin, carrots, green beans; fish oil; bread…

All fresh food needs to be thoroughly cooked before feeding it to cats to avoid diarrhea and intestinal diseases.

– Prepared cat food: Currently, prepared cat food is also chosen by many owners because it is convenient and does not take time to prepare food. There are two main types of prepared cat food: dry and wet. Many people choose dry food the most because it ensures nutrition, is clean and easy to preserve. Meanwhile, wet food also has similar nutritional content but after opening it can only last 2-3 days even if stored in the refrigerator.

When choosing ready-made cat food, you should buy from reputable brands Me-o, Royal Canin, Nutri Source Weight Management, Diamond Care Weight Management Adult, O’fresh – Cat care, Iskhan, Home&Cat, Cat’s Eye… In particular, you need to choose the type of cat food suitable for each age and stage of development of your cat.

O'fresh cat food – Cat care
O’fresh cat food – Cat care

Nutrition and diet of cats

In the above part you already know Can cats eat dog food? and what should be included in cat food. In the next part, let’s learn about the nutrition and diet of cats.

The daily nutritional regimen for cats must include the following nutrients: protein accounts for about 20% of the cat’s daily diet; fat; vitamins, especially vitamins A, B and E; calcium to maintain strong bones and teeth; Cats especially cannot lack taurine. Without this important amino acid in their daily diet, cats can suffer from central retinal degeneration, leading to blindness and dangerous heart failure.

The number of daily meals for cats according to each age is as follows: Kittens under 1 month old need to be fed exclusively with mother’s milk. If the mother cat lacks milk or has no milk, you need to give the kittens cat milk powder. Kittens that are about 4 to 5 weeks old can learn to eat food in addition to mother’s milk. Kittens should be fed 4-5 meals/day. Adult cats only need to be fed 2-3 meals/day.

Diets for cats based on weight are as follows: Cats under 2kg should eat 140-160g of food/day; Cats from 2-4kg should be fed 160-240 kg of food/day; Cats from 4-6kg should be fed 280-320g of food/day; Cats from 6-8kg should be fed 360-400g of food/day.

* Above are our answers to questions Can cats eat dog food?? Hope you are satisfied and know what to feed your cat for best development.

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