Review of SOS shower gel for white cats, is it good and how much does it cost?

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SOS shower gel for white-haired cats is considered by many people to be a cheap product but of top quality. However, is that product really suitable for your cat?

SOS is a familiar shower gel line for dogs and cats today. This product has a quite affordable price, chosen by many people for their “darling boss”. So in reality, is SOS shower gel good for white cats? Let’s find the answer to the above question through the article below.

Which country’s SOS shower gel is from?

SOS is a line of shower gel specifically for pets from the UK. However, this product has a factory located in Taiwan, fully meeting the technology standards set by the UK. Therefore, in terms of quality, this product is always guaranteed to be effective in cleaning hair on dogs and cats.

SOS shower gel
This is a product line with a British brand but manufactured in Taiwan

This shower gel line is currently available in many different countries around the world, trusted and chosen by many people for their pets.

Ingredients of SOS shower gel

SOS shower gel is very diverse, including products specifically for dogs and products specifically for cats. SOS shower gel for cats has quite simple ingredients. However, these ingredients have all gone through a thorough research, testing and inspection process, ensuring very good effectiveness in caring for your pet’s skin and coat.

The formula for creating this line of cat shower gel is all derived from nature. Typically, it is extracted from vitamin E, protein and vitamins… Therefore, this product is considered safe and benign for your “boss”, and does not cause irritation during use.

Uses of SOS shower gel for cats

SOS shower gel for cats has a quite luxurious design with a capacity of 530ml/bottle. This product can remove stains, dirt, impurities… on your cat’s fur.

shower gel for cats
This product will help your cat have softer, smoother and shinier fur

Not only that, this line of shower gel from Taiwan can also eliminate cat odor, helping your cat always have a cool and pleasant scent. The product can also smooth hair, helping the “boss”‘s fur become softer and shinier.

In particular, using this line of cat shower gel can also treat lice, ticks, bugs… as well as other parasitic living organisms, helping cats’ bodies stay clean and safe when in contact with humans, especially especially with young children.

Which SOS shower gel should white cats use?

SOS shower gel is very diverse. Each product is suitable for each different pet cat’s characteristics. Specifically:

  • Blue SOS: This is a product line specialized for cats with white fur. This shower gel will return your beloved cat’s beautiful, white fur.
  • SOS reddish brown: This is a product line for cats with reddish brown fur. This shower gel product will help maintain the beautiful reddish brown color of your cat’s fur.
  • Green SOS: This product is suitable for all different cats. Not only that, this shower gel line can also be used for dogs. This product can both clean hair and effectively deodorize cats and dogs.
  • Black SOS: This shower gel can also be used for all different types of cats. The product is effective in killing bugs, ticks, lice and other parasitic creatures on your cat’s body.
  • White SOS: This shower gel line is also suitable for all cats. However, this product is very versatile as it can both clean fur and deodorize, remove dirt from the cat’s body, and help the cat regain its beautiful beautiful coat color.

So to choose SOS shower gel for white cats, you can use a blue product. In addition, you can also consider choosing green, black or white products.

How to use SOS shower gel for cats effectively and safely

SOS shower gel for white cats
Using shower gel for white cats properly will help clean the cat’s fur and skin, making the cat’s body smell fresher and cleaner.

To effectively use cat shower gel, follow these steps:

Step 1: Wet the cat’s fur with warm water.

Step 2: Take a sufficient amount of shower gel and rub it on the cat’s fur.

Step 3: Rinse the shower gel off the cat’s body and then use natural wind or a dryer to dry the fur.

So to use SOS shower gel for white-haired cats, you can have many different options. Each product has its own characteristics, suitable for each individual characteristic of your cat.

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