Samsung Smart TV 4K 50 inch 50AU8000: Slim size, beautiful picture, price only over 7 million VND!

The Samsung 4K 50-inch 50AU8000 Smart TV may not have modern hardware or optimal software, but with its ultra-thin design and optimized display quality, it is still a worthy choice. Consider in 2024.

Today, smart TV not only acts as an entertainment center, but also an important decoration in every family’s living space. Grasping that trend, Samsung has made continuous efforts to bring smart TV products that are superior in both design and function. And one of the products that has received great attention from people is the Samsung 4K 50 inch 50AU8000 smart TV.

This 50-inch Samsung TV was launched in 2021, so far it is no longer new, but it still meets two important shopping criteria of many Vietnamese families: quality, affordable price. In this article, will analyze this TV in depth, so that those who are interested in the Samsung 4K 50 inch 50AU8000 smart TV can get the most out of it, and see if it is still suitable. Does it suit your shopping needs?

1. Samsung 50AU8000 design: Impressively thin, aesthetically pleasing to the wall!

The first big plus point in the design of the Samsung 50AU8000 TV is that it has a slim design that attracts all eyes. With a thickness of only 2.57cm thanks to applying a style that Samsung calls Air Slim, this TV is likened to the ‘supermodel’ of the TV world. Although at this time there are many thin TV models (both from Samsung and other brands), it must be said that there are very few models as thin as the AU8000, luckily only its replacement models are BU8000 and CU8000 have similar parameters.

Samsung Smart TV 4K 50 inch 50AU8000: Slim size, beautiful picture, price only over 7 million VND!
Samsung 50AU8000 has a more premium appearance than its selling price (Photo: MediaMart).

Not only is it slim in size, but the 50AU8000’s border design is also equally streamlined, helping to maximize display space. This will bring an extremely attractive visual experience, and contribute to turning this TV into an interesting piece of furniture in the living space.

Samsung Smart TV 4K 50 inch 50AU8000: Slim size, beautiful picture, price only over 7 million VND!
The TV has a very thin size, with streamlined screen edges to enhance the visual experience (Photo: MediaMart).

The stand that comes with the TV is T-shaped and has a fairly low center of gravity. If you want to arrange the TV on a table top or TV shelf, this stand has a unique benefit: it has a gap for a more neat wiring setup. However, because the base is quite low (the bottom edge of the TV is only about 4cm from the table top), it is not too suitable for us to arrange the soundbar in front. Therefore, if you want to have the best entertainment complex, you can hang the TV on the wall.

Samsung Smart TV 4K 50 inch 50AU8000: Slim size, beautiful picture, price only over 7 million VND!
T-shaped stand with neat wiring capabilities (Photo: MediaMart).

In general, if you are looking for a TV model with a super beautiful and classy appearance and an affordable price, this 50-inch Samsung TV model can be said to be the top choice.

2. Display screen: Optimal within budget!

Even though it is a 2021 TV model, up to now the technical specifications of the Samsung 50AU8000 still appear to be very effective for daily use.

It is equipped with a sharp 4K panel, and more importantly, has an accompanying Crystal 4K processor to enhance input image quality. These two factors will ensure that all content displayed on the screen will have very high detail and sharpness for us to enjoy.

Samsung Smart TV 4K 50 inch 50AU8000: Slim size, beautiful picture, price only over 7 million VND!
Displayed content is always sharp and highly detailed thanks to the powerful processor (Photo: MediaMart).

Besides, Samsung’s outstanding, vibrant brand colors are also available on this 50-inch TV. But it doesn’t just stop at the hardware, the software with the support of Dynamic Crystal Color technology can also reproduce colors more naturally, vividly and accurately, without annoying color patchiness.

Regarding contrast, this TV line itself uses Edge LED technology, so the contrast and blacks on the screen are not deep. However, to improve, Samsung also equipped it with Contrast Enhancer technology to increase contrast, plus HDR10+, so when watching HDR content, the contrast between light and dark colors will be a bit more obvious. , helping the overall content have better depth than TVs without this technology.

Samsung Smart TV 4K 50 inch 50AU8000: Slim size, beautiful picture, price only over 7 million VND!
Vivid, vibrant colors with Dynamic Crystal Color (Photo: MediaMart).

Finally, this 50-inch Samsung TV model also comes with Motion Xcelerator and Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM), which combine to increase the screen’s response speed when playing games. To be honest, in our country there are very few people who use TV screens to play games, but this feature of the Samsung AU8000 is also very interesting so we can ‘change things up’ if we want.

3. Sound quality of Samsung 50AU8000: Enough!

When it was first launched in 2021, the Samsung 50AU8000 4K TV was already positioned as a low-cost consumer product line, so almost all of the company’s resources were focused on improving display quality. In terms of sound, it only has a basic system of 2 20W speakers (10W each), enough for daily use with popular content. To listen to music or watch movies with more vivid sound quality, investing in a soundbar or a multi-channel system is almost an essential solution.

Samsung Smart TV 4K 50 inch 50AU8000: Slim size, beautiful picture, price only over 7 million VND!
The Samsung 50AU8000’s speaker system is good enough for a popular TV (Photo: MediaMart).

However, it must be praised that Samsung still does its job very well. The sound quality of the 50AU8000 is not too bad, loud volume, clear dialogue. OST Lite technology can even recreate a portion of the domed space in enclosed spaces with an area of ​​15m2 or less, which is also considered to increase the user experience.

Additionally, Adaptive Sound technology is really valuable. With each content viewed, we experience different sound configurations, making the experience even richer and more diverse. Although it must be said that these changes are not too obvious due to hardware limitations, if accompanied by a proper sound system, surely everyone will be surprised by its capabilities.

4. Smart operating system and smart features

Samsung Smart TV 4K 50 inch 50AU8000 uses Tizen 7.0 operating system. Those who are familiar with this operating system must have the same assessment, which is that it is very convenient and operates extremely quickly and smoothly, with no delay when operating or switching between applications. use.

Besides, from November 2023, Samsung has updated Tizen OS so that Bixby virtual assistant can understand Vietnamese. Bixby’s recognition ability is quite good, accurate and returns results very quickly, helping us save a lot of data entry time.

And, with its low price, obviously the Samsung 50AU8000 will not have too many smart functions, but it still ensures some basic functions such as mirroring content from mobile devices to the screen (Tap View, Screen Mirroring, AirPlay 2), and has SmartThings to connect with other smart devices.

5. Conclusion

From the above reviews, objectively speaking, it is clear that the Samsung 4K 50 inch 50AU8000 smart TV still has many elements that may be valuable in the eyes of common consumers. It’s sharp display, vivid colors, and super classy design. The remaining elements on the TV are basic and sufficient. For those who prioritize image quality, that seems to be enough.

But even more attractive is that at this time the price of Samsung 50AU8000 is really cheap, with only 7,850,000 VND we can own this TV. In general, unless you are someone who is always aiming for the latest technology products or has higher requirements for a TV, otherwise the Samsung 50AU8000 is still an even more optimal choice than many TV models. 2024.

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