Review of Sunhouse SHD7116 rechargeable fan: Convenient, fashionable!

Sunhouse SHD7116 with compact design, efficient operating capacity and convenient features, this product brings comfort and convenience to users.

Along with the development of technology and consumer needs, multifunctional, convenient and highly aesthetic home appliance products are increasingly popular. Among them, the Sunhouse SHD7116 rechargeable fan is an outstanding product, combining modern, sophisticated design and useful features, meeting the needs of consumers.

In this article, we will comprehensively evaluate the Sunhouse SHD7116 rechargeable fan product, from the outstanding advantages of design, technology, to actual use experience. Hopefully through that, you will have an overview and be able to make a decision that suits your needs.

1. Evaluation of Sunhouse SHD7116 design

1.1. Compact, sophisticated appearance

Sunhouse SHD7116 rechargeable fan has a small appearance, sophisticated and modern design, bringing a feeling of elegance and luxury. With dimensions of only 39.3 x 26.5 x 15.3 cm and weight of about 1.5 kg, the product is easy to move and use anytime, anywhere.

High quality plastic material, durable, reduces scratches, helps the fan to be used for a long time while still maintaining its beautiful appearance. The fan cage is designed with soft lines, creating a gentle and elegant feeling.

The fan’s base is also firmly designed, allowing the product to be placed neatly on a desk, study table, etc. without worrying about it falling over. This is also a significant advantage of the product, helping users easily use it in many different spaces.

1.2. Easily adjust wind direction

One of the notable points in the design of the Sunhouse SHD7116 rechargeable fan is the ability to flexibly adjust the wind direction. The fan cage is designed to easily rotate and rotate up or down around a fixed axis. Thanks to that, you can customize the wind direction without changing the fan location.

This easy adjustment of wind direction is very useful, helping you direct the cool air flow to the right location that needs cooling, increasing the convenience and efficiency of the product.

1.3. Convenient control features

Sunhouse SHD7116 rechargeable fan is equipped with 3 main control buttons: Speed, Light On and Air Swing. With easy-to-use buttons, users can easily select the appropriate wind speed, turn on/off the LED lighting mode, or use the automatic air swing mode.

In particular, the LED light function not only makes the product more versatile, but also acts as a convenient night light. When using the fan in a dimly lit space, this feature will help increase the utility value of the product.

2. Battery capacity and usage time

2.1. Use rechargeable Lithium battery

Sunhouse SHD7116 rechargeable fan uses a Lithium rechargeable battery with a capacity of 3,600 mAh. This type of battery is considered very durable, has a long charge/discharge cycle, and is suitable for portable mobile devices such as fans.

With a fairly high battery capacity compared to other products in the same segment, the Sunhouse SHD7116 rechargeable fan can operate continuously for a long time before needing to be recharged.

2.2. Charging time and usage time

According to specifications, the Sunhouse SHD7116 rechargeable fan has a full charge time of about 6 – 8 hours, depending on power source and usage.

Regarding operating time, the product can operate continuously from 2.5 – 10 hours, depending on the selected wind speed. Specifically:

  • At the lowest wind speed: about 10 hours
  • At average wind speed: about 5 hours
  • At highest wind speed: about 2.5 hours

Note: To increase battery life and ensure safety, users should not charge and use the fan at the same time. It is best to fully charge the battery before use.

3. Engine and capacity

3.1. Powerful bearing motor

Sunhouse SHD7116 rechargeable fan uses a bearing motor, helping the fan operate durably, smoothly, without making loud noise when operating.

Bearing motors are a type of motor widely used in household appliances, especially fans. With the advantages of smooth operation, low power consumption and long life, this is the optimal choice for the Sunhouse SHD7116 rechargeable fan.

3.2. Operating capacity 25W

Sunhouse SHD7116 rechargeable fan uses a 25W motor. This is the appropriate power level for small spaces, helping the product operate effectively while still saving energy.

With this capacity, the fan can create a maximum air flow of up to 1.8 m³/minute, ensuring an even and sufficient cool air flow within the range of use.

3.3. 3 levels of wind speed

Sunhouse SHD7116 rechargeable fan is equipped with 3 wind speed levels, allowing users to easily adjust the wind speed according to usage needs.

Specifically, 3 levels of wind speed are provided as follows:

  • Low wind speed: Suitable for use in bedrooms, offices, and homes.
  • Average wind speed: Suitable for spaces that need faster cooling.
  • High wind speed: Used when you need to create a strong, effective wind flow.

With a variety of wind speeds, users can easily choose the mode that suits their needs, thereby optimizing cooling efficiency as well as saving energy.

4. Useful features of Sunhouse SHD7116 rechargeable fan

4.1. Multi-function LED light

One of the outstanding features of the Sunhouse SHD7116 rechargeable fan is the LED lighting. This LED light not only makes the product more versatile, but also acts as a convenient night light.

When using the fan in a dimly lit space, the LED light feature will help add more utility value to the product. You can easily turn the light on to use as a night light, or turn it off when just using the fan function.

This is a quite useful feature, helping the Sunhouse SHD7116 rechargeable fan become more versatile and convenient than other products in the same segment.

4.2. Safe fan cage design

Sunhouse SHD7116 rechargeable fan is designed with a fan cage with small spoke gaps, creating a feeling of safety when used. These gaps are just enough to allow air to circulate, but do not allow fingers or small objects to easily touch the rotating fan blades.

This not only helps protect the safety of users, especially children, but also increases the aesthetics and sturdiness of the product.

4.3. Battery charging indicator light

Another convenient feature of the Sunhouse SHD7116 rechargeable fan is the battery charging indicator light. After fully charging, the indicator light will turn green, helping users know that the fan is fully charged and can be safely unplugged.

This feature helps users easily monitor and manage battery charging, avoid using the fan when the battery is low, and ensure safety when used.

5. Realistic usage experience

Through reviews of design, technology and features, it can be seen that the Sunhouse SHD7116 rechargeable fan is a quite impressive product. But to get a comprehensive evaluation, we need to consider users’ actual usage experiences.

5.1. Design and capacity are highly appreciated

According to many user reviews, the Sunhouse SHD7116 rechargeable fan received many compliments for its compact, sophisticated design and smooth, low-noise operation. These are truly the outstanding advantages of the product.

Regarding cooling ability, users also appreciate the fan’s 25W capacity, which can create enough cool air for use in small spaces such as bedrooms and offices. However, some people complain that this capacity is still not strong enough for effective cooling in larger spaces.

5.2. Battery life is not as expected

The only weakness that users comment about the Sunhouse SHD7116 rechargeable fan is that the battery life does not meet the manufacturer’s specifications. Instead of 2.5 – 10 hours as announced, the actual time is only about 5 hours at the lowest wind speed.

However, most users still appreciate the product’s convenience, especially in cases of power outages. With a rechargeable battery, the fan still works well without having to worry about finding a backup power source.

6. Conclusion

Sunhouse SHD7116 rechargeable fan is a product with a compact, convenient and fashionable design. With high-quality plastic material, sturdy base and flexible multi-directional rotation ability, this product meets the daily needs of consumers.

Bearing motor, 25W capacity and 3 wind speed levels allow the fan to operate powerfully and effectively in small spaces. Convenient features such as multi-function LED lights, safe fan cage design and battery charging indicator are also big plus points of the product.

Although the battery life is not as expected, it still does not reduce the value and usefulness of the Sunhouse SHD7116 rechargeable fan. With a reference price of about 1,190,000 VND, this product is a worthy choice to own, especially in cases where convenience is needed during a power outage.

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