Review which brand of cat shower gel is best?

Are you confused because you don’t know which brand of shower gel to choose for your cat? This article reviewing the best brand of cat shower gel will help you quickly find the answer.

There are many famous cat shower gel brands sold in the Vietnamese market such as Lee & Webster, Bio Lovely Pet, SOS, Joyce & Dolls, Bio Derma, Trixie, Yu, Fay… This makes the more pet owners learn, the more they fall into a “matrix” because every brand advertises that their products are branded. effective and best. Review of cat shower gel Details about some of our pet shower gel brands will hopefully be helpful to you.

Criteria for evaluating the quality of cat shower gel

To identify which brand of cat shower gel is best, you need to base it on the following criteria:

  • The ingredients of cat shower gel must be extracted completely from natural sources, containing no toxic chemicals.
  • Mild PH level, best ranging from 7-7.14, does not cause irritation to cat skin.
  • Has many effects and benefits for cats’ health and skin.
  • Pleasant and long lasting scent.

Review which brand of cat shower gel is best?

Each cat shampoo brand has its own advantages and limitations. Therefore, it is difficult to draw a conclusion about which brand of cat shower gel is best. In the next part of the article, we will Review of cat shower gel Details of some of the most commonly used shower gel brands in Vietnam today.

1. Review of SOS cat shower gel

– Ingredients: SOS shower gel for cats is made from natural herbs such as avocado extract, chrysanthemum extract, vitamins, royal jelly, jojoba essential oil, minerals, proteins…

– Effect: Removes dirt and stains on cat fur; antibacterial and bactericidal; kill and prevent fleas, lice, ticks, lice, scabies; anti-hair loss; nourishes hair to be shiny and grow faster; skin care and protection; Supports the treatment of skin fungus, dandruff, and itching; good deodorant.

– Safety: Ensures absolute safety for cats’ skin and health. This is also the outstanding advantage that makes SOS shower gel widely trusted. SOS shower gel for cats does not use fragrances, soap, sulfates or preservatives.

– Scent: The scent of SOS shower gel can stay on the cat’s body for up to 10 days. This means that the ability to deodorize and prevent odors from returning to the cat’s body is up to 10 days, helping you not waste time bathing your cat regularly. But according to consumer reviews, the scent of SOS shower gel is a bit harsh and not natural.

– Price: SOS shower gel for cats is quite cheap, about 100,000 VND/530ml bottle.

SOS cat shower gel
SOS cat shower gel

2. Review of Trixie cat shower gel

– Ingredients: Green tea essential oil, chrysanthemum extract, honey.

– Effect: Provides moisture to the skin, tightens pores; Prevents hair loss in cats; Supports the treatment of dermatitis, rashes, ticks, lice, and fleas; protects skin from mold, bacteria and parasites; softens hair; stimulates hair growth; Removes odors from cat skin and fur well.

– Safety: Due to completely natural ingredients, Trixie shower gel is very safe and benign, friendly to the skin and health of cats. Even cats with sensitive, easily irritated skin can safely use Trixie shower gel.

– Scent: Compared to SOS shower gel, the scent of Trixie shower gel is considered cool, creating a pleasant and comfortable feeling.

– Price: The price of Trixie shower gel is quite high, about 90,000 VND/250ml bottle.

Trixie cat shower gel
Trixie cat shower gel

3. Review of Perfect Kare cat shower gel

– Ingredients: Kernel extract, aloe vera leaf extract, perfume, water, zinc, sodium chloride, oatmeal.

– Effect: Increases skin resistance, helps fight allergic agents; Provides moisture to nourish the cat’s shiny coat; Limit hair loss, tangled hair, and clumping; Effectively removes dirt and odors.

– Safety: The ingredients of Perfect Kare shower gel are of natural origin so it is absolutely safe for cats’ skin and health, suitable for cats with sensitive skin that is easily irritated by soap. .

– Scent: The scent of Perfect Kare shower gel is considered better than SOS and Trixie shower gel. The scent is very fragrant, can be detected from afar, is extremely pleasant and lasts up to 15 days.

– Price: Perfect Kare shower gel has a cheap price, about 174,000 VND/600ml bottle.

Perfect Kare cat shower gel
Perfect Kare cat shower gel

Where is the most reputable place to buy cat shower gel?

You should buy cat shower gel at reputable and highly reliable pet sales addresses. Do not be greedy and buy cat shower gel at small, unknown retail stores because the risk of buying fake and counterfeit shower gel is very high.

Hope through the article Review of cat shower gel Which brand is the best? You can choose the best shower gel for your cat. But you should remember, you are just the person buying the shower gel, and the cat is the one directly using the shower gel. So don’t forget to observe your cat’s feelings when bathed and after bathing with the shower gel you bought!

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