Review of Toshiba AW-DUM1300KV washing machine – Toshiba’s most expensive top-loading model

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Toshiba AW-DUM1300KV washing machine with a price of more than 10 million VND is also Toshiba’s most expensive top-load washing machine product today. Let’s join to immediately find out the quality and why the product has this price.

1. Current selling price of Toshiba AW-DUM1300KV washing machine

Currently, Toshiba inverter washing machine 12kg AW-DUM1300KV is being sold genuine with a listed price of 12,990,000 VND. But in reality, the selling price of the product at electronics stores is much cheaper, with the lowest price starting at only 8,200,000 VND (updated on May 29, 2024).

Review of Toshiba AW-DUM1300KV washing machine - Toshiba's most expensive top-loading model
Toshiba AW-DUM1300KV(MG) washing machine (Photo: Dien may Xanh)

In general, the selling price of the device is higher than the average of other 12kg top-load washing machine products today (ranging from 6,800,000 – 9,100,000 VND). So let’s continue with to learn about the outstanding factors in the Toshiba AW-DUM1300KV model compared to other models right in the next section.

2. Top 6 most outstanding features of the Toshiba AW-DUM1300KV washing machine

2.1 Modern, luxurious flat design is a new trend

Toshiba Inverter washing machine 12kg AW-DUM1300kv(MG) It has a black stainless steel exterior combined with tempered glass of the same color, creating a perfect, beautiful overall look that is suitable for almost any interior space. Not only that, a special feature of the product’s design essence is that the glass door lid and super-sensitive touch control panel are located on a seamless, very sophisticated surface.

Review of Toshiba AW-DUM1300KV washing machine - Toshiba's most expensive top-loading model
Design of washing machine lid and flat control panel (Photo:

2.2 Smart laundry compartment with just 1 press – 1 wash

The second outstanding point of the product compared to other 12kg models today is the Exdot technology design with a large 1L capacity laundry detergent compartment. With this capacity, users only need to fill the tank to use it for a whole month without having to bother adding laundry detergent every time like other machines. In addition, the 2 transparent plastic compartments allow you to actively monitor the remaining amount of detergent and can be removed for cleaning.

With this mechanical laundry water distribution system, you only need 1 press for 1 wash with 10-20 sets of clothes.

Review of Toshiba AW-DUM1300KV washing machine - Toshiba's most expensive top-loading model
ExDot mechanically divided laundry detergent compartment (Photo: Dien May Xanh)

2.3 Ability to operate smoothly even though it is a top-loading washing machine

Normally, top-load washing machines vibrate and make noise when operating. However, if used Toshiba AW-DUM1300KV(MG) washing machine will help you minimize the above situation thanks to being equipped with DDM and Origin Inverter technology. From there, ensure the machine operates smoothly, without causing noise or vibration that affects other family members.

2.4 High-end dual technology duo: Origin Inverter + direct drive helps save electricity

In addition to helping the machine operate more smoothly, the main advantage of the Origin Inverter dual technology duo and direct drive motor is to help control the machine’s performance, maximize energy savings to optimize operating costs. active monthly.

With an average washing volume of 12kg to meet the needs of a large family of 7 members, the electricity consumption efficiency is only 7.77 Wh/kg. This is a quite ideal number to save electricity.

2.5 Diverse and modern washing technology

In addition to 8 built-in washing programs such as: regular wash, quick wash, soak, blanket wash, thick clothes wash,… the product also integrates 5 more modern washing technologies to help improve cleaning efficiency and quality. amount of clothing.

  • Fuzzy Logic technology for virtual inference: Recommends the amount of water to use and the optimal washing time based on the actual volume of clothes measured by the system. This will save water but still ensure cleaning quality.
  • Greatwaves wave generation technology: The exclusive technology of Toshiba washing machines uses the power of a system of 3 waterfalls pouring at high speed and water flow from the lint filter, reverse motion water jet and reversing pulsator to continuously turn clothes. This combination will make stubborn stains easier to remove without fading or stretching the fabric.
Review of Toshiba AW-DUM1300KV washing machine - Toshiba's most expensive top-loading model
Greatwaves strong wave washing technology (Photo: Dien May Xanh)
  • UFB exclusive technology: Toshiba AW-DUM1300KV 12kg washing machine Using exclusive UFB technology that usually only appears on high-end models. This technology creates microscopic Nano bubbles to promote the detergent to penetrate and penetrate deeper into the fabric, helping to remove stains and soften the fabric. At the same time, it will also help clothes smell longer.
  • I-Clean technology Helps clean the washing drum without using the drum cleaning mode: By using water force from the gaps between the drum and the washing drum in every cycle to help clean the washing drum. This will keep the washing drum clean and not take much time.
  • Active Softener mode lasts for a long time: Clothes will be soaked in softener combined with the movement of the washing drum so that the fragrance penetrates deeper and retains the scent longer.

2.6 Can continue the washing cycle automatically after a power outage

When there is an unexpected power outage Toshiba 12kg AW-DUM1300KV top-load washing machine You can automatically save the ongoing process to continue the unfinished process when the power is restored instead of having to start again from the beginning. This will help users save a lot of time and effort compared to machines that do not have this feature.

3. Limitations of Toshiba Inverter 12kg AW-DUM1300kv(MG) washing machine

Although the Toshiba AW-DUM1300KV Inverter 12kg washing machine saves electricity very well, in the same 12kg top-load washing machine segment, the average consumption efficiency of 7.7 Wh/kg is not the most optimal number. Normally other models will consume from 4.9 – 14.09Wh/kg, even the Toshiba Inverter 12kg washing machine model AW-DUK1300KV (MK) _ another 12kg top-load washing machine model from Toshiba only has average consumption efficiency. 2.14Wh/kg.

4. What customers say about the Toshiba AW-DUM1300KV washing machine

Besides’s product reviews on quality and features, you can see more reviews from actual consumers who have purchased and experienced them for more review information.

Review of Toshiba AW-DUM1300KV washing machine - Toshiba's most expensive top-loading model
Customer reviews about Toshiba AW-DUM1300KV washing machine (Photo: Dien may Xanh)
Review of Toshiba AW-DUM1300KV washing machine - Toshiba's most expensive top-loading model
Review of Toshiba Inverter 12 kg washing machine AW-DUM1300kv(MG) (Photo:

Most customers are satisfied with the quality, washing ability and smoothness of the product. In general, with a price of only about 6-10 million VND for a large washing machine product, providing high washing efficiency, along with the ability to save electricity and water, the Toshiba AW-DUM1300KV Inverter 12kg washing machine It’s worth using, especially for large families and frequent laundry.

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